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by Raymond E. Feist

Category: Fantasy
Subcategory: Sci-fi
Author: Raymond E. Feist
ISBN: 0007161859
ISBN13: 978-0007161850
Language: English
Publisher: Harpercollins Pub Ltd; New Ed edition (July 31, 2003)
Pages: 400
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Conclave of Shadows: Book On. The silver hawk was the rarest of the hawks of the high mountains.

Conclave of Shadows: Book One. 9261. FM 3/13/03 12:59 PM Page v. OF. tHE. HAWK. Its feathers were actually grey, with a mottling of near black around the head and shoulders, but an oily sheen upon the wings caused the bird to glisten with silver highlights when it sped through the clear sky. With a single beat of its wings, the hawk gripped the struggling rabbit tightly and launched itself into the air. Like a kitten carried by its mother, the rabbit hung limply from the bird’s talons, as if resigned to its fate.

Raymond Feist's last few books have seemed a wee bit contrived as if the master was running out of innovative steam. Feist takes the reader to a different area of Midkemia and introduces the story's main character Kielianapuna-Kieli for short. For Kieli the novel opens on a special day for him.

New York Times bestselling author Raymond E. Feist returns us now to a place of unparalleled wonders: a sprawling kingdom coveted by enemies on all sides, a bustling center of commerce and magic, vibrantly alive and eternally in conflict. Rage of a Demon King (The Serpentwar Saga, by Raymond E. Feist.

Now he is Talon of the Silver Hawk, and he must avenge the murder of his people, at whatever cost. Talon of the Silver Hawk is the first book in the Conclave of Shadows trilogy. The second book in the trilogy is King of Foxes. For four days and nights Kieli has waited upon the remote mountain peak of Shatana Higo, for the gods to grant him his manhood name. Exhausted and despairing, he is woken by the sharp claws of a rare silver hawk piercing his arm, though later he is not sure if it ever happened.

Talon of the Silver Hawk is a fantasy novel by American writer Raymond E. Feist, the first book in the Conclave of Shadows trilogy, part of The Riftwar Cycle. It was preceded by Krondor: Tear of the Gods and is followed by King of Foxes. Evil has come to a distant land high among the snow-capped mountains of Midkemia, as an exterminating army wearing the colors of the Duke of Olasko razes village after village, slaughtering men, women, and children without mercy

Talon of the Silver Hawk.

Talon of the Silver Hawk. Shivering, the boy huddled close to the dying embers of his meagre fire, his pale blue eyes sunken and dark from lack of sleep. His mouth moved slowly as he repeated the chant he had learned from his father, his dry lips cracking painfully and his throat sore from intoning the holy words. His nearly black hair was matted with dust from sleeping in the dirt; despite his resolve to remain alert while awaiting his vision, exhaustion had overcome him on three occasions.

Talon' feels like Feist made a decision to go back to the basics with a focused and simple tale of vengeance which is an approach I appreciate after the complexity of 'The Serpent War Saga' wore me down.

RAYMOND E. FEIST The Conclave of Shadows Trilogy. Raymond E. Feist asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work. Talon of the Silver Hawk King of Foxes Exile’s Return.

He expected the officer of the Duke of Olasko’s guards would be standing still, eyes forward, as Tal’s were. Finally, the history lesson was over, and the Master of Ceremonies said, Your Majesty, before you stand the two finest combatants in the world, each eager to prove his worth before your august presence. the shouted remarks faded, then died away off completely as the contest wore on. At last, the court sat silently, without even the softest murmur or whisper, as all those gathered watched every move the two combatants made.

The whole of the magnificent Riftwar Cycle by bestselling author Raymond E. Feist, master of magic and . A distant voice echoes in his mind: Rise Up and be a talon for your peopl. ow he is Talon of the Silver Hawk, and he must avenge the murder of his people, at whatever cost. Feist, master of magic and adventure, now a. . ow he is Talon of the Silver Hawk, and he must avenge the murder of his people, at whatever cos. alon of the Silver Hawk is the first book in the Conclave of Shadows trilogy.

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Comments to eBook Talon of the Silver Hawk (Conclave of Shadows)
Talon of the Silver Hawk is the first book in the Conclave of Shadows trilogy by Raymond Feist. While this book does have some familiar characters they are largely second fiddle to the new characters - in particular Talon. If you have not read any Feist books before, and are contemplating picking this one up, I would suggest you first go back and start with Magician: Apprentice. That way you will understand the depth of the back story as well as the intricate nuances of the established characters.

