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by David Massey

Category: Romance
Subcategory: Teenagers
Author: David Massey
ISBN: 1908435178
ISBN13: 978-1908435170
Language: English
Publisher: Chicken House Ltd (August 2, 2012)
Pages: 304
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In Torn by David Massey talks abut a 19 year old girl named Elinor that was drafted to become a medic and was sent to Afghanistan. I find this to be a good book because it shows you what soldiers have to go through and the kind of events they have to deal with on a day to day basis.

In Torn by David Massey talks abut a 19 year old girl named Elinor that was drafted to become a medic and was sent to Afghanistan. The book tends to grabs you and makes you wonder how will this even turn out since the author makes planned to make all the events that occur in.

About David Massey: Discovered by the same publisher as . Rowling, David Massey certainly made an impression with his debut young adult novel TORN. See if your friends have read any of David Massey's books. David Massey’s Followers (33).

Award winning author of TORN & TAKEN - unique, real world YA thrillers. Lancashire Book of the Year and Dudley Teen Book Awards winner, David Massey, is back with his third and most exciting novel for teens. Twenty metres below the heart of Paris is a chilling labyrinth of catacombs lined with the bones of six million dead people.

com's David Massey Page and shop for all David Massey books. Check out pictures, bibliography, and biography of David Massey. David's second book TAKEN was released by Chicken House on World Book Day 2014 and around the world by Scholastic.

The book Torn by David Massey is about medic named Elinor Nielson who works from the British army. When she is in Afghanistan she is in the middle of a war and watches a girl walk into the line of bullets. She risks her life to save the girl, but realizes she is gone.

David Massey is a British, award-winning novelist. Massey is published in the UK and Europe by The Chicken House and in the United States by Chicken House USA, an imprint of Scholastic Corporation. At the same time he began work as a presenter/producer for Network Eleven, a satellite sustaining service broadcasting from studios in Walsall.

Find nearly any book by David Massey. Get the best deal by comparing prices from over 100,000 booksellers. Torn: ISBN 9781908435170 (978-1-908435-17-0) Softcover, Chicken House Ltd, 2012. Founded in 1997, BookFinder.

by. Massey, David (David Robert), 1960-.

