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by James Lincoln Collier

Category: Science Fiction and Fantasy
Subcategory: Teenagers
Author: James Lincoln Collier
ISBN: 1582349045
ISBN13: 978-1582349046
Language: English
Publisher: Bloomsbury USA Childrens (May 2, 2006)
Pages: 192
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James Lincoln Collier (born June 29, 1928) is an American journalist, professional musician, and author of books, primarily non-fiction for adult readers and fiction for children.

James Lincoln Collier (born June 29, 1928) is an American journalist, professional musician, and author of books, primarily non-fiction for adult readers and fiction for children. His literary works include My Brother Sam Is Dead (1974), a Newbery Honor book that was also named an American Library Association Notable Children's Book and nominated for a National Book Award in 1975.

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Kids Fiction Adventures & Detectives.

The Empty Mirror book.

James Lincoln Collier. Justin Conkey was too young to fight in the Revolution of 1776, but now it is 1787 and he is fourteen. James Lincoln Collier. Fourteen-year-old Johnny promised his father, who was gravely wounded while fighting for the South, that he would take care of the family and not run off to fight. But when there's a request to take his mules and wagon on a bold mission to supply the Rebel troops, Johnny can't resist the chance for revenge as well as a good payday.

James Lincoln Collier has written a haunting story of a boy and his reflection-and what happens when two souls want to inhabit the same living body.

The book Empty Mirror by Newbery Honor Award winner James Lincoln Collier is a nture book that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Nick is a troublesome 13 year old orphan whose parents died in a flu epidemic. Nick has lost his reflection from mirrors, shop windows, and lake water.

Reprint: Originally published: New York : Bloomsbury, 2004. First Scholastic printing, October 2005"-Title page verso. Thirteen-year-old Nick, whose parents died in the 1918 flu epidemic, must find out why his mirror-image is causing mischief around their New England town and making sure Nick gets the blame.

by James Lincoln Collier. The Horn Book Guide "Lessons on the importance of not forgetting the past are included in this fast-paced novel that will hook readers with a spooky ghost story while giving them interesting historical information.

Nick is an orphan who has grown up in his uncle Jack's care on the wild, wooded coast of New England. His parents died when he was a baby during a terrible influenza epidemic that swept the region not long after World War I. Nick first realizes something is wrong when he notices he no longer has a reflection. Then a neighbor he has known all his life accuses him of ignoring her. Soon Nick is blamed for all kinds of trouble around town. Is some other boy who looks like Nick creating all the problems? Nick suspects that something even stranger is going on. Ultimately he proves that someone else is trying to get him in trouble. Refusing to let this shadow of a boy take over his life, Nick develops a plan with his friend Gypsy to get rid of his mirror image for good.

Award-winning author James Lincoln Collier has written a haunting story of two boys-one alive, one a ghost-who confront each other and their small town in a battle to determine who is the more deserving of the one life they seem to share.

Comments to eBook The Empty Mirror
Although the protagonist of this book is a 13 year old boy, the novel is a fun read for any age. It's a fast paced ghost story that features interesting characters in a historical setting. The story is set in the early 1930s and it's refreshing to read about growing up in a world without computers, cell phones and television sets.

The plot centers on a boy who's reflection (in mirrors, windows, streams, etc.) gets stolen. He quickly realizes that whoever stole his reflection intends to use it to harm him. He also figures out that the mystery has something to do with the flu epidemic of 1918 that killed his parents. His inner voice and observations about life are right on the money and as someone who has written a couple of coming of age novels (Fallout and The Great Pretender), I would highly recommend this book to younger readers or anyone who likes a good ghost story.
The class wanted something creepy and so we looked on our shelves. The added bonus was the flu epidemic and how people handled it. A good read.
A fun read, perfect for a long fight or train ride. High intensity and suspenseful.
"My backbone went cold, and a chill rose up and shivered across my head. Gypsy's reflection was there, all right. But there was no reflection of me."

