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by Cornick

Category: Historical
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Author: Cornick
ISBN: 0373511507
ISBN13: 978-0373511501
Language: English
Publisher: Harlequin (July 1, 2001)
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The Larkswood Legacy book.

The Larkswood Legacy (Reader's Choice). Published June 6th 2009 by Harlequin Historical. Author(s): Nicola Cornick (Goodreads Author).

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The Larkswood Legacy. Since the injury was to a part of her anatomy that precluded discussion, she had decided to bravely ignore the incident and soldier on with only the slightest wince whenever she sat down

The Larkswood Legacy. Since the injury was to a part of her anatomy that precluded discussion, she had decided to bravely ignore the incident and soldier on with only the slightest wince whenever she sat down. t played, Annabella was covertly studying Sir William’s profile. His blue eyes were distant, as though he were dwelling on matters far beyond the lamplit room and the music. The sweep of his lashes cast a shadow against the hard line of his cheek, and in repose that handsome mouth looked uncompromising, almost harsh. Though relaxed in his chair, there was something almost.

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Nicola Cornick's books have been shortlisted for a number of awards including the Romance Writers of America RITA Awards and have won the Reader's Choice Award . The Larkswood Legacy (1999). Miss Verey's Proposal (2000).

Nicola Cornick's books have been shortlisted for a number of awards including the Romance Writers of America RITA Awards and have won the Reader's Choice Award, the Laurel Wreath and the LORIES. She has been Wiltshire Libraries Writer in Residence and has spoken at the Oxford Literary Festival on the history and development of the romance novel. The Larkswood Legacy.

Harlequin Historicals is delighted to introduce author Nicola Cornick. Be sure to look for the sequel to True Colours, The Larkswood Legacy, from Harlequin Reader’s Choice in July 2001. Brand-new to Harlequin Historical, British author Nicola Cornick had her North American publishing debut in March 2001 with her Regency True Colours. and the sequel to The Virtuous Cyprian, Lady Polly, from Harlequin Historical in August 2001. Don’t miss these other.

Delighted to make the aquaintance of Sir William Weston, widow Annabella St. Auby finds herself falling for the dashing rogue until she discovers that he in very interested in Larkswood, her sole inheritance, forcing her to wonder if he is just interested in her legacy. Original.
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I thoroughly enjoyed this regency novel. I first read it many, many years ago in it's original paperwork format, and again a few years later. When I discovered the kindle version on my county library's website, I just had to read it again. It's the sequel novel to Ms. Cornick's True Colours. In this second book we read younger sister Annabella's story--"Colours" was about big sister, Alicia.

The book is flawlessly executed with an intriguing plot, and the story that unfolds is positively riveting. It also makes for quite an emotive read, as the heroine Annabella, has endured a lot of hardship in her short life, not the least of which is the cruel treatment she suffers at the hands of her mother-in-law. Ms. Cornick created a story that has a very authentic feel, as she has her characters--who are all extremely well drawn--behave within the societal strictures of the period in which the story is set.

Annabella St. Auby, younger sister to Alicia Marchioness of Mullineaux, has been a widow for just over a year. Her marriage was not a happy one, as Annabella entered into it with the goal of escaping her father's tyranny. Annabella, the daughter of a wealthy Cit and aristocratic mother, was left destitute upon the death of her father and husband. Now she is forced to live off the largesse of her in-laws. Her mother mother in law, Lady St. Auby, a vile, mean-spirited creature, takes every opportunity to demean Annabella, treating her little better than a servant. To add to Annabella's unfortunate circumstances is the fact that years before, due to a misunderstanding, she was alienated from her elder sister, Alicia.

One night, while at a local assembly, Annabella meets the hero, Sir William Weston, who is in the company of several individuals, including Caroline, Countess of Kilgaren, Annabella's sister's best friend. Sir William displays an inordinate amount of interest in Annabella, who is flattered by the attentions of the handsome baronet. Over the next several weeks, much to her mother-in-law's chagrin, Annabella finds herself much in the company of Sir William and his friends. She also learns from Lady Kilgaren that her sister is most anxious to reconcile with Annabella. As she spends more time with Will, Annabella comes to the realization that her feelings for him have blossomed into love. Will too seems enamored.

