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Subcategory: Suspense and Thriller
Author: Kelley Armstrong Kelley Armstrong Armstrong
ISBN: 0751538132
ISBN13: 978-0751538137
Language: English
Publisher: Sphere (September 4, 2008)
Pages: 400
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Nadia Stafford isn't your typical nature lodge owner Kelley Armstrong. The second book in the Nadia Stafford series, 2009.

Nadia Stafford isn't your typical nature lodge owner. An ex-cop with a legal code all her own, she's known only as 'Dee' to her current employers: a New York crime family who pays her handsomely to bump off traitors.

Kelley Armstrong (born 14 December 1968) is a Canadian writer, primarily of fantasy novels since 2001

Kelley Armstrong (born 14 December 1968) is a Canadian writer, primarily of fantasy novels since 2001. She has published thirty-one fantasy novels to date, thirteen in her Women of the Otherworld series, five in her Cainsville series, four in her Rockton series, three in her Darkest Powers series, three in her Darkness Rising trilogy and three in the Age of Legends series, and three stand-alone teen thrillers.

The second book in the Nadia Stafford series, 2009.

Twelve-year-old Rowan is next in line to be Queen; her twin brother, Rhydd, to be Royal Monster Hunter. Rowan would give anything to switch places.

Standalone Novels (Scroll down for series books). Standalone Young Adult Novels. Aftermath Missing The Masked Truth. Twelve-year-old Rowan is next in line to be Queen; her twin brother, Rhydd, to be Royal Monster Hunter.

Made To Be Broken book. This is the 2nd book in Kelley Armstrong’s Nadia Stafford Trilogy about an ex-cop turned contract hit woman. Nadia Stafford isn’t your typical nature lodge owner. I really like this series. Kelley Armstrong has created such a fascinating character in Nadia Stafford.

Fenniger made no move to leave his car, just surreptitiously snapped photos, camera lens resting on top of his paper, as if he was still reading. When one of his choices lifted a dark-skinned baby from the stroller, to adjust his hat, his number of candidates dropped to three.

The afterlife isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Former supernatural superpower Eve Levine has broken all the rules

From Canada’s new queen of suspense, another hugely entertaining supernatural thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat. Prepare to be enchanted. The afterlife isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Former supernatural superpower Eve Levine has broken all the rules. But she’s never broken a promise-not even during the three years she’s spent in the afterworld. So when the Fates call in a debt she gave her word she’d pay, she has no choice but to comply. For centuries one of the ghost world’s wickedest creatures has been loosed on humanity, thwarting every attempt to retrieve her.

I lifted my hand to signal that I was going to run, as he'd asked. Still, it was a slow trip along the wall, step by step, gun ready rough the yard, from th. . Still, it was a slow trip along the wall, step by step, gun ready rough the yard, from the far side of the building, where Jack waited. He hadn't meant for me to signal him before crossing as in "I'll signal you with a distraction that'll draw his attention to the opposite side of the building, so you can get around the back corner unseen.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Elena is very uptight on whether she will make a good mother while Clayton seems to be more comfortable with the parenting concept. Ever since she discovered she’s pregnant. I think that comes from Clayton being more wolf than human in his instincts and values while Elena still tries to embrace her full humanity. An additional tidbit I really liked from this book is Jaime Vegas' crush on Jeremy.

Comments to eBook Made to Be Broken
This was my second reading of these 2 nadia books and it certainly won't be the last! I couldn't believe I never reviewed it, so here goes. I won't go into the plot of the book as others have already done a great job.

I thought the investigation this time around was a good one, but my main point of interest has always been the relationship between jack and nadia. In this book, quinn makes his return and you get to see jack's reaction to that. I have never been so frustrated with a character as I was during jack's convo with evelyn! At that point, I was totally fine with nadia deciding to try something with quinn because if jack isn't going to step up then why wait? And I have nothing against quinn, he's a great guy. I just happen to like jack better for nadia. I really think they know each other so well and he's the one who, at the end of the day, knows her better and knows more about her. And she openly admits she has feelings but they are just both scared and thats understandable to a point, but jack really has to open up to her if he wants something more or else she WILL settle for quinn as evelyn says.

