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Category: Historical
Subcategory: Romance
Author: Laura Kinsale
ISBN: 161756480X
ISBN13: 978-1617564802
Language: English
Publisher: e-reads.com (May 20, 2011)
Pages: 486
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Home Laura Kinsale For My Lady's Heart. I've made this 2011 revision for readers who prefer a tighter read and more modern words for dialogue.

Laura Kinsale is the awardwinning and New York Times–bestselling author of The Shadow and the Star, Seize the Fire, The Prince of Midnight, Flowers From the Storm, For My Lady’s Heart, and The Dream Hunter. She and her husband divide their time between Santa Fe and Dallas. Shadowheart won the Romance Writers of America Rita Award for best long historical romance of 2004. Kinsale also won best romance novel of 1990 for Prince of Midnight. Kinsale was 1987–1988 Career Achievement Award Winner from Romantic Times Magazine.

For My Lady's Heart book. I never thought a romantic historical fiction could be written to rival Flowers From the Storm by Laura Kinsale, but if anyone could do it then it would be Kinsale. And she did. For My Lady's Heart is stellar on so many levels. We have probably the most wonderful hero ever written, a tortured heroine for a change, incredible seamless use of medieval dialogue and terminology, and imagery so vivid the reader is transported. She manages to challenge as well as This story is just stunning!!!

For My Lady’s Heart: by Laura Kinsale; Narrated by Nicholas Boulton; Hedgehog, In. Audio Publishers Association, 2014 Best Romance Finalist.

For My Lady’s Heart: by Laura Kinsale; Narrated by Nicholas Boulton; Hedgehog, In. Uncertain Magic, (1987/Mar). Victorian Hearts Series. The Hidden Heart, (1986/Apr). The Shadow and the Star, (1991/Oct). Medieval Hearts Series. For My Lady's Heart, (1993/Dec). Shadowheart, (2004/Apr).

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The Medieval Hearts Series: Book One. Laura Kinsale. Letter to my readers. For my lady’s heart: Original Published Version. These old gentle Britons in their days. Dear Readers, Many years ago, I read a medieval poem full of color and adventure about knights and mysterious ladies. It opened up an unknown world to me, a place of wild, dangerous forests and white castles, of mud and glorious spectacle; a time when blackbirds really were baked in pies.

It was a great well of stone, its compass lost in darkness, echoing, with shadows that moved and hulked across the curving wall. A deep horror possessed him. He was in Purgatory; demon-haunted; he had died without shrive or absolution of killing a man. One of the demons counted.

In medieval Europe, vows and laws are as inflexible and confining as a suit of armor. For Ruck, a noble and honest knight, those rules provide an unwavering path. Even as his wife leaves him for the Church, taking his money and his steed, Ruck’s life is one of devotion and mission. For the beautiful widow, Princess Melanthe, those same laws and traditions conspire to consume her land and her independence. Her husband’s death has left her kingdom an inviting target for neighboring territories. Where Ruck sees a clear path, Melanthe must navigate through twisting alleyways, using shrewd deceit and devious strategy. Can these two help each other overcome the powers conspiring against them? Will the passion in their hearts escape the constraints of their station? Is devotion enough? Author Laura Kinsale has crafted a rich, sensual portrait of life during the Middle Ages. Using the subtlety and music of authentic Middle English for the dialogue, this complex romance is not for the faint of heart. But, those who take up the challenge will be rewarded with the most satisfying of historical romances.
Comments to eBook For My Lady's Heart
Phallozs Dwarfs
It took a while to get into the story; the medieval language took a bit of getting used to and the heroine was so unpleasant that she took a bit of getting used to as well.
I love Laura Kinsale's writing, but I usually dislike her heroines (apart from the heroine in My Sweet Folly). In this story, it gradually became clear /why/ the heroine was behaving the way she was. I gradually came to sympathize with her.
I was rooting for the hero from the start. In the beginning, he set the heroine on a pedestal as his ideal of what a woman should be. By the end, he makes it clear that he sees her as fallible. He never stops loving her throughout, even when he is (understandably) angry with her.
OMG. I've read a lot of good romance novels and great ones, too. This is one of the best. It boggles my mind how great a read this was. It grabbed a hold of my heart from the very beginning. So many times I read books where I skip paragraphs and skim pages just to get past all of the boring words. I found myself going back and rereading parts of this book. The writing was that exceptional. Besides a love story for the ages, I was mesmerized by a princess, knight, falcon, minstrels, king, dukes, castles, Italian assassins, jousts, poison, mistress, jewels, feasts, royal court intrigue, and more. I don't think there was a boring paragraph in this whole book. Part of the romance was reading the version that the author originally wrote. Her version of midcentury English. It was amazing. I was a big fan when she first began publishing. I don't know how I missed this book. From one geologist to another, Laura Kinsale you rock! (pun intended)
FOR MY LADY'S HEART is the medieval story of Ruck, a knight, and Princess Melanthe. This is a book about deception, trickery and truth. Because of that, I don't want to give away too much of the plot because part of the interest is in knowing who and what to trust in. It is a beautiful story. Melanthe is not a sweet innocent heroine, but once her entire story is told, I was happy for the resolution. Ruck and she have an amazing relationship that shifts and changes with the circumstances.

