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by Brian Jacques

Category: Literature and Fiction
Subcategory: Teenagers
Author: Brian Jacques
ISBN: 0606054561
ISBN13: 978-0606054560
Language: English
Publisher: Demco Media (December 1, 1991)
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Mattimeo, the son of the warrior mouse Matthias, learns to take up the sword and joins the other animal inhabitants of Redwall Abbey in resisting Slagar the fox and his band of marauders. Sequel to "Redwall."
Comments to eBook Mattimeo (Redwall)
I am loving the Redwall series, and Mattimeo is probably one of my favorites so far. I don't want to spoil any surprises for potential readers, so I will just say that the unexpected journey toward maturity that Mattimeo AND his friends take, held my attention to the very end, and kept me up way too late, trying to finish!

I love how their character is developed through the things they encounter, and they are stretched beyond what they ever dreamed they could endure, let alone overcome. This is one of the themes I'm seeing in Redwall (that I particularly appreciate): sterling character is held high, yet imperfect "people" (beasts) are given grace at Redwall to fail and learn and grow from it. Things are attempted, against impossible odds, because it's the right thing to do, regardless of whether there is any chance of succeeding. Our world needs this so desperately today!

Character development is rich and effortless in this series! Individuals are so vibrantly portrayed that I have to remind myself that this is fantasy and these are animals and not people that I know. Still, I feel they are friends. I hope many others will come to treasure this series and strive to uphold the universal ideals presented, of goodness, strength of character, kindness, and doing what's right, even against impossible odds.
I'm readinglistening to these in publication order, so this is book three. I liked this story a lot, once again. The audio levels seemed to be more constant than the last one, because I didn't have to do much volume adjusting. My biggest complaint is I found it difficult to understand the newt character, Scurl. Early on, I found Cynthia annoying, but she slowly matured and eventually did less whining. Once again, there are violence--and death--but it's all handled deftly. The author does a good job of showing that violence isn't something to take lightly and that violence always has consequences.

I will be continuing on. I already have quite a few of the "full cast" recordings and I'm enjoying the Redwall experience. I do wish Audible would bring back the others, so I can fill in the gaps. If they don't, I'll pick up Kindle editions as I reach the gaps.
This series is the best read I have found in the last 15 or 20 years!

it has drama, it has suspense, it has action, it has sadness, it has happiness, it has humor, there are so many things that this book has going for it! yes it may be classified as a children's book, but I am not the only adult to read & enjoy & be hooked on this series of books.

From page one, it grabs your attention & it never lets go till the end...but then it is really not the end because when you begin to read the next book, it too, gets you hooked from Page 1.

I highly recommend this book & the series(22 books in all) to anyone, adult or younger, who likes a great story of how the hero saves the day with his charm, his humor & his bravery.
We are reading through this book series one at the time. We love them and cannot put them down. The writer does a great job of getting you involved with the characters and makes the food sound delicious. It is a bit disorienting when you switch to the next book, the writer jumps around, a lot, in the time lines.
All the Redwall books are so beautiful and heartwarming! This one was no different. It makes you smile, laugh, cry, and angry right along with the characters. I would say Mattimeo has one of the biggest 'evil forces' of the whole series. With small young ones being enslaved, beaten, and starved. But you just have to love reading how the young creatures grow and develop through their journey and struggles. Good conquers evil in the end :-)
"Mattimeo" is another wonderful visit to the world ofRedwall. The characters were once again top notch, with new heros tocheer for and enjoy, such as Orlando The Axe, a brave badger warrior and Sir Harry, a poetic owl. A return of earlier characters includes Matthias, the hero from "Redwall", Logalog, leader of the shrews, Constance the badger, Basil the hare with his quick wit and voracious appetite, and others. Jacques continues to top himself in terms of the wickedness of his villians. Slagar the Cruel, a masked fox who is also a slaver is truly chilling in his madness for revenge and General Ironbeak, a power crazed raven, brought to mind another notorious animal general, Woundwort from "Watership Down". One wonders where Mr. Jacques culls his characterizations from! The story itself is exceptional, and the imagery of the writing was many times truly amazing. Another fine entry in the "Redwall" saga. May Brian Jacques write many, many more of these wonderful books. Redwallll!
I really liked this Redwall book. But in my opinion it started out slightly slower, although that is redeemed because it gets a faster pace in the end part. As always the food descriptions are riveting and the riddles are super fun. I LOVED seeing Cornflower's more awesome and kickbutt side in this novel.
My daughter who is now 20 read these as a 4th grader. I read some of the Redwall series at that time. Now my third child, a boy, is reading them. He is currently in 8th grade. I believe the books are "leveled" for the 6th grader. They are fantasy books about woodland creatures defending their territory from another group of critters. From among them arises a saving critter who leads his people in battle. Brian Jacques writes very descriptively and draws the reader into the story!
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