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by Richard North Patterson

Category: Thrillers and Suspense
Subcategory: Suspense and Thriller
Author: Richard North Patterson
ISBN: 1602853533
ISBN13: 978-1602853539
Language: English
Publisher: Center Point Pub; Large Print edition (February 1, 2009)
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Eclipse (Richard North Patterson). En su thriller Eclipse, Richard North Patterson denuncia la explotación occidental de recursos africanos partiendo de un hecho real ocurrido en Nigeria.

Eclipse (Richard North Patterson).

Patterson graduated in 1968 from Ohio Wesleyan University and has been awarded that school’s Distinguished Achievement Citation and his national fraternity’s Alumni Achievement Award.

Eclipse by Patterson Richard North - Book - Hard Cover - Crime/Mystery - Fiction.

Conviction - Richard North Patterson - Livre - 301402 - 2423430. Eclipse By Richard North Patterson. Eclipse by Patterson Richard North - Book - Hard Cover - Crime/Mystery - Fiction. Exile by Patterson Richard North - Book - Paperback - Crime/Mystery - Fiction.

Richard North Patterson's Eclipse is marketed as a legal thriller that follows Boston-born attorney Damon Pierce to Africa to defend an old crush . I like Richard North Patterson always but this book was especially good.

Richard North Patterson's Eclipse is marketed as a legal thriller that follows Boston-born attorney Damon Pierce to Africa to defend an old crush, Marissa, and her African husband against bogus charges planted by an evil, terrorist regime fueled by an American oil-company. This article is great but read it after you finish the book.

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Narrated by Peter Francis James. The spellbinding story of an American lawyer who takes on a nearly impossible case-the defense of an African free. Bobby's outspoken opposition to the exploitation of his homeland by PetroGlobal-a giant American oil company with close ties to Luandia's brutal government-has enraged General Savior Karama, the country's autocratic ruler. After Bobby leads a protest rally during a full eclipse of the sun, everyone in his home village is massacred by government troops.

Richard North Patterson. A young man has been murdered. Richard North Patterson. Listen to books in audio format instead of reading. His girlfriend, twenty-two-year-old Brett Allen, is found at the scene of the crime. Kerry Kilcannon enters into the world of presidential politics only to realize that one misstep can damage a lifetime of achievement.

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Eclipse - Richard North Patterson. Listen to an extract from Eclipse by Richard North Patterson, read by William Hope. The blockbuster from the thinking man's thriller writer. 4 years ago 4 years ago. In a novel of international intrigue, an American lawyer, Damon Pierce, attempts to save Bobby Okari, the West African leader of a protest movement, from execution by the country’s corrupt and autocratic leader.

Damon Pierce's life is crumbling. The talented California attorney's wife is divorcing him and his work often seems soulless. So when he receives a frantic email from Marissa Brand Okari, a woman he loved years ago, he decides to risk everything and respond to her plea for help.

Marissa's husband, Bobby Okari, is the charismatic leader of a freedom movement in Luandia, West Africa, a nation that's being torn apart by the world's craving for its vast oil supply. When Bobby stages a protest against a giant American oil company with close ties to Luandia's brutal government, all hell breaks loose. Everyone in Bobby's home village is massacred and Bobby is thrown in jail. Pierce agrees to defend Bobby, but the lethal politics of Luandia could cost him his own life.

Comments to eBook Eclipse (Platinum Mystery Series)
There are parts of the story that are real page turners, hard to put down until you uncover the answers. After a slow start to the book, for me, the story unfolds in a way that had me questioning how much I know about current events around the world. Interwoven in the story is a tender love story about commitment, redemption, and the consequences of our choices.
This is an exiting novel picking up the present economical/political issue. The author being inspired by the real tragic events in Nigeria, when the American oil companies temporarily set back from the development in that area. I never imagined it "had become inextricably entangled in a nightmare of our creation that we lacked the power to end," though "I believe the world is the sum of who's in it - that in some way what we do makes other lives better, or worse." Facing with scarceness of oil and global blame to the oil companies for their excess consumption, American oil companies are shifting their operational base to Africa again. Would like to join Damon Pierce in enjoin the American oil companies from participating in killing freedom of African people by closely checking up-to-date events there. Exile
Because I've read quite a few books by this author and have liked them , I kept trying to like this one. I read about 1/3 and decided it wasn't going to get better . So I just quit.
I remember discovering Richard North Patterson, back in the "Degree of Guilt" and "Final Judgment" days. He started to slip with "Conviction," which was more about the death penalty and the system than about telling a story. "Exile" was more about telling the sides of the Israeli/ Palestinian conflict than about telling a story (plus it suffered from a frighteningly simplistic predictability in the alleged plot-twist; if you hadn't figured it out 150 pages earlier, you weren't paying attention!).

"Exile" seems to be more of the same (plus his editors have started to join the decline into incompetence that currently afflicts the rest of the publishing industry; just too many typos, inconsistencies, factual errors and badly-worded phrases). And who the hell let Mr. Patterson give not one, not two, but THREE major characters similar last names starting with "O?" I realize he wants to be "authentic," and that many African names start with "O," but there are many that do not. No one would publish a novel with major characters named Murphy, Murphree and Mumford (unless the similarity was germane to the plot), so why do the same with African names?

I used to say that current American novelists could be divided into two groups: Richard North Patterson and everybody else. I will give him one more try after this, but if he puts out another novel that fails to tell a good story while preaching about the evils of something Mr. Patterson hates, I'm done.
Eclipse by Richard North Patterson is not a story borrowed from a major news magazine this week, but it could have been. It tells a tale of terrible suffering derived from the discovery of oil. It details the struggle against power and corruption and the risk of activism. It includes suspense and courtroom drama, cowardice and heroism and clues to how the world's governments work. Mr. Patterson has written many excellent previous novels and Eclipse does not disappoint.
Tyler Is Not Here
I'm very pleased with the audio book. It's a great addition to my own audio library. I'm disabled, & can't make it to my town library anymore. So, I have been using Amazon to build my own library with the audio's I want at a good price. I love this author. The CD's are clean & play great. I would order from this seller again, & also recommend the seller to family & friends.

Thank You Very Much:
Laura J. Loe
Wow, I was excited to start reading Eclipse and once I started I had a hard time putting it down. Patterson did a great job depicting the feelings of the characters in this novel and I enjoyed it from beginning to end. Patterson did not disappoint in this page turner of a novel and I am looking forward to more from him! Made me want to go purchase an alternative fuel vehicle!
There are plenty of people from the "have" countries" who want to exploit Africa. Unfortunately Africa is full of "strong men" who only too keen to sell out their people and environments to these exploiters. This book strikes a cord with Africans who yearn and strive to break this age old cycle which goes back to the slave trade.
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