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by Susan Fox

Category: Contemporary
Subcategory: Romance
Author: Susan Fox
ISBN: 0263821250
ISBN13: 978-0263821253
Language: English
Publisher: Harlequin Mills & Boon; New Ed edition (February 2, 2001)
Pages: 186
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The Man She'll Marry book. Your conscience is so tender

The Man She'll Marry book. Your conscience is so tender. It just goes around and around and beats you to death over everything, big or little, and it never cuts you slack, even over the things you were tricked or coerced or shamed into, does it?.

Hallie goes to Wes Lansing, a man her grandfather hates, and offers him an irresistible proposal, marry her and she'll deed him the land her . Fox writes a very traditional romance, with a twist that leaves it feeling quite untraditional.

Hallie goes to Wes Lansing, a man her grandfather hates, and offers him an irresistible proposal, marry her and she'll deed him the land her family stole from his family. But is it the land, or the woman who entices him? Rather than a traditional tortured hero, Hallie is a tortured heroine. An Alpha male with a Beta soul, and a heroine who's strong enough to survive her life and find something better. I found her books last year and can't get enough of them. 10 people found this helpful.

THE MAN SHE’LL MARRY: Harlequin Comics Susan Fox,Hiroko Fukuhara Ограниченный .

Susan Fox is a bookaholic and movie fan who loves cowboys, rodeos, and the American West, past and present. She has an intense interest in storytelling of all kinds and in politics, and she claims the two are often interchangeable.

The Man She'll Marry. Published by Thriftbooks. Get out the tissue bo. racy was in the book Wild at heart, she caused all kind of trouble for Rio and Kane, now she is back, Rio loves her and wants to renew their friendship. Now we find out that Romona Tracy's mother is in need of a good b-slap. Tracy was raped as a child, Romona planned it, so she could black-mail the man who did it. The money kept coming in until the man was killed in a car crash. Then Romona met Sam Lantry and married him. some content may be lost sue to the binding of the book. Richmond : Mills & Boon. Canon EOS 5D Mark II.

Susan Fox The Man She'll Marry A man with a big heart and strong arms-someone tough but tender .

Susan Fox The Man She'll Marry. I don’t want this wayward rich girl to give up on me and leave. The words made Tracey’s eyes sting and she couldn’t look at Ty. This was too wonderful, too special. A man with a big heart and strong arms-someone tough but tender, powerful yet passionat. .And where can such a man be found? Marriages made on the ranc. usan Fox lives with her youngest son, Patrick, in Des Moines, Iowa, . A lifelong fan of Westerns and cowboys, she tends to think of romantic heroes in terms of Stetsons and boots! In what spare time she has, Susan is an unabashed couch potato and movie fan.

Find nearly any book by SUSAN FOX (page 2). Get the best deal by comparing prices from over 100,000 booksellers . The Cowboy Wants a Wife! (Marry Me, Cowboy: Men of the Land ISBN 9780373653478 (978-0-373-65347-8) Harlequin. Marriage Bargain (Cowboy Grooms Wanted!) (Harlequin Romance series, No. 3606).

Allison declared she would only marry for love, but her family had other ideas.

Karen MacLean is a hardworking, well-respected corporal for the Caribou Crossing detachment of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Susan Fox. "You can't go wrong picking up a Susan Fox book. Allison declared she would only marry for love, but her family had other ideas. Carole Mortimer is one of Mills&Boon’s best loved Modern Romance authors. With nearly 200 books published and a career spanning 35 years, Mills&Boon are thrilled to present her complete work. HarperCollins, электронная книга.

Comments to eBook The Man She'll Marry (Tender Romance)
lucky kitten
This is the sequel to "Wild at Heart", and it's another heart-wrencher.

Not much of a romance or story really, it's about the emotional redemption of a poor pitiful little mouse. The heroine is the potential OW, the weak tool of her evil mother from the first book. And, boy howdy, she is one pathetic little heroine. Unlike the dweeby doormats that mewl in some HP's, this girl has really been through the wringer with her viperous mother.