Much of the story is written in Middle English style which for some readers may be shocking and difficult to understand. Having read Chaucer in college, however, after about 40 pages I was used to it.

The Kindle version of this book is a joy because Kinsale has included not only the original version, but also a "condensed" version that has much of the Middle English stripped away so that the book is in a more modern language for readers who have difficulty with the original. After I finished with the original version, I also read the condensed version to compare the two. The condensed version still retains some of the archaic language but for those readers who find the original version too difficult, the condensed version works really well.

FOR MY LADY'S HEART has a sequel SHADOWHEART which is the story of the assassin Allegretto della Navona and Elena Who are introduced in this book.
Shadowheart is one of my favorite romances and since it`s book two in this almost-series, I held back on reading For My Lady`s Heart. I just couldn`t imagine a book where Allegretto wasn`t the hero. But I couldn`t stay away. After having read Shadowheart probably ten times (if you haven`t read it yet - go read it!) I finally gave in and bought For My Lady`s Heart.

I`m so glad I did. FMLH is not as dark as Shadowheart but it has so many of the things I love in it. The passion is beyond what most romances have and you are swept away - even if you read the version with archaic English (in the Kindle book you get two versions of the book).

The book is about Lady Melanthe who is facing some difficult choices. Since she was 13 she has lived in a small city-state in Italy - a city-state that has been in an eternal conflict with its two neighbors. These three states have fought for power and not (just) in open war. No, they will use poison and backstabbing to get ahead. Lady Melanthe has learned the hard way to love noone or the person she loves will be killed.

When she was 17 she met Ruck in passing and he is her opposite. He is truthful and tries to live with honor - something which is hard because he is not entirely sure if he is married or not since his wife chose to enter a convent (this happened when he was 17 and first met Melanthe). When they meet again they are both 30 and Melanthe enjoys being with Ruck because she doesn`t have to be afraid for the first time in a long time. Ruck, on the other hand, is not sure if Melanthe is a witch and whether he loves her or hates her.

It`s a very strong story which is hard to explain in just a few lines. What I can say is that this is a great read and a book I can truly recommend. It will grip you by your heart and hold you prisoner until you`ve read the last line. And then you want to read it again. Melanthe and Ruck are great and multi-dimensional characters and you can`t help loving them deeply and feeling so sorry for them because of how life has treated them.

It was great to see a very young Allegretto and I understood some of the passages of Shadowheart so much better after having read this book.
I just finished reading this book for the 2nd time. The story line stayed with me and I found myself reading more and more "Knights" type books. There are many good one's, but none stood out for me like Sir Ruck in For My Lady's Heart. He is honorable to a fault, but that makes him all the more respected. Laura Kinsale masterfully writes a story that has everything; fight scenes, love scenes, character development, humor, and a dialogue using middle English language that totally immerses the reader in the time period. There are many unusual words that are fortunately listed in the glossary provided. And for those that have trouble translating Chaucer-esque English mid-sentence; she has provided a rewrite using modern day English; all in the same book.
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