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by Tanith Lee

Category: Fantasy
Subcategory: Sci-fi
Author: Tanith Lee
ISBN: 0727848674
ISBN13: 978-0727848673
Language: English
Publisher: Severn House Publishers Ltd; New Ed edition (October 1995)
Pages: 192
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From Publishers Weekly Tanaquil, whose only talent is the ability to fix things, lives in the isolated desert palace of her mother, the sorceress Jaive. When an inquisitive peeve--one of the palace pets--unearths a cache of strange, sparkling bones, Tanaquil uses them to piece together a unicorn's skeleton. A stray blast of Jaive's magic brings the creature to life, and it escapes to the desert, followed by Tanaquil and the peeve. Free at last from her mother's wizardry, Tanaquil embarks on a series of adventures that culminate in the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy. A magical journey that mirrors a teenager's coming-of-age is hardly a new plot device, but experienced SF writer Lee allows events to unfold at their own pace, revealing unexpected twists along the way. The combination of self-assured storytelling and the near-tangible evocation of a quirky world will have much appeal for fantasy devotees. As in the novels of Robin McKinley ( The Hero and the Crown; The Blue Sword ), an understated current of feminism runs throughout. Illustrations not seen by PW. Ages 12-up. Copyright 1991 Reed Business Information, Inc. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title. From School Library Journal Grade 7-12-- Tanaquil may be the daughter of a sorceress, but she can't do any magic--or so she thinks--and she finds life in her mother's castle very dull and lonely. Her one skill, that of mending things, leads her to piece together a pile of old bones found in the desert and unknowingly bring back to life a black unicorn that needs Tanaquil to help it return to its own, more perfect world. In the process of doing this, Tanaquil finds a sister, and discovers what her own powers really are. The plot of The Black Unicorn is in no way as simple as this description. It is complex and twisting, and while readers may not be sure where they're going, they'll never be bored. Lee's lush and highly visual style and her down-to-earth sense of humor are a constant entertainment. Her imagination is boundless, whether in recreating the life of desert nomads or describing a castle full of magical devices all gone slightly awry. The static cover illustration, with rearing unicorn and silver-gowned heroine, does not begin to convey the special flavor of this stylish, humorous fantasy. --Ruth S. Vose, San Francisco Public Library
Comments to eBook Black Unicorn
I love Tanith Lee and wanted to re-read this excellent book, which is why I bought this e-book version. Sadly the e-book is so insanely riddled with transcription errors that it is almost unreadable. Seriously, did no one even look at the text before releasing?

Anyway it's a wonderful book and the terrible Kindle version does it no justice. Buy a hard copy.
i bought this book more for nostalgia factor than anything else - I read it back in middle school, and lent it to a friend....to never see it again, and eventually forgot about it. I have the other two in the series, and finally wanted it complete on my bookshelf again - I found this listing, ordered it. It was an accurate listing, in good used condition, well priced and shipped easily and arrived well within the estimated delivery time.
The greatest part, though, I discovered later - this *was* my olde book. As I was thumbing through it I found my name tucked away on one of the pages inside, and an olde locker-ticket from our middle school....along with a stamp from a different highschool in a different state, and a class-schedule from another middle school in yet another state. All of which were different from where I ordered it from. Who knows how this book got around, how it ended up where it did, or how those bits and pieces stayed with it along the way - but wow, the amazing things you can find. It means even more now.
Whoever reviewed the digital version needs to learn how to read. Words are clustered together, which is stupidly distracting from the story. What the actual (expletive), to whoever said, “Yeah, this looks good!”

Because it doesn’t.
I quite enjoyed this book.It's not big and it is easy to ready.Tanaquil,daughter of powerfull sorceress but with no magic powers of her own except of that of mending things,is a wonderful character,smart and creative.Images are rich and the sense of humor great.What I loved most in this book was peeve!This little furry sand creature with his broken English,is absolutely adorable!The only reason I didn't give the book 5 stars is because the amazing black as night beautiful unicorn,scarcely shows up!So,it's not actually a unicorn book.It's a book about Tanaquils quest,with the help of the unicorn!I am abit dissapointed because the title tricked me into buying it,as I believed the book was about unicorns.But thankfully,it was a good read,so I am ok with it!
Couldn’t finish it! It was terribly translated, or rather I should say ‘terr iblytransla ted’ because that’s how the ebook reads. Words are jammed together, I thought I could look past it but it’s just confusing.
This has been one of my favorite books since I was 12. This is the most underrated children's book I have ever come across. It is magical and inspiring, exciting, and well written adventure, with a strong female lead that both boys and girls can relate to. Buy this for yourself or a child in your life and you won't regret it.

(Minimal violence toward the end. there are two follow-up books. Book 2, Gold Unicorn, is a good continuation if you want to know what happens to the characters. The 3rd, Red Unicorn, is a waste of time. Just read Tanith Lee's other work instead.)
Deodorant for your language
I love this book and was so happy to find a replacement copy for my old one I lost when moving. It showed up quickly and as described
I'm a big Tanith Lee fangirl, but some of her work is better than some of her other work. This is a top-tier book and I love it. Sisterly love, mother-daughter tensions, adorable familiars, and genuinely otherworldly unicorn.
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