SPOILERS She trained her at 4 to steal in jewelry stores as well as from friends then pimps her out after her rape as the mother blackmails the rapist. It's horrible. (End spoiler)]

The premise of the story is that the nice guy from the other book is her mentor. He is initially suspicious of her, but he never lowers himself to shaming or cruelty. I think my favorite part is when she finally acknowledges that she is in love with him, but if it doesn't work out then she would have at least had this time to turn her life around and the opportunity to spend some time with the H. It's not self-pitying or pathetic.

She finally stands up to her evil, evil mother in an epically fine moment where she clearly lays it out what the consequences will be if her mother doesn't leave her alone.

The romance has all the sizzle of vanilla pudding, but the writing is well done as well as the growth of the little mouse.
The Man She'll Marry by Susan Fox
Ty has a huge spread in Texas and he runs into Tracey (his father had gone out with her mother) at a restaurant.
Tracey is drunk and her then friend Greg escorts her out and Ty takes over she
learns later and she had blacked out totally. When she wakes up, still a bit sleepy at his ranch he agrees to let her take
one of his cars and she can bring it back another day. Problem is she's confused and the car is not cooperating as she crashes the door into the car then plunges the car forward. She agrees to give him payment in exchange for the bill. The payment is for her to work for him. He gets the landlord to open her apartment door as she's not answering the
bell or phone but is in the tub with a bottle of wine. She packs up her clothes and necessary things as he takes her back to his ranch. He starts out by giving her stable duty but she collapses and he brings her to the hospital where it's
deemed she's suffering from exhaustion and respiratory infection. She rests a lot the next several days, then he puts her on light duty. After a week he talks her into cooking for him cuz the housekeeper is away. Instead she goes to the truck
stop at 330am to get his breakfast and again at 11 for his lunch and again later for his dinner. He does find out and tries to explain to her he would eat anything she makes. They are both then talking to one another and she tries to explain
to him how life has been for her because of her mother. It helps him understand her a lot better. They are starting to open up to one another and he finds out other things from her past. Since she's been at the ranch she's not had a drink at all
and she's starting to cook from a cookbook and he's helping with the chore, which he is also enjoying.
She's learning how to take care of the cattle now and to rope. She's also more comfortable when he kisses her or puts his arm around her. When she went back to her penthouse to get the mail her mother showed up and tried to move in with her blackmailing
Later after listening to her about her past he apologizes for thinking she was drunk the night he first brought her home. The article in the newspaper cleared it all up. Then her mother shows up at the ranch and he tells Tracey he can't wait to watch the
woman he loves get rid of her past once and for all.
Love Me
The Man She'll Marry by Susan Fox
Harlequin Romance #3648 - April 2001

When Ty Cameron rescue's Tracy from a possible date rape drug induced blackout, he thinks her state is from too much alcohol. He doesn't have much respect for her after she betrayed her step-brother Kane and Kane's then fiancee Rio; nearly destroying their love forever. And that opinion doesn't change much when Tracy has an accident backing the car he loans her out of his garage. Ty assumes that Tracy is spiralling out of control. She's wealthy enough to buy Ty a new car, but he doesn't want that, he insists that Tracy work for him on the ranch and her hourly wage will go towards the damages. Tracy, though not well, tries her hardest to be perfect for Ty. She sees this as her opportunity to prove that she does have worth, maybe not in Ty's eyes but perhaps she can gain a bit of self respect with knowing she's can actually do something. Ty soon sees that she's ridden with guilt and has some very dark secrets. He knows that she was badly mistreated by her mother, and manipulated into doing whatever wrong her mother had deemed necessary to pull off her latest con. But he doesn't fully understand Tracy's torment until she responds to his teasing after a heated kiss with, 'Don't mock me ... not every inexperienced woman who's no longer a virgin had a choice' Perhaps Tracy was right, she is too broken for
Ty to fix. But the tenderness he feels for her only grows and he knows that he doesn't want Tracy giving up on herself and the future he sees they have together.

I'm always surprised at how easily Ms. Fox can create such a compelling story in only a few pages. Tracy's turmoil comes across honestly, and it's not until she's finally able to confess all the sins of her manipulated childhood, that she's finally able to heal. Ms. Fox created a wonderful champion in Ty. He's not afraid to admit he'd misjudged her from the beginning. And he's not afraid of Tracy's demons. He knows that standing together they can fight them. Very well written.
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