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by Norma McPhee

Category: Gothic
Subcategory: Romance
Author: Norma McPhee
ISBN: 1553165209
ISBN13: 978-1553165200
Language: English
Publisher: Ltdbooks (April 19, 2002)
Pages: 222
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McPhee's essays are proof that the kind of journalism that can effortlessly put a topic into perfect perspective will never go out of style.

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Irons in the fire - Release - In virgin forest - The gravel page - Duty of care - Rinard at Manheim - Travels of the rock. The differing contents of this book reflect the variety in the overall span of master observer McPhee's work. Irons in the Fire concerns catlle rustling in contemporary Nevada. The Gravel Page is about forensic geology-a science used to help solve major crimes and puzzles on an even greater scale. Rinard at Manheim is an experimental story about an auction of exotic cars

McPhee’s new book, Draft No. 4, takes us about as deep into his singular mind as we are likely to ge. The Pine Barrens leads you right back where it started, to the fire tower on Bear Swamp Hill - except now the view of that spreading forest is charged with sinister context.

McPhee’s new book, Draft No. 4, takes us about as deep into his singular mind as we are likely to get. It is about the writing process itself. Every book about writing addresses, in one way or another, the difficulty of writing. Supersonic jets will whisk people away to everywhere else on earth.

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A Romantic Times Magazine Top Pick Award Winner A Sime~Gen Reviewer's Choice Award Finalist

Forced to destroy her life's work to prevent its unethical use, Dr. Kerra Telsier steals a starship and hires grounded smuggler Aden Locke to fly it - and her - safely offworld.

But "safely" turns out to be a relative term. Someone got Aden grounded on purpose. Someone who's not too happy about Kerra's role in his escape.

Seven years ago, driven mad by exposure to a powerful alien pheromone, Gandes brutally attacked a friend of Aden's and left her for dead. In revenge, Aden betrayed Gandes to the authorities. Now Gandes is back, and he's determined to destroy Aden and everyone close to him. Including the naive young scientist who was foolish enough to interfere in Gandes' plans.

Aden's determined to protect Kerra. But it isn't Aden's protection Kerra wants...

Comments to eBook Into the Fire
Rollers from Abdun
Dr. Kerra Telsier had just done the hardest thing ever asked of her - she destroyed her own research. She had actually discovered a way to correct neural damage and to make synthetic organics. She thought that her research would be used to heal people like her mother, who was suffering from Alzheimer's or to help regrow spinal cords or lost limbs. Kerra had no idea that the military was planning on growing human beings to become the perfect soldiers. She couldn't let her research be used in that way so she deleted all of her files and used her knowledge from all of the romance books she read to escape.
Her first plan of action was to find a pilot and smuggler Aden Locke seemed perfect. She convinced him to get her off the planet and before she knew it, she was in the middle of a grand adventure. It wasn't too long before Kerra and Aden became physically and emotionally involved, but Aden wasn't sure it was such a wise thing. Kerra was such an innocent and didn't understand people like the scum Gandes who was trying to kill Aden and all of his friends. Gandes had brutally raped Jannia Wise years earlier because he couldn't find her partner, Vaialora Kondi, because she was sleeping with Aden. All of them felt guilty and knew that they must stop Gandes before he caused more suffering. But, in the meantime, a guy's got to make a living, so he decides to take Kerra to Kethry to pick up a contract.
Kethry is a female-dominated planet where the women are born big and strong and the men are born small and soft. There is a booming trade in alien men who are being kidnapped and sold into Kethrian harems, and Aden is a prime specimen. Before he knows it, he is stuck in a cement prison who knows where with little or no chance for escape. But he knows if he doesn't escape soon, he will become addicted to his Kethrian master's pheromones and will crave her until the day he dies. Kerra is frantically trying to figure out what happened to Aden and is determined to get him back. With luck, and a few friends, they manage to get out alive, but, before they get a breather, they are off on a whole new whirlwind adventure and Kerra doesn't quite know what to do. She doesn't think that she is cut out to be a smuggler, but that is what Aden is happiest doing. What kind of a future, if any, can they have together?
Into the Fire was a fast paced, adventure-filled read with plenty of romance thrown in. Aden was a bit softer than most smugglers and seemed to listen to reason and not be as stubborn as most men, which was a nice change, but Kerra was kind of annoying in her sudden changes. She was all helpless one minute and determined to save the world the next. I would have liked to see a more gradual maturation in her character, but I enjoyed all of the secondary characters. There were some really hot aliens in the story, too... Anyway, the different alien planets contained in the book were fascinating and I really liked the author's use of Kethry and their unique strengths/weaknesses to further the plot and to make this book something unique. Well worth your time to check out! Just remember to buy the e-book edition because it is 1/5th of the price!
McPhee pens a fast paced, futuristic romance in INTO THE FIRE. Kerra is a scientist who is forced to destroy her work and flee all she's ever known. Aden Locke is the disreputable but, of course! sexy as all get out space captain who happens to be at the right place at the right time for Kerra-- or so she thinks at first. Sparks fly as they join forces and flee for their lives. But the safe haven they seek only brings more troubles.
Pursued by Gandes, a long time enemy of Aden's, Kerra can surely wonder if she's gone from the frying pan into the fire. Still, she draws closer to Aden, and Aden becomes very protective of her.
From a space station to an alien planet, Aden and Kerra rush headlong into danger, but for all the right reasons.
INTO THE FIRE is sure to please readers of futuristic romance, as there's enough heat between Kerra and Aden to melt a small galaxy.
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