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by Patricia Wentworth

Category: Mystery
Subcategory: Suspense and Thriller
Author: Patricia Wentworth
ISBN: 0340169532
ISBN13: 978-0340169537
Language: English
Publisher: Coronet; New Ed edition (1985)
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Miss Maud Silver, a retired governess and teacher who becomes a professional private detective, in London . The first three Miss Silver Mysteries introduc. ore.

Miss Maud Silver, a retired governess and teacher who becomes a professional private detective, in London, England: Grey Mask (Miss Silver, The Case. Miss Silver must intervene when an age-old famil.

Miss Silver Intervenes (Miss Silver Series). Elderly Miss Silver makes friends high and low, knitting all the while. When reading a Miss Silver mystery, it is almost as though it isn’t a Miss Silver mystery at all, but a romantic story set in an English village - usually - where some mystery exists, most often murder. As Vanishing Point, a later entry in the series from the mid-fifties begins, the reader feels like a tender, soft-gothic novel of suspense is about to ensue.

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Maud Silver in the twilight realm of WWII espionage. com User, April 1, 2003. I have only two kinds of dreams: the bad and the terrible.

Patricia Wentworth Miss Silver Comes To Stay Miss Silver – 1949CHAPTER 1 Mary Stuart wrote, My end is in my beginning. CHAPTER 1. Mary Stuart wrote, My end is in my beginning. It is easier to agree with her than to decide what is the beginning, and what the end. When Miss Silver came down to Melling on a visit to an old school friend she became involved in a story which had begun a long time before, and whose end may yet be quite unknown, since what happened yesterday must needs affect today and set out a pattern for tomorrow.

Patricia Wentworth - Miss Silver Intervenes. The Chinese Shawl (The Miss Silver Mysteries Book by Patricia Wentworth. We have a hunch you'll enjoy these reads full from Dorothy L. Sayers, Patricia Wentworth, and more. 9 Mystery Authors Like Agatha Christie. Miss Silver Intervenes. The Chinese Shawl (A Miss Silver Mystery) by Patricia Wentworth. Mystery Series Mystery Thriller Detective Literary Fiction Fiction Novels Private Eye Murder Mysteries Crime Fiction Books 2016. Patricia Wentworth - The Fingerprint (The Miss Silver Mysteries Book. What others are saying.

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The Benevent Treasure (Miss Silver Mystery 26). Patricia Wentworth. Wentworth, Patricia - Miss Silver - Through the Wall, 1950 3S(v1)(html). 862 Kb. The Case Is Closed (Miss Silver Mystery 2). 938 Kb. Wicked Uncle (Miss Silver Mystery 12).

Comments to eBook Miss Silver Intervenes - A Miss Silver Mystery
This is book number six in the Miss Silver series by Patricia Wentworth. This one takes place while World War II is still going on so there is some intrigue happening in connection with the war. Meade Underwood met Giles Armitage in New York where they had a whirlwind romance before boarding their liner for the trip back to England as an engaged couple. The ship was torpedoed and Meade was rescued but Giles was not. Now Meade is living with her Aunt Mabel while she recovers from the disaster and tries to recover from the physical and mental trauma. Vandeleur House has been made into apartments and if you look long enough you will see that there are secrets in each of those apartments. Combine secrets with someone with the desire to blackmail and you are sure to get tragedy.

Patricia Wentworth is a wonder with creating tangled webs of lies and deceit which she sets Miss Silver to unraveling. Miss Maude Silver, an ex-governess, is the noticing kind (a phrase I borrowed from an Agatha Christie story) and it's certainly true that everyone in Vandeleur House wants to keep something out of sight. The characters in this story are fully developed and I felt so sorry for Meade I just wanted to give her a hug. That isn't what I wanted to do to other characters. This is not a story of the deprivations suffered in war torn London, but the atmosphere of the time and place are wonderfully rendered in this story of love lost, secrets, and evil.
This is my first Miss Silver book but it won't be my last. I found Wentworth's writing very reminiscent of Miss Marple, the Agatha Christie Character. Miss Silver is an elderly Woman with a knack for seeing minute things and people that lead to murder. The Characters in this book are likeable and the conclusion wrapped up neatly.

