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by Marshall S. Thomas

Category: Science Fiction
Subcategory: Sci-fi
Author: Marshall S. Thomas
ISBN: 1587520400
ISBN13: 978-1587520402
Language: English
Publisher: Timberwolf Pr Inc; Unabridged edition (November 4, 2002)
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Marshall S. Thomas' Soldier of the Legion is the first book of a six part series that follows young Legion trooper Thinker's adventures in the ConFree Legion.

Marshall S. He and his squad mates are kept young, strong and seemingly immortal through advanced biotechnology. As a fighting force, they must fight to survive horrific battles against a corrupt, slave-raiding empire as well as relentless alien enemies

Soldier of the Legion draws on a rich tradition of military science fiction-from Heinlein to Haldeman to Epic . Marshall Thomas should soon be a major name in futuristic sci fi. I enthusiastically recommend this book.

Soldier of the Legion draws on a rich tradition of military science fiction-from Heinlein to Haldeman to Epic Comics’ Alien Legion. Thomas has put a lot of consideration into the technology, weaponry, and tactics of his futuristic Legion and it pays off in what is an epic testosterone-driven military adventure.

Beta 3 Book 1. Read online. Thomas has created an intense view of the future, designed and populated over twenty years worth.

Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Soldier of the Legion. This series follows Beta, a squad of immortal soldiers working for the Legion, the military arm of one side of a galactic battle between humanity. Though you truly get to know all the soldiers in the squad, Thinker (Beta Three) is the main character of the whole series. Pros: Even in book one, the distinct personalities of the individual troopers is clear.

I found her in a tent of treesilk, attended by Taka warriors armed with spears. Cleaned up and obviously well tended-to, she was even lovelier than I remembered. I declined the tea and told her what I wanted. She agreed to take me to the Loremaster. Moontouch led us to a swamp and at dawn on the third day, we glided over its still dark waters in a Sunrealmer canoe. They rowed the long, slim, graceful boat,.

Read "Soldier of the Legion a military science fiction adventure" by Marshall S. Thomas . His Legion designation is Beta 3, warname Thinker. Books related to Soldier of the Legion.

He joined the legion and survived training on planet hell. This will be his first real mission, the first mission for all the members of Beta squad-young men and women given immortality but trained to die for the cause of freedom. They are going into the deep Outvac to investigate the remote planet Andrion 2. What they find could start a war, they all know that, but what they don't know will take every ounce of training to survive.

Home Thomas, Marshall S. Soldier of the Legion (Beta 3. Marshall S. Thomas is a Foreign Service Officer who has served in East Asia for most of his career. Soldier of the Legion (Beta 3). Stock Image. Marshall attended the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service, the University of New Mexico and the University of Miami where he graduated with a major in Government/ International Affairs, a minor in History. Marshall's Foreign Service career included postings in Saigon, Vietnam (1969), Taiwan, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Manila, Canberra, Kuala Lumpur, and Washington .

Soldier of the Legion. Getting scared? I asked. Author: Marshall Thomas. Chapter 1: Fortune’s All-Sub Crimson Souls2. Chapter 2: Year Zero3. Chapter 3: Grim Reaper4. Chapter 4: Slave of the Future5. Chapter 5: Gravelight6. Chapter 6: Dancing in the Dark7. Chapter 7: The Mark of the Beast8. Chapter 8: Island in the Sun9. Chapter 9: Food of the Gods10. Chapter 10: The Eyes of the Dead11. Chapter 11: The Delegate from the Past12. Chapter 12: Atom’s Fist13. Chapter 13: In the Eye of the Hole14

9 Hours, Full-Cast (22 actors), Unabridged!

Military Science Fiction:

Jump to the far future with Beta Three and his intrepid Legion squad as they slog through horrific battles underground, in space, in jungles, lakes of lava and more!

How did he get himself into this mess?

A rough truce divides the known galaxy between the System, the despotic slave empire that rules the inner systems, and the Confederation of Free Worlds. The ConFree is defended by the Legion. Beta Three, call sign Thinker, like so many young fools before him, joined the Legion after the love of his life walked out. Fresh from the boot camp called Planet Hell, Thinker’s unit is called to defend a remote ConFree world from a mysterious System incursion. The Legion doesn’t negotiate with slavers – even if it means another costly war.

He and the rest of the fearless Legion will soon discover that giant exosegs, slavers and systies are just the beginning. Once before the Legion faced the godlike, utterly alien and evil, Omnis, and drove them back at the cost of billions of lives. The future of humanity, all humanity -- even the corrupt and decaying System empire, will soon be in the hands of soldiers of the Legion.

