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by Jennifer Blake

Category: Historical
Subcategory: Romance
Author: Jennifer Blake
ISBN: 0786212640
ISBN13: 978-0786212644
Language: English
Publisher: Five Star; Reprint edition (January 1, 1998)
Pages: 392
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I have yet to find a pair like that in a Jennifer Blake novel, although I've barely scratched the surface of her back-list.

I have yet to find a pair like that in a Jennifer Blake novel, although I've barely scratched the surface of her back-list.

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Jennifer and her husband of 41 years live at Sweet Briar, the home they designed and built in 1980 as an energy efficient replica of an old Southern Planter's Cottage.

No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, or mechanical, including photocopy, recording, scanning or any information storage retrieval system, without explicit permission in writing from the Author. This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Jennifer and her husband of 41 years live at Sweet Briar, the home they designed and built in 1980 as an energy efficient replica of an old Southern Planter's Cottage.

Surrender in Moonlight book. Lorna Forrester was to wed the half-witted heir to the Beau. Dec 13, 2015 Susan rated it it was amazing. Jennifer and her husband reside in a lakeside Caribbean-style retreat in North Louisiana where they often entertain family and friends.

Find nearly any book by BLAKE,JENNIFER (page 5). Get the best deal by comparing prices from over 100,000 booksellers. ISBN 9781408492406 (978-1-4084-9240-6) Softcover, Camden, 2010.

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From the moment they meet and make love under the moonlight, they are inextricably bound to one another by chains of passion. To read this book, upload an EPUB or FB2 file to Bookmate. How do I upload a book?

Categories: Historical Romance. Surrender in Moonlight.

Categories: Historical Romance.

Lorna Forrester was to wed the half-witted heir to the Beau Repose estate. But the day before her wedding, she met Ramon Cazenove, a daring blockade runner, thus beginning an incredible adventure into danger and love--from the Civil War-torn South to the windswept Caribbean.
Comments to eBook Surrender in Moonlight (Five Star Standard Print Romance)
Of all Jennifer Blake's novels, this one is probably my favorite. I have read it countless times over the years. I recently obtained it as a Kindle download and am in the process of reading it again now. What I think I love most about Jennifer's books are: exquisitely descriptive writing that indeed transports you to the place and time in history that the novel is set; the almost always irristiability of the hero (Ramon, in this book, has it ALL) and the usual well-developed heroine who's not so perfect that she's unrelatable. (Lorna, in my opinion, is 95% very admirable; points removed for stubbornness and a minor bit of passiveness in Nassua) So far, however.... in the Kindle version, I have found quite a few typos. I don't pretend to know how Kindle editions of books are done but it appears that whoever did the transposing of text from manuscript to Kindle format... they made some mistakes --- Since I know the book so well over (30+ yrs -- still can't believe how quickly time goes by !) these little typos stood out very plainly to me. It has NOT detracted from the story but if I were reading it for the first time, I may have been scratching my head over a few items. As usual, Jennifer sets this book in Louisiana (my home away from home, away from home!) and while New Orleans is not the primary location, you get just enough of "plantation country" + the city itself as a foil. Particularly evocative is the description of Ramon's former home, Beau Repose. You honestly can close your eyes and imagine it in it's full glory. Much attention is applied to the whole blockade running, ship descriptions, dangerous sea voyages, etc. If you didn't know much about blockade runners in the Civil War era, you will gain a nice appreciation of a subject that is not common knowledge (at least, I didn't learn much during my schooling regarding the importance of blockade runners and their impact on the war, including the British angle as well as ports such as Nassau) I found that Jennifer did a fine tribute by featuring the Royal Victoria Hotel in its heyday. So much so that I had to do research on this Grande Dame of Old Nassau. I won't spoil the story for others but, suffice to say, it is thoroughly enjoyable. The journey that Lorna and Ramon share, their connection and attraction to each other grow throughout the book and is so very believable. Unlike some stories where the protagonists have attraction, conflict, fights, sex, more conflict, etc etc... then end up happily ever after in the short span of a few weeks.... the majority of Jennifer Blake's novels take some time to develop and for the H & H to form a deep and abiding (and believable) love. Love scenes are "tasteful" -- very descriptive but never raunchy. She also has the talent of fleshing out secondary characters; it's nice that they remain memorable after the novel ends. The only thing I would like to see is a more complete epiloge.... I realize that, many times, the author maybe wants the reader to imagine things but I would have liked to see how Ramon & Lorna fared after the war was over...... did they indeed return to Beau Repose and restore it to it's former glory and live their dream? I like to think so. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is a few instances where you wanted to smack Lorna for being too stubborn and not standing up for herself; the person of Nate Bacon (villian) seemed to get away with an awful lot that wouldn't be accepted in polite society, even in Nassau; the Lansing sisters also seemed to get off too easy for their behavior towards Lorna. After all, Ramon is their father's partner; why didn't he (Ramon) defend Lorna more strongly? It's implied that Peter (Ramon's friend and fellow blockade runner) seemed a little too sweet on one of the sisters that he hoped to hang around to see her grow up some more (she wouldn't deserve such a guy - my opinion !) Otherwise, this is an extremely enjoyable book that I highly recommend. Since you cannot give anything but the number of star options listed... I will say that I give this a 4.75 out of 5. (p.s. Ramon is about one of the sexiest and most irresistable heroes ever written !)
This is one of those books that I'm convinced I've read before but can find no evidence of it. I suspect it was written a very long time ago as it's the swashbuckling, bodice ripping style of the 70's or 80's. The premise is that the h is about to be married to an awful guy and catches him in bed with his mistress the night before the wedding. No one is sympathetic and she rides off into the night (the marriage must go ahead and she has no choices) and she meets the H. Rather startlingly the h sleeps with the H that night, gives up her virginity to him and is caught by her future relatives. The book continues in this dramatic vein, with the H and h continuously crossing paths but he doesn't want her and she doesn't want him but they end up sleeping together multiple times over. Honestly it was all a bit much and I really didn't care by the end. I didn't find it romantic at all.
Please note: This review applies to the Kindle version only.