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Afghanistan. In the heat and dust, young British army medic Elinor Nielson watches an Afghan girl walk into a hail of bullets. But when she runs to help, Ellie finds her gone. Who is she? And what's happened to her? What Ellie discovers makes her question everything she believes in - even her feelings for the American lieutenant who takes her side.
Comments to eBook Torn
What was she thinking? Nineteen year old Brit Elinor Nielson finds herself working as a medic in Afghanistan, warily partnered with American soldiers in the hinterlands. It's hotter than Hades during the day and cold enough to make her teeth chatter at night. Nobody's sure who the enemy is or whether they're making progress toward gaining trust and restoring peace. Her first morning finds her being spied upon by a bunch of male soldiers while showering and encountering inexplicable hostility from her tent mate corporal Heidi Larson, another medic.
This book doesn't waste any time. Right after breakfast, Ellie is sent out on patrol with her fellow soldiers, having achieved some sort of truce with the peeping toms. She realized very quickly that getting along and ignoring her anger over the shower incident is trumped by the need for everyone to have each others' backs. This is emphasized big time when they come under sniper fire right after her fellow grunt, Yugi realizes he's stepped on an IED and if he moves, it will blow him to bits. Ellie remembers how she and her dad used to play guessing games relating to how much things weighed back home. She doesn't stop to figure out what the rulebook says, but drops her rifle and starts looking for something that she can weigh down so it will approximate Yugi's body weight. She's successful, but in the midst of the firefight, she sees a burka clad girl in a bright blue dress with flowers on it. She tries warning her off, but the girl seems to be unaware that she's in the middle of a fire fight.
When the dust settles following the skirmish, Ellie is in hot water, even though she saved Yugi. Heidi seems intent on getting her disciplined. The rest of her squad are in her corner, though and the base commander lets her off lightly, something that incenses Heidi even more. Once she's calmed down, Ellie starts wondering about the mysterious girl. She seemed surreal, but Heidi saw her and really freaked out.
The next patrol lands Ellie and her comrades in another fire fight. This time she sees the mystery girl take a stray bullet to the head. Determined to do what she can, Ellie and one of her fellow soldiers find a trail of blood. When Ellie climbs into the attic where the bloodstains lead them, she finds the girl, unscathed, crouching next to a boy who is dying from multiple chest wounds. He's beyond help, but Ellie tries comforting him while he dies. She learns that the girl's name is Aroush and that she and the boy are connected. While Ellie is comforting the boy whose name is Farshad, Aroush vanishes, but not before Ellie learns that both kids are part of The Young Martyrs who hate both westerners and the Taliban. Their goal is to rid Afghanistan of anyone threatening them, including their own government. Ellie finds a photo in Farshad's pocket that shows a family in front of a farmhouse with distinctive mountains in the background. There's an inscription on the back in English: "My angel. Keep this near your heart and remember me."
Ellie is about to embark on a mission, along with some navy SEALS. Ostensibly they're to locate an arms cache the Young Martyrs liberated from the Taliban, but there's a hidden agenda that involves the mystery girl, the remote village in the photo, a member of the U.S. Forces commander's family and the strained relationship between Heidi and Jackson, the charismatic leader of the SEAL team.
The key to everything is Husna, a boy captured during the fight where Farshad was killed. Ellie is assigned to interrogate him and begins to form a bond, based in part on their age and partly because she played soccer back in England and the boy wants to learn how to be a better player. Their evolving level of trust is a big part of the rest of the story.
There's plenty of violence in this book which may put off some younger readers, but make no mistake, it's all appropriate in the context of the story which, while stark and gritty, is in part a love story and is realistic as hell. I bought the book based on a two sentence description and found myself putting down the book I was currently reading in favor of this one. One thing that will make your understanding of the story and how it came to be a great deal better are the author's notes in the back. They must not be missed. This is a terrific read for any teen (or adult) interested in realistic fiction, or war stories.
This book was on a preselected list of books to read for the book club I am in. It seemed interesting and proved to be so as I ventured in. It was beautiful and heart wrenching and above all a great book. I am glad I read this book.
This book was very well written and not at all like the same old young adult books out there today. For starters i felt as if there was so much more going on and it wasn't just a war in Afghanistan but there was so many life lessons to be learnt about Life, Love, and Death.
I found this book really fun to read and it felt almost real or like you were there which is what made me unable to stop reading.
This book is perfect for a liberal. I believe Hillary Clinton herself may have written this (sarcasm). The author has literally no vocabulary, the book is really tasteless, and honestly I expect David Massey to do better!!!!!! He has written good books before, and I will continue to read any of his new releases. Torn could have been good, but it just wasn't enough to impress me.

Title Torn Author: David Massey

Private Elinor Wielson is a british medic. That was put in the SA80 Assault rifle team.On their first day of patrol they all got out of their patrol car. Private Wielson noticed that one of her squad mates was standing in the middle of the road frozen solid ,so she started to walk towards him and out of nowhere her squad mate Yugi starts to yell at her. He was shouting and saying stay back or i will shoot you.Wielson is wondering what's wrong with him at this point she realizes that Yugi is standing on an IED. Then they start taking fire from an enemy sniper but none of the bullets are even near them. Now Wielson notice that the bullets are getting even closer to her squad mate standing frozen on the IED. Two of her squad mates located the enemy sniper and the moved towards the enemy sniper and took the sniper out. Meanwhile private Wielson grabs a board and yells at her squad mate Yugi that she is going to put the board under him while he run”s like heck. Then they both get ready 1….2….3 Her squad mate Yugi takes off running while she jumps back and is ok.

I like when Private Wielson saves Yugi.

I had no dislikes about this book and liked this book and it was really good.

By:Kyle .M
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