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Author: Rick Steves
ISBN: 1612381928
ISBN13: 978-1612381923
Language: English
Publisher: Rick Steves; 13 edition (March 20, 2012)
Pages: 712
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Since 1973, Rick Steves has spent about four months a year exploring Europe. His mission: to empower Americans to have European trips that are fun, affordable, and culturally broadening

Since 1973, Rick Steves has spent about four months a year exploring Europe. His mission: to empower Americans to have European trips that are fun, affordable, and culturally broadening. Rick produces a best-selling guidebook series, a public television series, and a public radio show, and organizes small-group tours that take over 20,000 travelers to Europe annually.

Select a region to find the Rick Steves guidebooks, Snapshot guides, and Pocket guides - and phrase books - that can help you get the most out of every day and dollar. Britain & Ireland.

Rick Steves (born May 10, 1955) is an American travel writer, author, activist and television personality

Rick Steves (born May 10, 1955) is an American travel writer, author, activist and television personality. His travel philosophy encourages people to explore less-touristed areas of destinations and to become immersed in the local people's way of life. Since 2000, he has hosted Rick Steves' Europe, a travel series on public television.

Rick Steves Scandinavia book. I find Rick Steves' guide books to be the best for my kind of travel: moderately priced while maximizing experiences over shopping. He doesn't cover every single city and town- he focuses on the best places for travelers and the best experiences. I think people were not As usual, great tips for traveling as a temporary beyond the big box hotels, clear maps, tips on how to save $ in an expensive part of the world.

Город: Edmonds, WAПодписчиков: 111 ты. себе: Guidebook author, TV & radio host, busin. себе: Guidebook author, TV & radio host, business owner, Lutheran, and NORML board member. Fanatically positive and militantly optimistic.

You can count on Rick Steves to tell you what you really need to know when traveling in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Estonia.With this guide, you'll set sail to Europe's most prosperous corner—a smörgåsbord of Viking ships, deep green fjords, stave churches, brooding castles, and colorful farmhouses. Explore the sleek, modern capital cities of Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki, and Tallinn. Cruise through Stockholm's scenic archipelago, and sample the Baltic charms of Tallinn. Delve deep into Norway's scenic Sognefjord and bike through the idyllic Danish countryside on the castaway island of Ærø. And take some time out from sightseeing to get your blood pumping in a steamy Finnish sauna.Rick's candid, humorous advice will guide you to good-value hotels and restaurants. He'll help you plan where to go and what to see, depending on the length of your trip. You'll get up-to-date recommendations on what's worth your time and money. More than just reviews and directions, a Rick Steves guidebook is a tour guide in your pocket.
Comments to eBook Rick Steves' Scandinavia
lets go baby
Since it focusses on a couple of places extensively, with handy, informative city walks and lots of info about eating, sleeping and transportation, but skips entire parts of the Scandinavic countries, this guide is very good, and perhaps even more useful than the Lonely Planet, if you only visit those places described in the book and not the rest. Not all major destinations are listed, e.g. Trondheim and Göteborg are missing, hence my 4 out of 5 stars, but even with those cities missing I though it a very useful book. The city walks are excellent and somehow we often ended up in restaurants that were listed.
I bought the ebook version which was very convenient on both phone and tablet, the only disadvantage being that you have to browse quite a bit between the city walk maps and the (very informative) written description.
Places described in this guide book:
- Copenhagen
- Near Copenhagen (Roskilde and a few other sights)
- Central Denmark (Ærø, Ærøskøbing, Odense)
- Jutland (Aarhus, Legoland, Jelling, Himmelbjerget, Silkeborg (but oddly enough no mention is made of the main sight of the town, the Silkeborg Museum with the naturally mummified corpse of the Tollund man), Ribe)
- Oslo
- A tour suggestion via Flåm, Aurland and the Undredal
- Sognefjord
- Gudbrandsdal Valley and Jotunheimen Mountains
- Bergen
- South Norway (Stavanger, Setesdal, Hovden, Kristiansand)
- Stockholm
- Near Stockholm (Sigtuna, Uppsala)
- Stockholm's Archipelago
- Southeast Sweden (Växjö, Glass Country, Kalmar, Öland)
- Helsinki
- Tallinn
As a Rick Steves follower, I am a bit sad to give this guide a 4-star review rather than the more typical 5-star nod I would normally expect to write. But this guide has some problems potential buyers should be aware of. Our long-planned trip to Scandinavia included emphasis on the Malmo, Sweden and Stavanger, Norway areas. Malmo (Sweden's 3rd largest city) is excluded except for essentially less-than-a-page footnote treatment within the lengthy Copenhagen sections, and Stavanger (likewise, Norway's 3rd largest city) includes its own section but the tone is essentially "why bother" - "unenthusiastic" would be an overstatement. Most of the book's other content rises to the typical Steves level, but again, I felt like I must comment on the omissions. Maybe the flaws can be ascribed to trying to put all of Scandinavia (including Estonia) into the same book - at 800 pages as it is, was that too much to shoot for?
Good book but a bit outdated. Stating the obvious, you should check each attraction's website for the most accurate information.

Descriptions about the culture and history of each country and region were great. But the overall recommendations felt a tad stuffy. Watch out when buying rail tickets via links from Rick Steves' website. I overpaid for a couple of tickets per the ticket agent in Oslo.
Rick Steves travel guides are the best I've found in the business. They are well organized and do a good job of helping you prioritize your sightseeing. The handmade maps are useful, the walking tours are great. I'd recommend looking for accompanying audio guides via his app. Best of all, the writing sounds friendly and natural, like you're being guided by a person, not a tourism board.

It's been a couple years since I used this in Scandinvaia, but one note specific note sticks out--every major city has an outdoor folk museum. He calls all of them must-sees for their city, but they were all pretty similar to us. If you're touring the whole region, pick the one that excites you the most ahead of time, rather than the first one you come across.
This book was a good starting point for planning a trip to Norway. Key areas, such as Oslo, Bergen, and the Norway-in-a-Nutshell route are covered with Rick Steves' trademarked sensibility. Unfortunately, it's also incomplete: there's no mention of Geirangerfjord, Alesund, Trondheim, or indeed anything further north than Lom.

Perhaps that's unfair of me: the primary value of the Rick Steves' series seems to be that it tells you what's worth seeing and what you can skip (whereas most competing travel books are simply a catalog of attractions). There's an argument to be made that these areas of Norway are redundant and hard to get to. However, I'm going to mark it down to trying to cover 5 countries in a single book (which seems to be a common absurdity in how the travel industry groups Scandinavia together).

(Note that the Norway portions of this book seem to have been republished (1) as a standalone guide ("Rick Steves' Snapshot Norway") and (2) on the Rick Steves website.)

Bottom line: this book can help if you're going to Norway, Denmark, or Sweden, but you'll need to generously supplement your planning with other resources (unless you're hitting up all 3 destinations). For Finland and Estonia (which receive relatively brief treatment), look elsewhere.
I love Rick Steves travel books. The only reason I didn't give it a 5 star is that I got this one on kindle and really think that a real book like this would be best for us in a printed book. When traveling I can refer better whith books I can turn down pages and add stickies, Highlight and make notes in margins, That's how I use them when I am traveling best. Next time! Or....maybe I still will get another copy in print. :-)
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