Fb2 Flint's Law ePub

by Paul Eddy

Category: Thrillers and Suspense
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Author: Paul Eddy
ISBN: 0451411005
ISBN13: 978-0451411006
Language: English
Publisher: Onyx (August 5, 2003)
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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Critics everywhere fell in love with undercover cop Grace Flint. Said the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Recently married and living in the United States, undercover cop Grace Flint is horrified when the money-laundering investigation she is directing explodes.

In Paul Eddy's follow-up to Flint, tenacious former London police officer Grace Flint has remarried and is now working full time for Aldus Cutter and the . Financial Strike Force. On the trail of Karl Gröber, a notorious money-launderer and former officer in the East German Stasi, Flint's world comes undone when Gröber murders the agent she has sent undercover into his organization and escapes the grasp of law enforcement.

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International cop Grace Flint makes a second intriguing appearance (Flint, 2000)-but then hangs around too long. Nor is she ever constrained by the rules. What’s Flint’s law, a onetime colleague asks rhetorically. And, resignedly, answers: Whatever she wants it to be. Bids fair to be a thoroughly entertaining series. by Paul Eddy. Published 2003 by Onyx in New York. Government investigators, Undercover operations, Money laundering, Fiction, Policewomen. Originally published: New York : . Putnam's Sons, ℗♭2002.

The Law is the first and only album from the rock supergroup The Law. The Law was formed when Paul Rodgers met Kenney Jones in a nightclub in London and decided to put a band together.

ISBN 10: 0747264287 ISBN 13: 9780747264286. Publisher: Gardners Books, 2003.

Rich with intricate plotting and writing of stunning originality - a seductive debut thriller from an elegant new master. For more than twenty-five years, Paul Eddy has been writing about intrigue as one of the London Sunday Times's principal investigative reporters. An exceptionally talented undercover policewoman, Grace Flint nearly dies in a botched sting operation.

Authors : Eddy, Paul. Title : Flint's Code. Product Category : Books. List Price (MSRP) : . 9. Flint's Code by Paul Eddy (Paperback, 2007). Brand new: lowest price.

Recently married and living in the United States, undercover cop Grace Flint is horrified when the money-laundering investigation she is directing explodes, resulting in a dead FBI agent and the loss of her targets, and she realizes that her husband is not the man she believed him to be. Reprint.
Comments to eBook Flint's Law
This book is one of my favorites! I have read all the Flint series and as far as I am concerned there is nothing to touch it. (I found this book as a result of a recommendation by Frederick Forsyth no less!)
Paul Eddy has created a very human heroine that has no equivalent in my opinion. It is also a very intelligent book and it avoids all the cliche's found in all the other books I have read. Wherever you are Paul...please write some more like this!
The Financial Strike Force is an international organization that focuses on money laundering on a global scale. Grace Flint, FSF Assistant Director is poised to bring down German crime czar Karl Groeber but it turns sour when an agent is killed. Grace takes this personally because she personally recruited the operative.

After going over the failed investigation, it becomes apparent that someone with insider knowledge sold them out. That person is Grace's husband Ben. It turns out that there is no record to prove that Grace's husband ever existed, which means he was a spy designed to get close to Flint. When Ben causes Grace's father grievous injuries she vows to hunt him down and bring him to justice even if it means going through Karl Groeber to do it.

Grace Flint is a flawed imperfect heroine who endears herself to the audience because of her willingness to take responsibility for her actions. Except for her, it's hard to tell the heroes from the villains in FLINT'S LAW because most of the players have their own agenda and alliances. The story line compulsively compels readers to finish this tale in one sitting. It will be very hard to wait for the next installment in this dynamic new series.

Harriet Klausner
"Flint's Law" was my introduction to Grace Flint, heroine extraordinaire. Grace is a maverick assistant director of one of the U.S. Government's alphabetical spook forces that investigates money laundering.
The novel opens explosively with a heart-stoppingly dangerous sting operation going terribly bad under Grace's direction. To her horror, she discovers her husband of one year is on the bad guy's team. His cover was perfect. It is inconceivable that this quirky, humorous, obsessed bird-lover could be a deep cover assassin. Grace relentlessly sprints around the world chasing him down. The villains pop up everywhere, and often the most deadly battles are between rival intelligence agencies.
The pace is fast and furious, but with surprisingly strong characterizations. I kept hoping Grace would find out it was a terrible mistake about her husband's nefarious intentions. Mr. Eddy had done such a good job of convincing the reader as well as Grace of Ben's lovable character; it was almost sickening to accept his deep betrayal. Grace is not portrayed as Wonder Woman. She is impulsive, somewhat paranoid (who could blame her for that?), headstrong and arrogant. The ending is a bit of a cliffhanger that clearly is trying to whet your appetite for the next installment.
The story barely manages to keep all its threads intact. There are so many competing agencies, players, and competing goals; it is easy to become confused. I did idly wonder how a Brit could be an assistant director of a U.S. intelligence agency, but willingly granted the author artistic license. In spite of these minor flaws, I highly recommend "Flint's Law" for non-stop entertainment.
-sweetmolly-Amazon Reviewer
Paul Eddy, Flint's Law (Putnam, 2002)

Grace Flint is back, something for which we should all be happy. If you missed Paul Eddy's first novel, Flint, go find it and read it before you take this one on. Both of them are page-turners well worth your time and attention.

It's an unspecified amount of time after the events of Flint. Grace, newly-married, is now living in America, working with old pal Aldus Cutter on the Financial Strike Force. They've been going after Karl Grober, code name Hustler, for a while now, and the big drop is about to occur. Things, as they say, go horribly wrong, resulting in the death of an agent and a lot of recrimination among the team. Grace discovers the leak, but can't bring herself to believe it is who all the signs point to it being; nevertheless, she has to hunt him down and find out what's going on before the FSF loses Hustler for good, and she's out of a job.

Eddy knows what he's doing with the conventional thriller. All the elements are there, but it never feels like a retread; this is good, solid genre writing, on a par with early Ludlum. If you're a fan of the genre, and have not yet discovered Paul Eddy, you're going to like what you see. *** ?
"Mandrake" (I use the UK title of this book.) is a couple notches better than "Flint". While that was sometimes very confusing, with all the flitting back from past to present, and all the to-ing and fro-ing of the various fraudulent monies, and lots and lots of characters who all seem to meld into one. This one is far better.
It's still confusing, at times, but not nearly as much. The writing is brilliant...its incredibly compelling and powerful, written in a tense, brutally efficient and to-the-point style. The book speeds all over the globe, from the US to Croatia and the pace never lets up.
The characters are mercifully fewer, and are slightly better developed. the plot is complex and interesting. I can certainly reccomend this book.
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