Ms. Blake, I am dreadfully sorry to give the Kindle version a one-star review. You are one of and have been for a very long time, one of my very favorite authors. I have read everything of yours I could get my hands on. Surrender in Moonlight is one of my favorites.

But did anyone edit the Kindle version? Did you look at it? It is riddled with spelling errors, punctuation errors, formatting errors and this pops up all over the place, "AENEID" in capital letters. I originally read this in paperback and none of these errors there.

In fact, almost everything of yours that I have read in Kindle version has these flaws. I cannot tell you how disappointed I am. They ruin my enjoyment.
Lorna Forrester's uncle sells her off to Nathaniel (Nate) Bacon, who plans to wed her to his feeble-minded son Franklin. Prior to the wedding, Lorna's caught in a storm while out riding and takes shelter in an old abandoned house, but it turns out not quite so abandoned as she meets up with handsome blockade runner Ramon Cazenave. Ramon charms Lorna into a night of passion, but after the deed is done they're caught and Lorna is returned to the *cough* loving arms of Franklin and Ramon is locked up by the evil Nate. Frank is a bit too aggressive on the wedding night, and after a wee bit of a tussle let's just say that Lorna needs to get out of Dodge fast, she frees Ramon and the two lead their jailors on a merry chase. So as not to spoil I won't reveal how it happens, but the action eventually switches to Nassau in the Bahamas, a major hub for the blockade runners and their valuable cargos. What follows are your usual ups and downs of true love that neither party will confess to (although thank gawd there's no real big misunderstanding), lots of complications from the evil baddies, plus some nail-biting derring-do and rescues at sea at the finish.

All in all a very engaging read, and a good choice when you're in the mood for something on the *lighter* side of fiction. Don't get me wrong though, Blake is not just an average every day romance writer - she takes the genre up a few notches and for that gets four stars from me. Her settings are real instead of wall-paper, and I very much appreciate effortless way that Blake brings in the Creole lifestyle, customs, clothes and food into her books. Her heroines have a brain and not only do they know their roles in society, they don't go around stamping their feet when they don't get their way and then go rushing off into danger after they've been told to stay put (well, Lorna did do it once, but I forgive her for that). I really did get a chuckle out of this snippet,

"She lay reading for a time, a novel she had picked up in a stall of used books outside a shop. It held her attention only to a degree, for the heroine was insipid, the hero overbearing, and the story filled with unlikely events and coincidences."

I have yet to find a pair like that in a Jennifer Blake novel, although I've barely scratched the surface of her back-list. There is a lot of sex in this book, as Lorna and Ramon do a fairly good job of steaming up the pages (that was one sensual towel-down after the bath...), although once again Blake does it in a more tasteful manner with subtler language than you see in today's romances. Not recommended for younger readers because of that, but adult readers looking for a southern romance that won't insult your intelligence might want to give this one a whirl.
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