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by Jackie Richards

Category: Mystery
Subcategory: Suspense and Thriller
Author: Jackie Richards
ISBN: 1450256384
ISBN13: 978-1450256384
Language: English
Publisher: iUniverse (October 1, 2010)
Pages: 268
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The Pinnacle Seven book.

The Pinnacle Seven book. In the dead of night, well-known Washington . Details (if other): Cancel.

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In the dead of night, well-known Washington . The Pinnacle Seven : A Political Mystery. journalist Cassie Danforth receives a startling call. Her father has only hours to live.

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Richards lovingly, chromatically evokes the atmosphere of a small, well-preserved North Carolina town, its bosky precincts-the courthouse square, the outlying plantation houses-as well as its ugly underbelly; it’s always a delightful surprise, bookwise, to discover the depravity lurking in the most genteel settings, and Richards plays the card with finesse.

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In the dead of night, well-known Washington D.C. journalist Cassie Danforth receives a startling call. Her father has only hours to live. She rushes home to Clayton Landing, North Carolina, just in time to hear her father's last wish-that Cassie leave D.C. behind and return to Clayton Landing. It's a request Cassie's resisted for years, but this time, she can't refuse. After her father's death, Cassie relocates to the small Southern town, leaving the glamour of D.C. behind. Managing the family newspaper presents its own challenges, but somehow, Cassie can't help but wonder why her father insisted she return home. True, Clifford Danforth rubbed elbows with some of the most powerful people in Washington, and was well-liked by everyone ... wasn't he? Cassie soon discovers her father had secrets of his own as they begin to reveal themselves in disturbing ways. A bizarre murder investigation throws the town into a tailspin, and a handsome, mysterious stranger arrives bearing unnerving tales about Clifford's political activities. The more Cassie digs, the more she realizes the murder and her father's shady past might be connected. When those connections lead her to an elite and powerful group of politicians called the Pinnacle Seven, Cassie plunges into a world of danger and intrigue, one that may end up costing Cassie her life.
Comments to eBook The Pinnacle Seven: A Political Mystery
I love a mystery story that turns corners without warning; raises puzzles and speculations with each turn; and resolves explosively by exposing the cryptic clues. This is a captivating mystery for your enjoyment, filled with frames of observational acuity and intriguing detail by the author, and markedly current. The modern political scene is the context, contrasting decay vs. vision from the most local to the most national and universal. The central character is a journalist, thoroughly human and perceptive. She goes turn by turn from a personal commitment to her father on his deathbed, into a whirlwind of intrigue and conflict. Even a vision of an idealized world is contrasted to reality. I couldn't resist reading-on to the last.
Those readers who enjoy Agatha Christie and Danielle Steel would enjoy Richards' Pinnacle Seven. The book presents a mystery enmeshed in the social relationships of small-town southern gentry. The book is a good read before a fire on a wintry evening or on a summer's day at the beach. Woven through the book is a light political philosophy which can counter-balance the current spate of conservative books.
This sounded like such an interesting book and I could not get it at my local library (even through library loan) so I ordered it. Very happy I did as it was a definite "page turner".
I am not an avid reader because I like to be up and about doing things. This book kept me engaged the entire time! I thoroughly enjoyed the mystery and the several story lines throughout the book. Ms. Richards does an excellent job to captivate her audience. She also reminds her audience that we should have great hope in the goodness of humanity and the ideals of our Founding Fathers.
How timely and wonderfully refreshing! I couldn't put it down! A great read for all -most especially those interested in an alternative to todays' politics. Definitely gives you something to think about.
The Pinnacle Seven's timing is impeccable. In an era when our country is becoming increasingly polarized and our elected politicans appear to focus more on self promotional special interests and less on the welfare of its citizens, it is so refreshing to read a book that offers a very intriguing alternative to the two party log jam in Congress today. Jackie Richards' has not only provided the reader with a thought provoking political premise, she has written a book that captures your interest from the first page and keeps the reader engaged throughout. The characters in The Pinnacle Seven are well developed, the book reflects researched details that draw the reader into the story and the nuances of the plot captivate. When you are finished you are left with a true sense of what it is like to live in a small Southern town. The book is so vivid in fact that it is easy to visualize how it would play out on the big screen. If you like to be intellectually stimulated and are looking for an escape this book is a must read. I found myself wishing that it was non-fiction and that there really was an alternative political scenario to return our country to beliefs of our founding fathers!
As the author's daughter, I am thrilled to be the first online reviewer of Pinnacle Seven. This is THE book for anyone who enjoys a romance interwoven with a tension-filled investigation into a nefarious crime. But I want more than that from a book -- I also want well-drawn, likeable protagonists who can think, and Pinnacle Seven has that, too. There is an idea in this book that will resonate with any intelligent reader: It's about the need for a third political party in this country -- not an existing third party -- but one founded in a rational way to solve our nation's problems.
Yes, but is it a good read? Absolutely!!! You question my bias? Then, please check out the Amazon reviews of my Mom's first novel, A Most Uncommon Journey. Need more proof? Pinnacle Seven is an Editor's Choice book, too!
I'm a fan of authors Robert Ludlum, Vince Flynn, and Tom Clancy, because they guarantee you an intricate plot, plenty of action and character development. I wasn't sure whether this book would fit into that genre, but it certainly held my interest. I particularly liked the character development -- the heroes are well drawn and likeable. The political story line also appealed to me -- I've had enough of corporations running our country and would like to see a group tackle that problem. If this book would only catch on and inspire some hardworking thoughtful people to take those first moves toward responsible government, this book might do for the American political system what Greg Mortensen's Three Cups of Tea has done for Afghanistan's and Pakistan's schools!
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