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by Roger Williams,Lisa Ritchie,DK Publishing

Category: Europe
Subcategory: Traveling
Author: Roger Williams,Lisa Ritchie,DK Publishing
ISBN: 0756669170
ISBN13: 978-0756669171
Language: English
Publisher: DK Travel; Revised edition (January 17, 2011)
Pages: 448
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While another guide book might inform the reader that in London phone booths are red, the Eyewitness Guide . In short, the book is a must-have if you're traveling for the first time to London. I never tire of thumbing through my Eyewitness Guide for London

While another guide book might inform the reader that in London phone booths are red, the Eyewitness Guide states the same thing and shows a photograph of a typical red phone booth. I never tire of thumbing through my Eyewitness Guide for London. So rich, colorful, and dense are the layers of photographic and graphic elements in the Eyewitness Guide for London that it can provide hours of enjoyment both before and after your trip.

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About Roger Williams. Experience the world with DK Travel . DK Travel's highly visual guides show you what others only tell you, with easy-to-read maps, tips and tours to inform and enrich your trip. Our travel writers report on what to see, eat, drink and do around the world, while the very best photographs and illustrations bring cities, regions and countries to life. DK is the world's leading illustrated reference publisher, producing beautifully designed books for adults and children in over 120 countries.

This book can be found in: Travel & Maps Travel & holiday guides. Eyewitness Top 10 Travel Guide: London - DK Eyewitness Travel Guide (Paperback). Roger Williams (author).

DK Eyewitness Travel's full-color guidebooks to hundreds of destinations around the world truly show you what others only tell you. They have become renowned for their visual excellence, which includes unparalleled photography, 3-D mapping, and specially commissioned cutaway illustrations.

This book will help one decide on her/his itinerary

Packed with photographs, illustrations, and maps, Eyewitness Travel Guide: London includes in-depth coverage of London's unforgettable sights from the Houses of Parliament and Buckingham Palace to the trendy piazza of Covent Garden. Unearthing the best of the city's stunning architecture, palaces and parks, west-end musicals, world-class art galleries and museums in between, there are 3D aerial views of London's most interesting districts, cutaways and floor-plans of all the major sites, and detailed listings of the best hotels and restaurants in London for all budgets. The guide includes four 'Great Days Out' and extensive practical information including insider tips on where to find London's best shops and markets, traditional pubs and the goldmine of fun to be found for children. Whether you're taking a thrilling 'flight' on the London Eye or gazing at the crown jewels at the Tower of London, there is detailed background on everything from Kings and Queens to where to see Roman, Medieval, Elizabethan and Victorian London as well as several guided walks of varied character.
Comments to eBook DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: London
The Eyewitness guide is perfect for someone who needs a good map and a list of popular sightseeing places. I intend to do a lot of walking, and am sure I'll be able to find anyplace I want to visit. The one page maps are clearer than an A to Z map. There's also a full sized pull out map, which might be handy to plan longer journeys, but awkward to walk with. The pictures and drawings are wonderful, as are the descriptions. Major sites have at least two pages, and most of the smaller attractions are covered, too. The book divides London into several areas with two maps for each area, an overall one and one of the "best stuff". In the following pages, each attraction has a description and a number, making them simple to locate on the area map. The guide does not give admission prices, probably because they change so fast, but does list web sites and phone numbers if you want more information. There's an underground map and a key to icons on the back inside cover, where they're easy to find and very useful. In fact, the whole layout of the book is extremely user friendly. I did wish they had more details about where photography is permitted. There are icons for "Photography Allowed" and "No Photography", but only a few attractions show either one.

There are hotels and restaurants listed, but probably not as many as you'd find in other guidebooks. They also list all the street markets and many shopping areas, give tips on getting around, exchanging currency, seasonal events, and other useful tourist information.
This guidebook is essential for someone traveling to London, particularly for the first time. Of the books I bought, this was the one I took along on the trip. It will enable you to quickly determine which things you want to visit in each focus area before you travel as well as providing just enough background info on the attractions to enhance your experience once you are approaching each location and to save you time while you are there. Highlights include its detailed visual summary of all the major attractions, along with the practical info needed (hours/months of operation, etc) and detailed section on practical travel related topics (money, phones, modes of transport), contact info, and great area maps and overhead angled views of particularly interesting locations and buildings. The accomodation and restaurant sections are also useful but need to be supplemented with the appropriate focused guides on those subjects. Color coded sections make it even easier to find what you're looking for fast. The only drawback is that it is heavy for its size due to the glossy, full color pages, but it isn't all that thick. If you are in London only for a day or two, while in the UK longer, then the Great Britain Eyewitness guide is more appropriate and will provide enough detail to hit the major London attractions. But if you will be in London for more than a couple of days, this guidebook will provide a lot more to choose from.
The DK Eyewitness Travel Guide to London was a wonderful resource on my just-completed trip. It's a delight to look at with its wealth of photographs but it also contains solid travel information. For instance: 1) Neighborhood walks through areas such as Chelsea, Whitehall and Westminster 2) A self-guided tour of Westminster Abby. 3) Where to find the most interesting exhibits in the Victoria and Albert Museaum. 4) A great series of street finder maps. Though not quite as comprehensize as the London A to Z series the maps in this book are very good. Much better than other guidebooks I've seen. 5) A great tube map. You need this map to get around the London tube system. I carried my book all over London last week and saw many other people with the same book in their hands in not only the English version but also French, Hebrew, and Japanese. It is an excellent book and I recommend it highly.
The most important point of my review: this sucker is heavy! The book weighs a pound and a half!
Now, a pound and a half might not seem like much, but compare this to some other guidebooks. My Lonely Planet Iceland book has 600 pages and weighs a pound. This guidebook has 400 pages and weighs a pound and a half -- 50% more weight, and only two-thirds the size. It's heavy.
What do you get for the heaviness? Nice, glossy pages and tons of color pictures. It's a very nice-looking book. The attraction sections seemed well done, though it was missing some attractions I was interested in (which I suppose is bound to happen with a city the size of London). The index -- one of my measures of a good guidebook -- was adequate for pointing me to everything I wanted to look up quickly.
I haven't looked into it too much, so my 4 stars might actually drop. I can say that the hotel section has a few offerings in the 'under 70 pounds' category, but it definitely seems geared toward the more upscale tourist. I suspect the restaurants might be the same way. It's not a backpacker's guide to London, which is more what I was looking for.
But the pictures are nice, and if you're looking for something not geared to a backpacker it's probably pretty good.
I used this book extensively on a recent visit to London. The maps were easy to use and very helpful. The guide and floorplans to various sites and museums helped to zero in on those sections that most interested me before I arrived and then to easily locate and explore them once I was there. The restaurent reviews were helpful in narrowing down the choices and when I did eat in a place that was reviewed found the reviews to be quite accurate. Overall I would rate this guide very highly because of it's usefulness both in planning a visit and it's practical use once in London. A good investment for the first time visitor.
Golden freddi
I got this via Amazon Marketplace, and did not realize that the version I received was not current. Much of the material, history, etc. remains the same, but restaurant reviews and current events do not. Very good book overall, but be sure you are getting the current publication. Also, some of the print in this book is very fine, don't buy it if you cannot read fine print. I have to use a pair of glasses +1.0 stronger than what I use for the newspaper in order to read some of this.
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