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by Joseph Heywood

Category: Thrillers and Suspense
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Author: Joseph Heywood
ISBN: 0394756223
ISBN13: 978-0394756226
Publisher: Random House (1987)
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This is the first book I have read by Joseph Heywood, and, because of the great experience with this one, I enthusiastically look forward to reading more of his stuff.

Ships from and sold by eQuip Online. This is the first book I have read by Joseph Heywood, and, because of the great experience with this one, I enthusiastically look forward to reading more of his stuff.

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Mother had raved about his long fingers; he would be a concert pianist. She saw to it that he had the lessons and that he practiced, but in the end there was something else inside him.

Mother had raved about his long fingers; he would be a concert pianist edical students who had found their calling early by taking care of brothers and sisters or fetching home injured creatures for salvation, it was the process of diagnosis that first captured his fancy.

Joseph Heywood's Woods Cop mysteries are based on the lives of Upper Peninsula conservation officers, and for going on seven years has spent about one month a year on patrol with officers, in all kinds of weather, all times of day and under sundry conditions. He worked in all 15 Upper Peninsula Counties as well as in another 15-16 counties BTB (Below the Bridge).

A lost classic by beloved novelist Joseph Heywood that helped put the writer on the map, THE BERKUT begins at dusk as SS Colonel Gunter Brumm parachutes silently through the sulphuric haze in the smoldering ruins o. .

A lost classic by beloved novelist Joseph Heywood that helped put the writer on the map, THE BERKUT begins at dusk as SS Colonel Gunter Brumm parachutes silently through the sulphuric haze in the smoldering ruins of Berlin, past the Soviet troops that encircle the skeleton that the city has become in April 1945. Less than twenty-four hours later a special Russian team snakes its way into Berlin's city limits, headed for the Reich Chancellery. It is led by Vasily Petrov, the Berkut -named after the Russian eagles trained to hunt wolves, a man handpicked by Stalin himself for his ability to track down his quarry and driven by the knowledge that failure means certain death.

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The Berkut is a 1987 secret history novel by Joseph Heywood in which Adolf Hitler survives World War II. It is set in the period immediately after the fall of The Third Reich. This book pits a German colonel and a Russian soldier from a secret organization against each other

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Near the end of WWII, when the Russians captured Berlin and Germany’s involvement ended, it is believed that Hitler committed suicide in his underground bunker, along with some other top Nazi leaders and their families. While many of the bodies were positively identified, those of Hitler and his wife were supposedly hidden on the grounds of the Chancellery building and may or may not have been found. When Russian troops took the city some two months before the rest of the Allies went in, they made a beeline for the bunker in an attempt to collect the bodies and to capture any remaining Nazis and all the Nazi records they could find. Whether they actually did recover the body of Adolf Hitler has been debated for decades, and to this day the issue has not been settled satisfactorily. At various times the Russians claimed that Hitler was captured, that he escaped, that his body was found, or that they had no idea where he was. By the time the rest of the Allies showed up, the site had been so thoroughly excavated and pillaged that it was impossible to discover the truth.

In this book, the author tells of an alternative in which Hitler escapes the bunker alive and is spirited away by some of his top operatives. He is taken from Berlin under the noses of the Russians and makes his way across the countryside into the Harz mountains, and eventually out of Germany. At the end of the book, which spans a period of more than a decade, he finally dies, but not in the manner commonly believed.

The book focuses on three sets of characters. First, there is Hitler and his contingent of Nazi operatives. Second is a highly competent Russian special forces cell led by a man called Petrov. This group relentlessly pursues the Germans in an attempt to capture Hitler in order to satisfy Josef Stalin’s demand for revenge. The word ‘Berkut’ apparently means ‘wolf’ in Russian, and is the nickname given to Petrov by Stalin. Interestingly, Hitler’s nickname is also ‘Wolf’, (remember the Wolf’s Lair, Hitler’s mountain retreat?) and it takes some time to actually figure out who the Berkut of this story really is. Finally, there is the lone representative from America, an officer of the OSS who has an extreme dedication to his job.

