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by Sandra Brown

Category: Thrillers and Suspense
Subcategory: Suspense and Thriller
Author: Sandra Brown
ISBN: 0446609617
ISBN13: 978-0446609616
Language: English
Publisher: Warner Vision Books; Reprint edition (April 1, 2001)
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Sandra Brown is the author of seventy New York Times bestsellers.

Only 18 left in stock (more on the way). Sandra Brown is the author of seventy New York Times bestsellers.

Sandra Brown is the author of seventy-one New York Times bestsellers. For more information you can visit ww. andraBrown. Библиографические данные.

Given the Guild’s specifics, STANDOFF, as it came to be, was the ideal story for this project

They requested that it be shorter in length than I usually write, but that it contain elements normally associated with a Sandra Brown novel. I was flattered and intrigued, as well as challenged. Given the Guild’s specifics, STANDOFF, as it came to be, was the ideal story for this project. For a while I’d been playing with the idea of a story written in real time.

Standoff - Ebook written by Sandra Brown. Read this book using Google Play Books app on your PC, android, iOS devices. Download for offline reading, highlight, bookmark or take notes while you read Standoff. But in a town called Rojo Flats, an innocuous stop at a convenience store thrusts her directly into the unfolding story - and a dangerous crime drama. For inside the shop two desperate young lovers are holding a half dozen frightened hostages. and a powder keg of a standoff is about to test Tiel's courage, journalistic integrity, and everything she has ever believed. More by Sandra Brown.

STANDOFF by Sandra Brown was a bit disappointing. I couldn't really feel anything believable about it and seemed a bit too predictable. The characters were like cardboard caricatures. even the main characters.

If you don't mind me asking. He told her about his wife's illness, making no mention of the conflict that followed her demise. our family when she got sick. Like Ms. McCoy, she had a career. She was a microbiologist. Wow, she must've been smart. He smiled, although Sabra couldn't see it. "Much smarter than m. You must've loved each other a whole lo. His smile gradually faded

Chapter 1. Just heard the news bulletin on my car radio.

Chapter 1.

Already a successful romance novelist in the 1980s, Sandra Brown struck gold when she pushed past the category s boundaries to take chances with more intricate plotting, richer characters, and surprising plot twists. Sandra Brown CD Collection 2: A Treasure Worth Seeking, Shadows of Yesterday, Prime Time. Rachel Ryan, Sandra Brown.

But in a town called Rojo Flats, an innocuous stop at a convenience store thrusts her directly into the unfolding story - and a dangerous crime drama.

An ambitious female television reporter is driving through New Mexico when she hears that a Texas millionarie's teenage daughter has been kidnapped. Knowing the girl's father lives nearby, she quickly lines up an interview. The situation quickly spins out of control, however, and the reporter finds herself at the center of a tense situation that could have devastating consequences for all involved.
Comments to eBook Standoff
STANDOFF, a novel by Sandra Brown, takes place in the desolate West Texas town of Hera. Tiel McCoy, a hot Dallas TV news reporter is forced by her boss, Gully, to take vacation time or lose it. While driving to Angel Fire, a resort in northern New Mexico, Tiel hears on her car radio about a possible kidnapping of the teenage daughter of multimillionaire and Dallas businessman, Russ Dendy. After contacting Gully, Tiel changes her mind about a vacation and heads for Hera. She’s betting that 18-year-old Ronnie Davidson, the alleged kidnapper and Sabra Dendy are also heading for Hera where Ronnie’s father owns a ranch. While making a call from a convenience store pay phone in Hera she becomes a witness to a holdup. Tiel, an older couple on their honeymoon, a rugged and handsome rancher named, Doc, and two swarthy and dangerous looking Mexican men are taken hostage by the young couple. We learn that the high school kids are madly in love and running away from Sabra’s despotic father who has vowed to kill Ronnie. We also learn that Sabra is in the final stages of pregnancy and her father has told her that she would not be allowed to keep the baby. The next few hours are filled with high drama. As Ronnie holds his hostages at gun point, the convenience store is surrounded by SWAT, FBI, local sheriff deputies and a flock of Dallas metroplex media. Oh, yes, Brown didn’t forget to stick in the requisite sex scene toward the end. I enjoyed the story, particularly our heroine, Tiel. Brown would be wise to plug Tiel into a future novel. I give Standoff 3 ½ stars.
Silver Globol
Sandra Brown's STANDOFF is a good read for the genre of romantic suspense, and I would definitely recommend it if you are a Sandra Brown fan as I've been for the past 25 years. I've read every one of her bestsellers. The only weakness in this story is that it's difficult to understand how a big guy like Doc couldn't have taken down the kid with the gun. It seems he had plenty of opportunities. Overall, however, the characters are completely Brown-characters. Her characters are so similar that you pretty much know what to expect. What I REALLY liked about this story is that the sex was a little more subtle which actually made it more interesting, and the twists at the end were not expected. I also liked the FBI guy Callahan. The girl's father was so evil, he was almost a cartoon of evil. If you like Sandra Brown, you'll love this book. She's become a better writer over time.
This is one of several early Sandra Brown book being re-released on Kindle at promotional prices. From time to time I read them as a sorbet between heavier doses of thrillers. This is a very short book, really no more than a long novella and is clearly showing its age.