So I'm really looking forward to what book 3 brings, can't wait!!
Global Progression
Nadia Stafford is back in her second novel as lodge owner/hit woman in "Made to be Broken." As we start the novel Nadia is having some employee issues at the lodge. Her new girl hired to take some of the load off the elderly cook and caretaker is more concerned with the health and happiness of her baby then with her paying job-and Nadia can't bring herself to fire or discipline a teenage mom-especially one who's so determined to be good at it.

But when one day Sammie and her three month old daughter disappear Nadia just can't buy into the rest of the town's theory that she's run off like a bad apple. So she starts investigating. And finds Sammie's body in an unmarked grave in the woods-baby nowhere in sight.

Based on the way Sammie was killed Nadia knows a hit man/woman was involved. So she goes to her mentor Jack for help tracking down the killer and trying to find the baby-unsure of what she'll do even if she does manage to locate it.

Like the first novel in this series "Made to be Broken" has little in common with the women of the otherworld series except for a general similarity in writing style. None of the sex scenes that Kelley Armstrong is so famous for appear here, nor do the massive action sequences (though to be fair, there is action.) But for all their differences these books bear such a resemblances to the supernatural side of Armstrong's writing that fans will have no trouble with the crossover and diehard fans may find themselves a bit bored with all the old standards.

Overall this is a decent book. I'm pretty good at guessing mysteries and I didn't have this one figured out in the end. While I prefer the women of the otherworld series I wouldn't say no to reading another Nadia Stafford book in the future.

Four stars.
Nadia is not your typical fictional heroine. She is an assassin. In this second book of a series by a writer who usually tells supernatural tales, the characters develop more depth but still leave many questions unanswered. Vaguely reminiscent of a Mercedes Lackey tale, the title character is a girl who truly needs help; but, unfortunately for her, never gets the help that is needed. The cliche of the book is the cynicism of not being able to overcome your background. Be it "trailer trash" or "cop kid," the environment and the circumstances conspire together in an unavoidable trap. The heroine, Nadia, was a cop who took the law into her own hands, and has become a law unto herself. I truly liked the descriptions of weather and nature, as the breeze from my fan helped raise the "chicken skin" on my arms when reading what the wind had wrought. This is an other world, where the writer does better in her "otherworld" series of witches, necromancers, and werewolves. As a slightly off-kilter detective novel, there are many redeeming factors.
The first book Exit Strategy (Nadia Stafford Series, Book 1) is not a prerequisite to enjoying this book but I strongly recommend it because a lot of fundamental character development goes on there.. Overall the plot is quite good with a nice twist but not as strong overall as it could be. The characters are all developing nicely but Jack and Quinn seem to not be keeping up with Nadia. Overall nicely done and relatively realistic given the state of the adoption industry here today.
A moderately wealthy family could see the way to spending a couple hundred thousand on getting just the baby that they want when the basic adoption will likely hit them $50k or so. To bad it is infeasible to reveal Sammy's murder and make the OPP sergeant look bad as he deserves but in reality you can't have it all and the overly neat endings are sometimes jarring. A little nice humor here and there and a commendable absence of editorial errors. Nadia spends a little too much time on self justification with a dash of pity thrown in but overall he book is an excellent read.
I loved this book and the other 2 of this little series. I had to go back and reread all 3 immediately, to the exclusion of many other things. While it would seem like the intro of the main character would be distaste or offense--I was immediately drawn in and could empathize far more easily than I anticipated. This is not even the sort of book that I like, but I loved other books of this author so bought them and just devoured them. Extremely good read, keeping you guessing and very fast paced! Buy it, read it, do not emulate the main characters in their profession but in their cautious growing relationship.
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