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by Suzanne Enoch

Category: Mystery
Subcategory: Suspense and Thriller
Author: Suzanne Enoch
ISBN: 0060593644
ISBN13: 978-0060593643
Language: English
Publisher: Avon (December 27, 2005)
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The heat is on in Palm Beach-and Rick and Samantha are sizzling.

When Castillo had handed her a pager, she’d actually had to ask him how it worked. He tossed his polo helmet into his sport bag. Yes, it’s very neat. Don’t turn it on by accident.

This Suzanne Enoch Series was recommended to me. Ok, but a bit slow on the intrigue. I read all 3 books, don't think I'll read any more. Billionaires Prefer Blondes, A Touch of Minx, Don't Look Down. If you take sex scenes out it doesn't leave much.

Don't Look Down book.

3 17 5 Author: Suzanne Enoch Narrator: Samantha Cook. The heat is on in Palm Beach-and Rick and Samantha are sizzling.

A Touch of Minx (Samantha Jellicoe, by Suzanne Enoch.

Something Sinful (Griffin Family, by Suzanne Enoch. A Touch of Minx (Samantha Jellicoe, by Suzanne Enoch. By Love Undone (Bancroft Brothers, by Suzanne Enoch.

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The heat is on in Palm Beach-and Rick and Samantha are sizzling.

Samantha Jellicoe is no ordinary thief. At least, not anymore. She promised her significant other, British billionaire Rick Addison, that she'd retire from her life of crime. So no more midnight break-ins . . . no more scaling estate walls . . . no more dangling from the ceiling. From here on in, it's intimate dinners with Rick in posh Palm Beach followed by rock-your-world sex.

Who'd have thought that doing the right thing would turn out to be more deadly than her former life of crime? When the first client of her new security business is murdered, Sam is determined to find the killer. Now if only she can manage to stay out of jail, resist her former "associate's" lucrative job offers, and keep Rick from sticking his nose into her business, she might just manage to stay alive. Because trouble isn't just walking—it's running—to catch up with her.

Comments to eBook Don't Look Down
I liked the first in the series so I tried this one as well. Honestly, I don't like it as well -- it is slower-paced and I find the writing kind of pedestrian. I haven't read of the author's historical romances so I don't know if the writing style in this book is her usual - lots of short and matter-of-fact statements - I find it very boring. I don't understand why authors think that if they write a contemporary story they can ditch standard English and resort to street slang (in this case, 80s style). It's another aspect of this book that I don't like. There's also inconsistencies between the first and second book regarding the MC. For example, Rick had grey eyes in book 1 and blue eyes in book 2. That kind of faux pas should have been picked up during editing.

I find the heroine, Sam, a little hard to get into. To me she seems almost a cardboard character. Throughout she was playing so many angles that it all seem unrealistic and I find it hard to discern the motives for all of her activities. The whole bit between Sam and Rick's Ex just seems bizarre. For someone who is supposed to be a world class burglar, the fact that she didn't mute her cell phone while doing surveillance seems the height of stupidity.

The author doesn't seem to be able to write a romantic suspense novel -- the romance part wasn't all that romantic and the suspense not so as well.
I really like the H/h in this series. Both have issues, there are definitely difficulties in their relationship, but both are adults and know who they are and pretty much behave like adults. The dialogue is fun, the tension continues even though they are "together", and the story was interesting. There were a few parts that were a bit beyond plausible, but it's a romance novel, not a documentary so I didn't have any trouble suspending my disbelief. This is a nice continuation of the series. Definitely recommend.
This series was recommended to me because I enjoy the In Death series by JD Robb (Nora Roberts). This series is similar, but doesn't have the same depth or skill in characterization as Robb's series. Don't Look Down wasn't quite as good a read as the first book in the series. The plot seemed to drag more and didn't hold my attention as well. I think that the hero is a little too angsty for me, too. Throughout the book, he has to be careful what he says and does in order to not scare off the heroine (he's more invested in their relationship than she is - or more than she admits she is). This theme got a little repetitive. I guess I prefer a little more "alpha" in my heroes after a point. That said, I enjoyed it enough to recommend it to those who want to continue with the series. (It rated more toward a 3.5, but I rounded it up.) If you want something grittier, more intense, check out the In Death series by JD Robb (starting with Naked in Death).
I love Sam and Rick! There are only three novels and boy, do I wish there were more of them. We buy hundreds of books every year (and always have; thank goodness ebooks came along) but we only keep maybe 10% of them more than a couple of years. The rest get recycled to public library donations. But I'll never give up the Sam & Rick series; I reread them at least once a year and love them just as much now as when I first read them. Enoch's best books, by far.
Fantastic series! Love the main characters!!! Can't wait to start the next book!
good series of who-done=its
I like Suzanne Enoch's historical but this series is my favorite. Witty dialogue. Plenty of spark between the main characters. Strong supporting characters too. Reminds me a little of JD Robb's Eve and Roarke.
The dynamic between Sam and Rick is fun and hits all the notes! The other characters are well developed and round out the story.
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