Tiel McCoy, an ambitious TV reporter is driving to New Mexico for a long delayed vacation when she hears the news on the radio that Sabra, the teenage daughter of Fort Worth tycoon Russell Dendy, has been kidnapped. She immediately changes course towards Dendy's home hoping to get the drop on other networks on the kidnapping. She stops at a service station shop for a payphone to talk to her producer (no self respecting TV reporter would be without a cell phone now) and finds the kidnapping is a myth and Sabra (8 months pregnant) has run off with her boyfriend Ronnie.

As a total coincidence while Tiel is in the shop with a few other customers Ronnie enters the shop, pulls out a gun, empties the till and holds the customers hostage. This is a once in a lifetime scoop for Tiel but she gets involved in more that she anticipates, including of course an unexpected romantic connection with one of the hostages.

The best part of this pretty trite tale for me was when Tiel clouted an objectionable FBI agent (who had been sent in posing as a Doctor) with a can of Wolf brand chili. Oh dear, Sandra Brown I know that your later books are a lot better than this one.
I liked out this book detailed the bringing about how the Doctor took care of the patient with the items he had from the store. He actually cared about the patience. The doctor and the news person taught each other when they did not like each other from the start. This was the second time I had read this book and I will reread it again.
It's a page turner. When I did have to walk away from this book it was in the back of my mind, what's going to happen next? Then the love story, aw! I felt the tug of feelings between the characters. I have been a fan of Sandra Brown for a few years. I've never been a big reader but I never want to put her books down. I would recommend any of her books to people who love mystery, a love story and anyone who loves a page turner. She puts fabulous twists in her book that make you want to continue to the end.
Sandra Brown is one of my favorite authors and she did not disappoint in this one either. Although it wasn't as suspenseful as other books I've read of hers in the past, it still was a good storyline. I would've liked more dialogue and interaction with the hero and heroine. They were just thrust together in a scary situation and didn't have a true opportunity to let anything romantic truly play out. Their love story was sort of rushed. I still enjoyed the story and will continue to read Sandra Brown....she's fabulous!
Typical of Sandra Brown, the only complaint I could find with "Standoff" was . . . it was too short! Tiel Mc Coy is the type of character you want to really get to know, and once she and the handsome and mysterious Doc band together to help two troubled teens out of a suicide pact and a seemingly no-win situation with family interference, we get the best of Sandra Brown's expertise - romance. Standoff is a page turner, right from the beginning. Each chapter ends with a hook that will have you rushing to turn the page. Ms. Brown can always be depended upon to give us a sharp,intricate story, and a beleif in the power of true love. Standoff is no exception. Don't think about it. Get it.
The characters were well portrayed! The plot was a tad weak, however, but I did enjoy the story! Seems strange, however, that after plotting a suicide pact if they couldn' t be together, the "kids" are satisfied to have Sabra & mom raise the child with "visitation" for dad!!! Hmmmm ! Weak!
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