The plot of this book is a little different from that of other Feist books, in that is does jump around a little bit. From Talon growing up to becoming a `noble' and then on to later evens. There seems to be a sense of `jerkyness' in the story. The classic Feist flow is not present. However, with that said the actual story and subplots are well written and all make sense once the book is finished. There was a point during this book where I felt I was reading a Dave Duncan, King's Blades, book and not a Feist book. The tale of Talon's growth seemed to forced and contrived for my tastes though. Also, there was a point where I sat back and thought, there is no way he could have learned everything he has in that amount of time considering where he was raised. A small detail to the overall plot, but it did irritate me.

The characters in this book just don't have the same `pull' that Feist's other characters do. Sure, Talon is an interesting character, and he does face many challenges - but I was never really left with a sense that he could `lose'. His character seemed to neat and tidy. One of my favorite player a relatively minor roll in the entire book, but none-the-less really intrigued me that is the character of John Creed who appears later in the book. Pug makes an appearance in this book but does not dominate the story as he does in other books. Nakor also is another favorite and it seems like he could have played a bigger role in this one but did not. Over all I just didn't feel like there was anything `special' about the new characters introduced. They served their purpose but didn't leave much of a lasting impression.

The book as a whole is a good read and fans of Feist, those who have read the plethora of books before this, will realize a familiar feel and not have much to worry about. Feist does a good job at moving the story along at a pace that doesn't seemed rushed or slow. Fans of the fantasy genre will certainly find elements of enjoyment within these pages, but it may be tempered if they have not read everything up to this point.

Overall, I would recommend it to fans of Feist and fantasy in general. I am eagerly looking forward to continuing this trilogy and seeing where the tale goes from here.
Once again Raymond E Feist has written a book with interesting characters and a fascinating plot. Like the other books he has written and I have read, this gets added to my read again collection on kindle.
At last, a new Feist novel has arrived!! I've waited quite patiently for the next saga and rushed to pick it up when it was available.
I wasn't disappointed with the story, but it didn't live up to my expectations. It has the foundations for a great saga, but in my opinion the first part was just not that fascinating. Some of the characters were a bit stereotypical and the main hero was at times, quite cliched. During certain parts of the story, I found that I already knew the outcome of the events.
But, on the plus side, the story does explore more of Midkemia. It introduces some great elements that were only hinted at in the earlier stories. And if there is one thing that Feist is great, its continuity. You'll find some obvious and subtle references to characters and events from past novels. As a fanboy, I take great joy and picking those out.
I would say, definitely pick up the book. Even if you're not crazy about this story, it does set up the next parts and those seem to be very action packed.
Raymond Feist's last few books have seemed a wee bit contrived as if the master was running out of innovative steam. Talon of the Silver Hawk reasserts Feist's position as a fantasy wunderkind and hearkens back to the likes of Shadow of a Dark Queen and Rise of a Merchant Prince.
Feist takes the reader to a different area of Midkemia and introduces the story's main character Kielianapuna-Kieli for short. For Kieli the novel opens on a special day for him. The tribe he is a part of has a naming ritual in which a boy leaves his tribal family and awaits in the wilderness for a special sign that will indicate his new name-his name of manhood.
For two days Kieli has hovered beneath the peak of Shatana Higo awaiting his vision. He has fasted with only the traditional Spartan fare of the warrior. Unfortunately, he sees carrion birds hovering over one of the neighboring villages. Worried that something wicked approaches his own village, the weakened Kieli makes his way quickly home.
Kieli arrives in time to see his village being slaughtered. Every man, woman, and child is put to the sword by a mysterious army bearing the colors of the Duke of Olasko. Kieli attacks the barbarian horde but is quickly struck down and left for dead. His naming vision is the last thing he sees as an eye in the sky in the form of a silver hawk invites Kieli to bide his time, be the bird's talon and rend all enemies.
A mysterious man known as Robert de Lyis rescues Kieli. Soon, Kieli finds himself bound to de Lyis through blood debt. Put simply, Kieli-who now calls himself Talon of the Silver Hawk-very nearly bled to death before the ministrations ordered by Robert de Lyis saved his life.
Talon quickly finds himself being taught many curious things: how to cook, hunt, fight, and even how to recover from the pains of romance gone wrong. Eventually, Talon's training takes him to the mysterious Sorcerer's Isle located in the eastern Bitter Sea.
Talon's thirst for revenge and Robert's plans for him soon converge as Talon encounters many strange, exotic, and bizarre people, localities, and situations. The book has a highly satisfactory ending and establishes what appears to be an exciting series of stories simply called the Conclave of Shadows.
One does not have to have read Raymond E. Feist's previous books in order to understand the magical combination of American Indian mythology and Midkemian folklore...but it helps. Put simply, Talon of the Silver Hawk is a fascinating read and will capture the reader's imagination and attention from the opening page.
A most enjoyable read. The main character is really interesting & develops in a way that keep your attention. And, after a detour with the Riftwar Trilogy, Feist returns to the original story & brings back some of the characters that I loved from his earlier books in this series. I didn't want to put the book down.
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