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by Sandra Hill

Category: Historical
Subcategory: Romance
Author: Sandra Hill
ISBN: 0062019120
ISBN13: 978-0062019127
Language: English
Publisher: Avon; Reprint edition (March 29, 2011)
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a tale of two vikings. This book is dedicated with much love and appreciation to my good friend, Trish Jensen

a tale of two vikings. This book is dedicated with much love and appreciation to my good friend, Trish Jensen. Not only is she a good writer who helps me make my books better, but she also teaches me so much about friendship and caring and loyalty. And what she doesn't know about romantic humor would fill the head of a pin. A wise person once said that we remember best the friends with whom we have laughed and cried.

A Tale of Two Vikings book. Has an eye for the ladies, loves a good fight  . Sandra Hill has a way of expression that I find a bit condescending and she tried using a derivative of bloody and got it really wrong, that grates my ears as a native user of this much misused swear word. Still for a bit of light fluff, it was a decent read. I can't recommend it strongly though.

A Tale of Two Vikings - Sandra Hill. I loved the whole aspect of twin Vikings, I mean who wouldn't right? It takes place back in 900 . and it was definitely a witty yet sensual written story.

Immediately, the two-hundred-man horde of Viking warriors scurried for cover, of which there was almost none in. .What’s a Viking to do when a medieval lady says, Eat me . oste fought desperately to emerge from the ocean of unconsciousness that weighed him down.

Immediately, the two-hundred-man horde of Viking warriors scurried for cover, of which there was almost none in the shallow valley they’d been traversing. Meanwhile, hundreds and hundreds of Saxon soldiers emerged on the small hills surrounding them. Despite their surprise and being vastly outnumbered, the Viking brothers-in-arms soon prepared themselves skillfully for battle with weapons drawn.

A Tale of Two Vikings. For even the most virile Viking must eventually leave his best buddy behind and do battle with that most fearsome of all opponents-the love of his life. Splits his sides over rude jokes. Won't ask directions no matter how lost he i.even in a longship, for the love of Odin! Sound like anyone you know? Maybe every man you know? Toste and Vagn Ivarsson are all that and more-a lot more. To read this book, upload an EPUB or FB2 file to Bookmate.

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Has an eye for the ladies, loves a good fight. Books related to A Tale of Two Vikings.

A tale of. Two vikings. Immediately, the two-hundred-man horde of Viking warriors scurried for cover, of which there was almost none in the shallow valley they'd been traversing. A tale of two vikings. New York City : Leisure Books. inlibrary; printdisabled; ; ctlibrary; americana. Although her eyes were probably red and her nose puffy from crying all morning, she had no more tears to shed. Although her eyes were probably red and her nose puffy from crying all morning, she had no more tears to shed ennight and more-not of her taking Toste captive, then his taking her captive, not even of Toste’s current abandonment of her. It was as if the past thirteen days had not even happened. She suspected that everyone had agreed ahead of time not to discuss those things to spare her embarrassment. Ravenshire itself had changed dramatically in her short absence.

“Sandra Hill writes stories that tickle the funnybone and touch the heart. Her books are always fresh, romantic, inventive, and hilarious.”—Susan Wiggs, New York Times bestselling author

Nobody does Viking romance like Sandra Hill—and in A Tale of Two Vikings, the USA Today and New York Times bestselling author gives readers not one, but two studly  Norseman to fall in love with! Filled with the same laughter, passion, action, and fun Hill’s fans have come to know and adore, A Tale of Two Vikings is historical romance at its most delightfully inventive—as inseparable identical twin Viking brothers face an inevitable parting of the ways when one of them is confronted with a most unexpected adversary: the love of his life! Christine Feehan says that this author “always delivers,” and this time Sandra Hill doubles the pleasure!

Comments to eBook A Tale of Two Vikings (Viking I)
YES YES YES!! I was lucky enough to grab this as a free kindle book after scouring for weeks sifting through poor editing, poor writing, poor story telling, poor stories period! Sandra Hill is a TRUE novelist with a talent for weaving a story that brings you in from the beginning and keeps you engaged. The timing and story arc are professionally done in an entertaining manner without those bothersome ridiculous typos and miss spelled words I keep running across with all of these self published writes. Sandra Hill was a diamond in a pile of dirt and I intend to go back and read her entire catalog. Finally, a free book that made up for the 20 I bought that would have better served as toilet paper... Just because it is a best seller doesn't mean its a great book. THIS was a great book.
Toste and Vagn Ivarrson are identical twins, they do everything together, which finds them in a battle where Toste sees Vagn fall and believes him to be killed. Toste is wounded and taken to a nunnery to receive care. Lady Esme has been at the nunnery eleven years but has not taken her vows, although she does penance quite frequently for her transgressions. Not only is Esme untraditional, but so also are some of the other nuns, whose activities range from making home made mead and selling fake relics. Vagn, who Toste still believes dead, is being cared for by Gorm Sigurddson of Briarstead, who is attempting to force Vagn into marrying his daughter Helga. Gorm and Helga believe Vagn to be Toste and refuse to listen to Vagn as to who he is. Helga still remembers Toste calling her Helga the Homely from years ago. This book is hilarious, laugh out loud funny. I recommend it if you like humor and romance together.
I have to agree with another commenter here that Vagn and Helga's story is far more interesting than that of Toste and Esme's. For me, though, the reason was the two ladies. I tried hard, but I just could not like Esme. The incident where she tied up Toste in the woodcutter's hut clinched it for me. How selfish is that? As if her problem is the biggest in the world and his desire to want to find his brother's killer was just of no importance at all. Helga, on the other hand, was adorable. She was once homely, but now beautiful - at least to Vagn. Her ploys to get him to bed her were funny, and I liked the fact that while she did all she could to seduce him and get him to impregnate her, she did leave him a choice in the matter by compromising and agreeing to his terms.

Overall this is a wonderful book. I have owned it for a couple of years now and have re-read it over and again. But after I read the book the first time, I now usually skip pages on occasion in Toste & Esme's storyline and just follow along Vagn and Helga's storyline more thoroughly.
Yes, quite a journey it was and a worthy one. I love this story, well written humor . . . Lord rotting-clock my favorite. Finding myself laughing out loud in the dead of night. Unable to place the tale of two Viking down thank god I started it on a weekend. The tears did come when the brothers rekindle. Sandra keep the humor in the storytelling and Bolthor's poems. His poems enrich the storyline.
This book is a blast! I'm not much for telling the story in a review, and I won't start now. I love twin stories and this didn't disappoint. I thought of several different things that Ms Hill could have done differently, but why should she change a thing? I hope she'll write another one soon. I'd like to see these two boys do more together. : )
This was a good book. It was like reading two stories in one book, but they intwined with each other. I would liked to have given it a 3 1/2 star only because the stories were alittle slow starting I thought. Over-all I would reccomend this book to others for a good story to read. It did hold my attention and I couldn't put it down. Onto the next in the series...Wet and
This was a good story about twin brothers, Vikings. They end up in a battle both assumed dead by each other. They find and fall in love after each are found still alive on the battlefield by different families. They are both nursed back to health and reunited. Good story. I recommend this story.
too long and wordy I like this book to be a hundred pages shorter
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