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by Nadine Miller

Category: Historical
Subcategory: Romance
Author: Nadine Miller
ISBN: 0451195124
ISBN13: 978-0451195128
Language: English
Publisher: Signet (August 1, 1998)
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Nadine Miller r later with a large pitcher o. .

Nadine Miller r later with a large pitcher of hot water and a cup of steaming chocolate. Good morning, Miss, and what have you planned for today, so’s I know what clothes to lay out for you?. The maid’s cheerfulness that grated on Maeve’s tender sensitivities like a fingernail on a slate. Maeve hunkered deeper into the bedcovers. Any old thing will do. I don’t plan to leave the house.

The Madcap Masquerade book. I look forward to reading more books by Nadine Miller in the future. I love it when authors use more obscure words like namby-pamby, looby, termagant, hoyton, etc. Good stuff

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The madcap masquerade. Uploaded by Lotu Tii on July 13, 2015. CHAPTER ONE. Lily St. Germaine was dead. In the interest of maintaining her masquerade, she would simply have to grit her teeth and survive the ordeal. Very well, if you feel you must, I suppose one kiss will be all right, she agreed in a solemn tone of voice. Theo noted the look on Miss Barrington’s face.

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After her mother's death, an impoverished young woman with no prospects for the future receives an irresistible offer from her father, whom she has never met.

Hampton himself is just as attracted to the new, improved Meg and cannot understand his change of heart, or her change of character!The story is very well written with a few twists that will surprise you even if they are a little too wide off the mark. Nadine Miller captures her readers early on and never loosens her grip. It's really four and a half starts. Published by Thriftbooks. com User, 18 years ago.

After her mother's death, an impoverished young woman's father, whom she has never met, offers to pay her to impersonate her long-lost twin sister, but she never counted on falling in love with her sister's fiance+a7, the handsome Earl of Linley. Original.
Comments to eBook Madcap Masquerade
Thank you Nadine Miller for this delightful book! I could hardly bear to put it down. And I shall keep it in my library to enjoy again.

The heroine is the daughter of a notorious courtesan, and she also makes a little money by drawing satirical cartoons for a paper - but this is done under a pen name. Her mother has died and the creditors are banging loudly on the door. The only item she has of value is the house which will need to be sold the cover the debts left by her mother.

A friend of her mother invites the heroine to call on her, and this is when the heroine meets her father. Oh, her mama had been married but couldn't stand the fellow and left. The heroine also learns she has a twin sister -- the parents had each taken a child to raise. The sister is engaged to be married but is so frightened by her fiance she had run off to an aunt in Scotland. The father wants our heroine to pretend to be her sister, just until her sister returns.

This sounds all very same-old, same-old. -- but the writing is humorous and touching. I found myself just adoring the heroine. She is no beauty but is intelligent and a truly good person.

The hero was a bit of a rake but changed his ways when he began to see himself through her eyes. Because of her mother's vocation the heroine was all too familiar with how men might act. She wasn't quite able to pull off the shy, retiring demeanor of her sister. The hero found himself attracted to her because of her personality and her honesty. Of course he was in need of her dowry but soon realized it was her he needed more.

He has a secret as well but shares it with her when he found he loved and trusted her. She had fallen for him too but couldn't bring herself to acknowledge the deception to him, nor could she in good conscience go through with a wedding when it began to seem her sister wasn't going to return.

This was far from boring, and a surprisingly chaste story. I enjoy a bit of steam, however this one didn't need suggestive scenes to get the sexual attraction across.

Highly recommend this one.
Here you have twins separated at birth never knowing the other other exists. Until one sister runs for the hills, then her twin is to be her stand in until her return...what could go wrong? Normally one would say nothing...that's not true here and probably not true at all.

Maeve and Meg are two completely different girls. Where Meg is shy and timid, Maeve is outspoken and brave. Here's the key to telling the difference, it's their eyes.

The Earl of Linley is in a very tight bind...he needs money badly since dear old daddy left him with nothing. As desperate as he is, the Squire makes a marriage contract with the Earl. The Squire is desperate too, you see there's a land issue clause that has to be honored with every generation otherwise the land goes back to the crown.

Everything goes according to plan right??? Everyone gets what they want right????

You have to read this to find out what happens!!!
This was a enjoyable Regency. I enjoyed the characters and the plot was different from the others that I've read.
It's a fluid, lyrical, enjoyable ride. The tone is lighthearted but it's a serious story that wraps you up in the main characters. Really enjoyed it.
Lovable characters and the story was different and very memorable thanks nadine you are a skillful story teller all the best
You hope so much they work things out! Get characters!
Most of the books I've been reading are not five star books - not even really close so perhaps I'm being generous by giving this one five stars even if the extra star is added because I actually enjoyed it far more than anything I've read the past few days. In fact, I loved it. I laughed out loud a few times for more than a minute.

Perhaps I simply love a story where the heroine, in this case, Maeve Barrington, who is standing in for her twin sister, Meg, who she didn't know existed until her heretofore "unmet" father comes to town and persuades her to take part in the deception. For, it seems that, Lily, the twins' mother, who was a long time courtesan before her death and Squire Barrington, the dad, decided at the twins' births they would split them up and each would take one of the girls and raise them and never the twain would meet because the parents couldn't stand one another.

In the intervening years, the shy, retiring Meg has grown up in the country away from Society while Maeve grows up under Lily's aegis and although virtuous, she's not exactly innocent having lived in the home of a courtesan. She's does have some gifts - she's a successful cartoonist - although writing under a male pseudonym, plus she's had music lessons and is quite gifted at the piano forte. When Meg runs away because she doesn't want to follow through with the Squire's wishes to marry her to Theo, Earl Linley, whose property runs adjacent to the Squire's, Maeve is called upon to fill Meg's shoes for the two weeks leading up to the marriage in order to give the Squire enough time to get Meg back in harness.

Maeve is angry at her father and says, "Yes" to the plan only because she needs to pay off Lily's debts which amount to a lot of money. So, off she goes to her father's country estate. This is, of course, where the story begins and it is to die for. Theo is a rake and has a local mistress named Sophia. Maeve is not the shy, retiring, shrinking violet that Meg is and no matter how hard she tries to keep herself in check, it's simply not going to be possible. Up to this time, Theo shudders when he thinks about marrying Meg. When he mets Maeve, he becomes literally entranced. She's not pretty, she doesn't have a good figure, but well, she is Maeve.

Theo's mother is a type of villain who invites Theo's mistress to the betrothal ball without Theo's knowledge. Normally, I despise these types of situations in a book. Maeve took my breath away in how she handled the situation. Furthermore, she left Theo feeling like a little boy who had just wet his pants. Maeve's reaction to everything throughout the book was masterful, leading me to greatly desire to read further books by this talented author. One thing I absolutely adored is how the author took the reader into Theo's soul so we could see beyond the rake. Also, when Maeve set him straight about matters from Sophia's perspective and life, Theo immediately gets a clue. When Theo makes an effort to truly court Maeve, there is one scene involving a boat and some oars and a lake that is absolutely hilarious!!

At the end of the day, this might be no more than a four star read , but I enjoyed it so much, I've decided to give it five stars and after all, I am the one who gets to decide. I loved it!! I loved Maeve!! I loved Theo!! Currently reading The Duke's Dilemma by this author.
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