However, the couple's road to happiness gets bumpy with one misunderstanding after another, the first of which relates to Larkswood, a small property that Annabella learns she has inherited from her father's estate, leftover after all his debts were paid. When Annabella discovers that Will has an interest in the property, she begins to question whether he has any real interest in her, or if his interest was feigned in an attempt to gain control of Larkswood. From there the couple's relationship deteriorates, and other misunderstandings result. Although I'm not overly fond of the whole "misunderstanding" method of introducing tension within a romance, I have to admit that in this instance it was perfectly executed. The misunderstandings, and how the couple relate to one another because of them, were very realistic.

Intrigue is added to the plot by way of a charge of treason which is leveled against Will. It seems someone is out to get Will, but who and why are a mystery that needs to be unraveled. While this aspect of the story is extremely interesting and definitely adds a measure of excitement to it, the romance is--and remains throughout--the dominant theme, which made me extremely happy! The end result is a book that is extremely romantic, with just the right touch of intrigue to make it even more interesting.

I absolutely loved this book and would highly recommend it as a worthwhile read. FYI, this is a clean romance. Happy reading!
This story is the sequel to "True Colours (Historical Romance), and the younger sister of the heroine of that book is the heroine of this one. Several of the key characters appear in both. The main plot of the story is a fairly typical regency romance: the sub-plot features a story of admiralty intrigue and double dealing which refers to the battle of Lake Champlain, one of the final turning points of the war of 1812.

The previous book, "True Colours" described how Annabelle Brosely's elder sister Alicia had been forced by their manipulative father Bertram to break her engagement to James Mullineaux and marry instead the wealthy Sir George Carberry. After Sir Geaorge's death, Bertram Brosely again tried to force Alicia into a marriage profitable for him and disastrous for her. Before he could start involving her in similar games, Annabelle set out to escape from the Brosely household through marriage to a man of her own choice who her father would not object to, and succeeded in winning the hand of Francis St Auby. However, the events of that book left a sad rift between the two sisters.

"The Larkswood Legacy" begins a few years later: Alicia is now happily married to James, Marquis of Mullineaux but Annabelle has been widowed and left dependent on her late husband's mother, the horrible Lady St Auby.

A chance series of events gives Annabelle an opportunity to make some new friends and, in the process, repair the rift with her sister. One of her new friends is Sir William Weston, a former navy captain now returned to Britain after serving in the American theatre during the war of 1812. Sir William pays court to Annabelle, who soon finds herself falling for him. But just as Annabelle begins to believe she may have a second chance for love, she learns Bertram Brosely has left her a legacy of great interest to Sir William. Is it Annabelle he wants - or the Larkswood legacy?

The sub-plot about the aftermath of the battle of Lake Champlain (also known as the Battle of Plattsburg) differs from the historical events of 11th September 1814 in a number of material respects, but I owe Nicola Cornick a vote of thanks for inspiring my curiousity and thus encouraging me to check the facts of the battle, in which process I was reminded of what an extraordinary story it actually was.

During the war of 1812, there were a number of famous engagements fought on the open seas between British and American warships, which featured some famous victories for each side, some of which are mentioned in this book. There were also a number of battles on the Great Lakes, fought between (mostly) smaller ships constructed specifically for those waters. "The Larkswood Legacy" describes the Battle of Lake Champlain as if it had been fought between ships of the line, when in fact neither side had anything larger than a frigate and most of the vessels on both sides were far smaller.

Accounts of the battle are easily available on the internet and there is a good description by the creator of Hornblower in his non-fiction book, The Age of Fighting Sail : the Story of the Naval War of 1812. Most of the men of both opposing forces fought with great bravery and a substantial proportion of the crews on each side, included the British commander, were killed. After most of the ships on both sides had fought to a standstill and the crews of the wrecked British vessels surrendered, the U.S. commander told their officers, "Gentlemen, return your swords to your scabbards, you are worthy of them". A court martial subsequently cleared all of the officers concerned.

However, both C.S. Forester (ibid) and Theodore Rosevelt ("The naval war of 1812; or, The history of the United States navy during the last war with Great Brit") record that a division of the British gunboats did not press the attack as strongly as the rest of the Royal Navy force, and the senior officer of that group of ships later deserted to avoid facing court martial.

So, without wishing to give away the plot of "The Larkswood Legacy", there is a little nugget of historical fact behind those parts of the book which describe a naval scandal.

Reasonably entertaining and well crafted regency romance: this one came out in 1999 and IMHO several of the books the author has written since then are significantly more entertaining, but this is more than OK for a little light amusement. And while nobody else writes like Jane Austen or Georgette Heyer, I'd much rather read a book like this in which the author writes in her own style than one of the all too common third rate attempts to copy Austen or Heyer.
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