Nick Hodges, a thirteen year old orphan with his uncle Jack in a small New England town. Nick wakes up one morning to find he has no reflection. Following the disappearance of his reflection a woman sees Nick miles from where he actually is, a priest says he saw Nick throwing stones at the church when he was working with uncle at home, and many other people claim they see Nick doing other things he didn't do and had nothing to do with. The worst thing about it- the events Nick are accused of doing are getting more severe every time. Nick soon discovers a boy named Jared Solters, who died years ago, took over his reflection and is the one causing all of the trouble. So, it's up to Nick to find a way to stop Jared before he does something unforgivable and turns the entire town against him.

I found this novel very entertaining and thrilling because of the interesting characters, the suspense build up, and the setting. One thing about this book I didn't like was some of the predictable events.

One thing I didn't like in this book were some of the predictable events. This book was very suspenseful overall, but there were some instances when you know exactly what was going to happen next. It took some of the thrill out of the story. For example, there was one part in the story where Nick was running out of town because they were after him for doing something he didn't do, and he hid in the woods. Somehow, his possessed reflection manages to find him in the woods, like he does throughout the entire story.

An element of this story that made it enjoyable were the interesting characters. Nick's uncle Jack. Nick's uncle is a calm, collected type of guy who takes things as they come. He never loses his "cool", and always knows what to do when conflict rises. He is an interesting character because even when a serious situation is happening he doesn't panic. The only event when Jack acted shocked was when he saw Nick and Nick's possessed reflection standing side by side.

The setting in this story made it more mysterious. The place where Nick finds his reflection that is being possessed by Jared Solters is in the woods behind an old graveyard. Briggs Pond is the name of the place where Nick discovers his reflection has disappeared. The author of this novel combines mysterious events with mysterious locations and is bound to give the reader goosebumps every time they read it.

The final and most essential part of this story, in my opinion, was the suspense build up with a few exceptions, this story leaves you guessing what will happen next the entire time. The author does a very good job of building suspense before an event happens. An example of this happening in the story is when Nick is fixing up the graveyard he see's a shadow figure flash through the trees around him in the corner of his eye. He turns around to where he saw it and it was gone. Other events similar to this, happen throughout the story. It sets the mood for reader and leaves them on the edge of their seat wondering ho the story will end.

Overall, this book was a fast-paced, and very suspenseful that has the reader guessing until the very last page.

Thirteen year old Nick Hodges is growing up in the care of his Uncle Jack after losing his parents in the flu epidemic of 1918. Admittedly, he's a "troublesome" boy but things take a major turn for the worse when he wakes one morning feeling like he's lost something, only to discover that he no longer has a reflection. Then people begin to tell him they have seen him in places he knows he hasn't been; next, crimes begin to be attributed to him. Out of desperation, he goes searching and finds an exact replica of himself---his mirror image.

This is a fun book with lots of activity and a bit of creepiness. Nick is a thoroughly believable character accused of incidents he's not done and aching to to clear himself though no one but his uncle will believe him. The story leaves a lot of questions to be answered; we are left wondering the hows and whys of the stealing of the reflection and its return. The fact that there were too many hanging questions denies me giving this book 5 stars, but it was still a fun read with lots of interesting twists. If you can accept the story at "face" value, you'll love this one.
The book Empty Mirror by Newbery Honor Award winner James Lincoln Collier is a mystery/fantasy/adventure book that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Nick is a troublesome 13 year old orphan whose parents died in a flu epidemic. Nick has lost his reflection from mirrors, shop windows, and lake water. Even worse, he is being blamed for doing bad things he couldn't have done. The problems keep getting worse, and he and his best friend, Gypsy, must work to solve the situation before it is too late.

We gave this book five stars because it is very mysterious and full of adventure. We never wanted to put the book down. We recommend this book for boys and girls in fourth grade and up due to drug references and language. This is a book you will enjoy greatly.
Musical Aura Island
Thirteen year old Nick is raised by his uncle in a small New England town after his parents die in the 1918 flu epidemic. When people start claiming to have seen Nick in places he knows he wasn't, he knows something's wrong, and he soon discovers he has no reflection. A double of him is doing mischief around town and getting Nick into serious trouble--who is this other kid who looks so much like him, and what has happened to his reflection? A mystery/ghost story/and historical fiction rolled into one, this is a quick-moving story told in the first person by a likeable young narrator. The story also includes interesting details about the flu epidemic and small town life in that era. This novel is a good pick for reluctant readers who might enjoy a good ghost story.
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