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by Jenny Nimmo

Subcategory: Teenagers
Author: Jenny Nimmo
ISBN: 1405211407
ISBN13: 978-1405211406
Language: English
Publisher: Egmont Childrens Books (March 31, 2004)
Pages: 205
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The Magician Trilogy is a series of three children's fantasy novels by the British author Jenny Nimmo, first published by Methuen 1986 to 1989

The Magician Trilogy is a series of three children's fantasy novels by the British author Jenny Nimmo, first published by Methuen 1986 to 1989. The stories are inspired by Welsh mythology, with elements borrowed from Mabinogion.

Book 1: The Snow Spider Book 2: Emlyn's Moon Book 3: The Chestnut Soldier British author Jenny Nimmo writes about spell-casting cats and youngsters who inherit magical powers. The author of more than four dozen books for children and young-adult readers.

The Chestnut Soldier is the third in Jenny Nimmo's Snow Spider series. the trouble it causes, and how Gwyn and Nia work together to overcome the challenges set off by this small (but incredibly powerful) gift.

Jenny Nimmo's award-winning SNOW SPIDER TRILOGY is back as an exciting Orchard Books fantasy series! . PW Starred Nimmo (the Charlie Bone novels) launches the Magician Trilogy with this enchanting tale, first released in England in 1986.

Jenny Nimmo's award-winning SNOW SPIDER TRILOGY is back as an exciting Orchard Books fantasy series! On Gwyn's 9th birthday. On his ninth birthday, Gwyn's delightfully eccentric grandmother gives him five gifts: a piece of seaweed, a tin whistle, a metal brooch, a small, broken horse and the yellow scarf that his older sister had been wearing the day she mysteriously disappeared four years earlier. His grandmother instructs him to "give them to the wind" to discover if he is a magician, like his ancestors.

Emlyn's Moon (Snow Spider, by Jenny Nimmo. The second book in NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY bestselling author Jenny Nimmo's new series chronicling the origin and the adventures of Charlie Bone's magical ancestor, the Red King! Timoken, a magician king, has found a new home in a castle in Britain.

Combining all of Jenny Nimmo’s trademark elements - unusual but compelling characters, stunning magic and a rich, vibrant story - The Snow Spider Trilogy is perfect for lovers of Jenny Nimmo’s other fantasy books such as Charlie Bone and The Secret Kingdom. Jenny Nimmo writes with incredible vigour and passion’ Guardian.

The Magician Trilogy is a series of three children's fantasy novels by the British author Jenny Nimmo, first published by Methuen 1986 to 1989

The Magician Trilogy is a series of three children's fantasy novels by the British author Jenny Nimmo, first published by Methuen 1986 to 1989.

The Chestnut Soldier (TV Mini-Series 1991). One of the superior influx of children's dramas made in the late 80's early 90's, the snow spider was based on the book by Jenny Nimmo and was part of a trilogy also combining Emlyn's moon and the Chestnut soldier. made by a welsh company, it was an amazing magical programme that shows it's quality by the fact that Sian Phillips even starred it in.

Comments to eBook The Chestnut Soldier (The Snow Spider Trilogy)
If you're read the first two books in this series, you know you're going to like this one. If you haven't read the first two you should, at least in order to get into the flow of the story thus far.

Your reward will be that this is the most "magical" of the books, and will be the one that most closely reflects actual Welsh tales. It's also the most exciting, and the closest to stirring "high fantasy".

And after you finish this, try Susan Cooper's "Dark is Rising" series.
I love this trilogy, good read for children and even adults if you liked Harry Potter you will like Jenny Nimmo's trilogys. There is also the 7 book series of Charley Bone. They are like popcorn for me.
I love Charlie Bone.
very satisfied
I had read the first two books in the trilogy and was excited to read the last. The book arrived quickly and was in excellent condition. I enjoyed all three books in the Magician Trilogy, but must say, I liked the first book, "The Snow Spider" the best.
I'm an adult, and I found this book difficult to understand. There was too much Welsh, the names are difficult to pronounce and the tales are too convoluted to follow. Stick with Charlie Bones.
A Satisfying conclusion to a delightful series! This is the final book in the Magician Trilogy (The Snow Spider, Emlyn's Moon, & The Chestnut Soldier). When we first met Gwyn he'd just turned 9 and as this book concludes, he is turning 14...the books (themes and story lines) have evolved and matured just as the characters and as such, we find that The Chestnut Soldier has more mature subject matter than the previous two, however all three deal with subtle magic, human frailty, and no small amount of tragedy all thoroughly filtered through the lens of Welsh mythology/folklore. As with the previous books, the usual gang is all present, though Nia and Gwyn are most prominent here. As with the second book, the story is about Gwyn and his gift, but he really plays an almost peripheral role and here Nia and her mysterious soldier cousin Evan take center stage for most of the story.

In this final book, the final of the "five gifts" (the mutilated chestnut horse) his grandmother gave him at age 9 (the first book) finally comes into play. Here we find a soldier wounded badly coming "home" to the only family he has left in the area (the rest of his family having moved to Australia years before). At first things seem relatively normal with him, but as time goes on he becomes more and more angry, like anger is consuming him and his once supportive and worried cousins become frightened of him. Gwyn wants to help, but he's got issues he's dealing with too...he hasn't grown in nearly two years and is felling left behind in many ways. What once seemed a boon now feels like a curse to him. He wishes that he could be normal, that he hadn't inherited his ancestral "gift." Will Gwyn come to terms with all of this and be able to help Nia and Evan before the evil that escapes from the mangled chestnut horse takes over his troubled soul? With Gwyn struggling to find his right place and truly come to terms with who he is and Nia desperately trying to assert her identity and worth in the family when they are thrown into chaos as Evan becomes increasingly disturbed by the "injury" that befell him. Readers will feel the turmoil, angst, and edgy excitement as the story progresses and will certainly enjoy seeing how it all comes together in the end.

Overall I give The Chestnut Soldier four stars. It's got strong magical themes, Welsh mythology/folklore, an evil force trying to break into "our" world, an unwilling hero, a damsel in distress who manages to be a hero in her own way and as is the case with all three books, family is all important here. They are not shown as perfect things...each family here is full of flawed people all trying to work out who they are and striving to enjoy life for themselves and as a part of the larger family unit. What shines most of all here is that no matter how flawed they are, family is where the heart is and they are always there for one another in the end. I also like that the magic here isn't typical of the genre, it's not flashy or "in your face." In the Magician's Trilogy is it's more unknowable and mysterious, allowing the real focus to remain on the individual struggles, quests to find oneself, and most especially on familial relationships. Since it is common in this type of book for the family to be absent or so un-nurturing and unsupportive (as to be abusive in many cases), which serves to allow the child to enter in to the self-explorative adventure, I really enjoy the refreshing presence of a loving and supportive family by all the characters in the story...sure they've got issues, but at the heart of it all, the family IS an integral part of the storyline. We're sad to see the story come to a close...but it's a satisfying end!
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