The narrative rotates among these three groups as the book progresses. The book is so well written that you come to be familiar with all the cast members, and most of them are very deeply developed. You see the war and what it means to its various participants, and you learn that each group has a different perspective. You even gain insight into the character of Hitler, as this book portrays him as a person rather than simply packaging him as the screaming fanatic everyone remembers. Because of the way the author brings you close to all the characters, you find yourself rooting for each group. The Russians occupy the most prominent position, and despite them commonly being portrayed as an enemy, you get to know them so well that you forget the common perception and actually come to know and like them. Oddly, the same holds true in some ways for the Nazis. Clearly they were the embodiment of evil, and this book makes no excuses for their heinous and criminal activities, but it does bring to light the fact that they were real, breathing, living, thinking, feeling people, regardless of their misconceptions. The main American, Beau Valentine, is a complex, highly competent guy who, contrary to the intelligence community party line, becomes wise to the adventures of the Russians and Germans, and does his best discover the truth. Unfortunately, as in actual history, the Americans are a little late to the game, and Valentine is not quite as successful as you hope for him to be.

The book sucks you in from the very beginning, and it truly is one that you get lost in and find hard to put down. There is of course plenty of war-related and secret agent action. The suspense is nearly continuous, and you find yourself holding your breath in hopes that the Germans escape, while at the same time hoping that the Russians and the American are successful in capturing them. The author paints vivid, realistic pictures of wartime Germany, and the actions, methods, and philosophies of each of the participants are portrayed quite accurately. In fact, the whole premise is believable, and you wonder whether something like this story actually took place. The end is graphic and unusually, if morbidly, satisfying.

I have only one gripe about this book, and it has nothing to do with the story or the author. In my Kindle edition, there are numerous glaring typographical errors. I get the impression that some sort of voice recognition was used to prepare the text, and there are many occasions where wrong words are substituted for the right ones. For instance, “Hitler” is frequently spelled “Hider”. There are numerous times when letters are misprinted and in some cases the readability is interrupted. A book of this quality deserves more attentive proofing.

This is the first book I have read by Joseph Heywood, and, because of the great experience with this one, I enthusiastically look forward to reading more of his stuff. This book is easily five stars.
I found this book twenty years ago and being a WWII history buff, found it not only plausible, but so well written it baca me one of my favorite fiction books of all time.
Over the years I had lost more then half a dozen copies but always searched book stores, even buying one copy from a rare book seller out out of Philadelphia.
Finding it on Amazon was a complete treat as if you can't tell, I lose books on a regular basis, but now it will be permanently in my library.
I won't go into the plot or any details, but suffice it to say, if someone like me has read it, purchased as many copies and now has it again, it is well worth the time to read.
I hope you enjoy this novel as much as I have over the years.
Pretty good story. It starts out a bit tepid but picks up the pace pretty quickly.

The premise of the book is that, as Berlin fell, Hitler was rescued from the bunker by a German SOG Commando. Of the two bodies found inside the bunker, one was authentic and the other a double. Although the Russians don't know this for sure, they feel that Hitler would have had an escape plan. So starts the cat-and-mouse chase across Europe as the Russians seek to capture "Herr Wolf" before he escapes into Italy.

Mr. Heywood has done a nice job with this premise using historical documents, commonly held inaccuracies, assumptions and hypothesis. It's a good book to engross yourself in as the plot introduces many players who all add another layer. Interestingly Herr Wolf has the least impact on the story.

The writing style is somewhat casual. Straight to the point leaves little to the imagination. The strength of the book is the plot.

Towards the end of the book the chapters start to shorten as the pace picks up.

Enjoy the book, I did.
This is my favorite book in the world. I've loaned it out three times an had it stolen twice. It is a fictional account of Adolf Hitler escaping the bunker with the aid of two amazing Nazi solders intent on saving him and their pursuit by an elite team of Russian agents intent on their capture. It is historically well researched and the psychological character studies of Both Hitler and Stalin are compelling. this book is a fantastic read, the character development of the Germans and Russians is amazing and the ending is simply mind blowing. For anyone with an interest in world war II, this a story of imagination spawned in the cracks of history. A lot is know about the final days of the Third Reich but we don't know exactly what happened to Hitler at the end. This story is an alternative possibility. It is to be sure speculative but what is presented is historically accurate and It provides an alternative ending for Hitler's demise. This book keeps the monster alive, giving us an accounting we were denied in 1945. And that account is utterly astounding. This is an absolute must read.
One of my favorite all-time books!
Mr. Heywood achieves the almost impossible task of making all three sets of "protagonists" sympathetic enough that you are rooting for each of them to be successful... we can leave "Herr Wolf" out of that complement.
If you enjoy action thrillers, I can't imagine that you would be disappointed.