This is a book written in an old- fashioned way. It is after all penned during WWII. So Miss Silver has at times a flowery way of discovering the truth. I love books written in this era. They contain no gory scenes and romance between characters is of a courtly air. But Miss Silver is shrewd and the clues keep coming. Well, that and two murders. I enjoyed it.
Patricia Wentworth chooses a favorite setting for the classic mystery, a dwelling unit with a small number of apartments. In this way, she can assemble a sufficiently varied group to make the story interesting but not overmany to confuse the reader.The opening sections lead one to believe that the focus will be upon one resident and her war damaged lover but, as one should have expected, they serve only as a device to bring us into the more complex setting of multiple possibilities for victims and murderers. As always, Miss Silver is called in to aid and abet the police in their inquiries; as always, in her quiet but firm way, she steers the investigation into fruitful areas. As I was listening to the book, at times I wasn't quite sure of where some of the less central tenants stood in the circles of suspicion, but that was a minor problem, common any time one is relying upon the ear not the eye. A handful of the residents become living entities for the reader, but some remain in the background, relatively uncultivated although significant to the story.
All in all, one to read for Wentworth fans, a good choice for any classic mystery buff, and a likely pleaser for others not entirely wedded to the hardboiled or action school. I liked it.
Vandeleur House, located on the outskirts of war torn London, was once the home of a prominent painter, and has seen better days. Now, it a mere relic of its former glory, as it is being used as an apartment house with two flats to a floor. One of the residents is the unhappy Meade Underwood, who lives there with her Aunt Mabel and her Uncle Godfrey. Meade, the survivor of a recent transatlantic shipwreck caused by an encounter with a Nazi torpedo, is still mourning the disappearance of her fiancé, Giles Armitage, who disappeared at sea in that same shipwreck.

When Meade bumps into Giles in London, she is shocked, more so because it becomes clear that he has lost his memory. Still, Meade perseveres, as the old spark is still there and hope springs eternal. Meanwhile, however, back at Vandeleur House, there are machinations that threaten to cloud their happiness. When murder most foul occurs, Miss Maud Silver, a retired governess turned private inquiry agent, is Johnny on the spot.

As with all the Miss Silver mysteries, this is a highly entertaining, though formulaic, mystery. Miss Silver is, indeed, a memorable character. With her ever present knitting and her rapier like mind, Maud Silver can cut through the morass of any mystery to see that justice is done. Fans of Miss Silver will be delighted. It should be noted that this book was originally published in 1944 under the title of "Miss Silver Intervenes". It was later released again under the title "Miss Silver Deals with Death".
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I dearly love Patricia Wentworth mysteries. All the locked room intrigue as a Christie novel, but always a pair or two of happy lovers in the end. Chief Inspector Lamb declares the trouble with mystery novels is authors leave out human emotions as a factor - he obviously was not talking about Patricia Wentworth.
It is easy to believe one is reading a Miss Marple mystery instead of a Miss Silvers. And yet there is no sense of merely being a copycat. With a three story house full of characters plus several others from outside, each remain distinct, believable and act consistent with the character given. There is also a deft touch of sympathy with the victims instead of them being treated as merely a necessary bit player. Very good.
The worst Patricia Wentworth is a better than average story, well told. The plot here is overly tangled, there's too much coincidence, and these aren't her most credible characters. Nor are the clues presented fairly. Yet it's a pleasant and satisfying read overall. A poor man's Grand Hotel.
I have been truly enjoying “The Miss Silver Mysteries. So far I’ve read six of her books. The pacing is so fast and the book is so good, that the mystery is solved before you exhale.
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