Thinker is only just beginning to comprehend the depth of his insanity.

Soldier of the Legion is the first book of a series featuring the continuing adventures of Beta Three and his surviving comrades. Future titles in the series include Slave of the Legion, Secret of the Legion, and, Cross of the Legion.

Comments to eBook Soldier of the Legion (Beta 3)
Started to read this book on a whim, and was pleasantly surprised. Decent character development, and interstellar war is always churning, giving the author the ability to add/subtract new characters at will. The underlying back stories, what motivates Thinker and Beta Squad, starts out with basic needs like survival in a chaotic combat situation. Technology changes all the time, but the authors example of human spirit remains constant throughout the book. The Legion Armor makes all of the members of Beta Squad the same during combat, which is a great analogy to the quest for uniformity in the current professional military services. The author makes the assumption that the seasoned reader knows that soldiers fight and die for the squad mate on their left or right, not for theology/politics/social order. It's a good lesson for all to learn. The character's war names took me a while to get past, but then I remembered my own experiences, and we had nicknames for everybody... the character's war name makes it official. Great first book in the series and I would recommend it to anyone needing a few hours of exciting escapism!!
This review is as much for the entire series of "Legion" books as for Soldier of the Legion. I gave a four-star review for this because the development that occurs and the maturing that happens in the writing style as the series progresses. Alone, I would only give this book three-stars.

This series follows Beta, a squad of immortal soldiers working for the Legion, the military arm of one side of a galactic battle between humanity. Though you truly get to know all the soldiers in the squad, Thinker (Beta Three) is the main character of the whole series.

Even in book one, the distinct personalities of the individual troopers is clear. Even without having the book open before me, I can tell you the personality traits of Priestess, Psycho, Dragon, Redhawk, and the others without any hesitation. Even the members that rub the reader (and Thinker) the wrong way, you still come to care for and respect. There's a little thrill every time Psycho lifts his Manlink and fires tactical nukes into a line of oncoming enemies. The action within the book is tight and fast-paced, making for an exciting read. Even the subplots of relationships in the series doesn't bog down the story itself.

My biggest complaint is the start of the book. There are so many layers of technical jargon (from equipment to weapons to call signs) that are introduced in the first chapter, it's often difficult to remember that an E is a weapon. It really wasn't until I was near the end of book one and getting ready to start book two that I felt comfortable with the new names for equipment. My only other issue is also more a series issue, rather than a book one issue. Thinker falls deeply in "love" with so many people in the series, it's hard to take him serious when he discusses his affection for one girl over another. Each of the women, in turn, gets furious when they learn of the other women he loves, but they all still come back to him in time.

Despite the "cons" that I listed, book one still intrigued me enough to buy book two. Book two led to book three and so on. I'm glad I stuck with the series. It's become a fascinating read and worth it throughout.
This book is not for everyone - it's style is rather unusual, in fact. As someone else noted, the author doesn't explain all of the technology in detail. To me, that's good! I'm a techno-geek, but really if it's something in the far future and far advanced technology, then it's likely unexplainable in terms I can understand. (the Arthur C Clarke "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic" idea)
Using future colloquialisms and jargon is a bit annoying, but ok.
Other than that, though, this is a fun and fast-paced military-SF series, and well worth the price. I was sad when I finished the last book, because I wanted it to continue!
It's not Honor Harrington so don't expect that.
The Legion marches on with a new squad of recruits in the début Soldier of the Legion, the definitive authors cut. Not to be confused by the non-authors cut, which has a list of all the books in the series, which isn't confusing becuase they are all listed in order, except when you search for the books in the store not all of them have their book number in the title so you have to go back to the list to work out what order to read them and wasn't this a review...

Soldier of the Legion is a stepping stone for the wider conflicts in the Legion series, a careful reader will be rewarded if they take stock of all the many details that emerge throughout the story as it evolves. Immediate events in the book are brought to a satisfying conclusion but a larger picture remains, and that is the compelling part of this series, there is a grand design at work that expands as you move through, which is where those little details are important as they will have important ramifications later on.

Well worth the read at the agreeable prices of the books.
I just finished the entire series. This series is an epic tale and each book actually get better than the last. You can definitely ascertain the political viewpoint from the author in the series. This was no problem for me because I agree with him 100% :). If you don't, you won't like the series; I can pretty much guarantee it. In any case, this series was so good it made tears come to my eyes at times. I read a lot and there's not much that can surprise me, but this one got me.
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