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by Adrianne Lee

Category: Contemporary
Subcategory: Romance
Author: Adrianne Lee
ISBN: 0373226276
ISBN13: 978-0373226276
Language: English
Publisher: Harlequin (August 1, 2001)
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His Only Desire book. Paperback, Harlequin Intrigue 256 pages. Adrianne Lee delivers a twin story in "His Only Desire," a book with many questionable elements that may make some readers uncomfortable.

His Only Desire book. Published August 2001 by Harlequin. When Dare Hamilton dies mysteriously, her stalker turns her attention to her twin sister, Desire. Desire is determined to find the truth about her sister's death. Unfortunately Dare's ex-husband Nick intends to do the same.

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Books by Adrianne Lee. HARLEQUIN INTRIGUE. 678-PRINCE under cover. 296-SOMETHING borrowed, something blue.

You crave excitement! Harlequin Intrigue stories deal in serious romantic suspense, keeping you on the edge of your seat as resourceful, true-to-life women and strong, fearless men fight for survival.

Toronto : Harlequin Books. inlibrary; printdisabled; ; china.

And the press is about to pounce. Having Iris act as his girlfriend is pure damage contro. xcept their chemistry is hotter than any love scene.

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HIS ONLY DESIRE: Her only hope. For Desire Hamilton, the mysterious death of her twin sister had left too many questions unanswered. . .and one obsessed stalker intent on claiming her as his own. Scared and alone, Desire had no place to turn--until her old flame, homicide cop Nick Rossetti, offered her a place in his protective embrace...

She was the only woman he'd ever loved---and the one he could never have. Now, regardless of their past, Nick would do whatever it took to keep Desire safe. . .even if it meant putting himself in the line of fire. But how could he protect the fragile beauty when all he wanted to do was make her _his_ only desire.

Comments to eBook His Only Desire (Harlequin Intrigue, # 627)
Great story with lots of mystery, intrigue, deception and romance.

One thing I hated not seeing was towards the beginning we "hear" Nick thinking on how he had ended up married to Desires sister Dare and how he couldn't tell her the truth on how it all happened. Even after their HEA, he never did tell her. I kept waiting for it to appear and it never did...or if it did, I missed it! I wanted to see Desires reaction to it.

This was a mutli pov book. Nick is a sexy detective out to protect Desire while Desire is an Assistant DA trying to find out what truly happened to her sister.

All in all, a great story. Loved the story line, the dialogue, and the mystery. It kept me guessing the whole time. This one kept me on my toes for sure. No heart twinge moments or tears from this one.

Would I recommend this book? Yes

Would I read more from this author? Yes
Adrianne Lee delivers a twin story in "His Only Desire," a book with many questionable elements that may make some readers uncomfortable. When Dare Hamilton dies mysteriously, her stalker turns her attention to her twin sister, Desire. Desire is determined to find the truth about her sister's death. Unfortunately Dare's ex-husband Nick intends to do the same. Nick refuses to leave Desire, especially when it becomes clear someone is after her. Can he protect his only Desire?

Sorry about that bad pun, but it's no worse than the ones seen throughout this book. It's hard to take seriously any book where the heroine is given such a ridiculous name, and Lee makes sure we can't by making a joke out of it repeatedly. Hearing the variations on the phrase "his only Desire" used by both the hero and the villain, I couldn't stop snickering throughout the story. What a bad idea.

However, the most questionable part of this story is the "hero," an LAPD cop with a dubious service record. Knowing that he has been suspended without knowing why casts an uncomfortable shadow on his character for too much of the book, when it's not strong to begin with. I had a real problem with a "hero" who marries one sister, then falls in love with her "twin" the very next day. What's heroic about that? It makes him look too fickle, if not like a sleaze. I finally gave up on this story when the inevitable sex scene came, occurring at the worst possible time and in the worst possible place and making the characters like complete fools. I honestly gasped, "What are you doing???" when they started up.

The mystery is reasonably well done though, and the ending is a nice surprise. It's rare for an Intrigue these days to catch me off guard. This one did (though maybe I was simply distracted by the hero and all those "my Desire," "his Desire"s).

Mystery readers may find a puzzle to enjoy, if they can get past all the overwrought, silly and unbelievable plot elements. I could not.
His Only Desire by Adrianne Lee
Harlequin Intrigue # 627 - August 2001

Nick married Dare one drunken night while on vacation. When he meets his wife's twin Desire, he realizes he married the wrong twin. Desire won't betray her sister even though it's love at first sight when she meets Nick. Dare however does feel betrayed and the sisterhood is no more. Even though Dare and Nick divorce, Desire can't be a part of his life. Now years later, a stalker scares Dare into a fatal accident and then sets his sights on Desire. Nick's been looking into his ex-wife's death and discovers that Desire is in grave danger.

I loved this book! ... Read it cover to cover without putting it down
I did find the names a little comical but the characters of Dare and Desire made me want to know them more. As for Desire's guilt complex, it did some to explain the problem but also proved that most people marry in haste and repent after the fact.
Not seeming to acknowledge their own mistakes.
I enjoyed the mystery as it kept me on my mental toes and came as a complete surprise at the end -- I won't be ashamed to share this book with my friends -- although the sex scene was a bit far fetched and the only part I found hard to believe. Ugh!
The pace was constant enough to keep my interest strong and that is what is essential in the stories I read.
Recommended - excellent minus morality!
I loved it........if you like your love story with a little mystery and suspense....this is the book for you....His Only Desire is a one sitting book...you just can't put it down....go one click it ....you won't be sorry....
This book is great. If you love Romantic suspense like I do, this book is for you. Not good with words, but this a must read. Get it today!
I must admit, I also first judged this book by its cover, and was pleasantly surprised. The story was as hot as the cover art! It kept me turning pages until the end, which was terrific.
His Only Desire by Adrianne Lee

Desire Hamilton is a play by the rules prosecutor but when the death of her estranged twin sister is ruled an accident things may not be so black and white

Desire was on a six week leave of absence but instead of being with her family in Laredo she was in the courtroom.

Her most recent case was accused of murder, Ted Gunderson. Now, was a free man.

Desire not only believes he is guilty of murder but that he is also the telephone breather who has been harrasing her.

After leaving the courthouse she grabbed some boxes and went to her sisters place to pack up her sisters belongings. What she found soon after arriving was a shocking surprise.

Dare's ex husband Nick Rossetti.

Nick Rossetti an LAPD detective, is the reason Desire and Dare's relationship was strained.

The detective in him was not convinced that her death was an accident.


When Desire let it slip that she is being harassed he refuses to leave her side.

Some rules will be broken, passion will ignite but only one man will claim their Desire.

I REALLY enjoyed this book! It was heart felt, intriguing, and kept me seeking answers right along with them!

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