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by Sharon Horton

Category: Contemporary
Subcategory: Romance
Author: Sharon Horton
ISBN: 1601541082
ISBN13: 978-1601541086
Language: English
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press (April 16, 2009)
Pages: 172
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Inspired by those dedicated to serving others and a passionate belief in "love conquers all", Sharon's books offer stories of bravery, hope and unconditional love.

Inspired by those dedicated to serving others and a passionate belief in "love conquers all", Sharon's books offer stories of bravery, hope and unconditional love. Born and raised in Northern California, Sharon now lives on the East Coast where her husband, son, dog, cats and goldfish have learned to overlook her endless quest to blend the hearts and spirits of people who don't exist - until she creates them with words. Books by Sharon Horton. Mor. rivia About Jinxed.

Maintaining Homeostasis.

Jinxed - ISBNdb (books and publications). author: Sharon Horton.

200+ people named Sharon Horton living in the US. Sharon K Horton age: ~61. Known as: Sharon K Walker, S Walker Has lived in: Meeker, OKElizabethtown, KYArdmore, O. .Sharon E Horton age: ~53. Known as: Sharon E Kirkman Has lived in: San Clemente, CALa Quinta, CAKelsay, T.Jinxed - ISBNdb (books and publications).

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Since being widowed at an early age, Kendra Duchaine has led a quiet life as a teacher in her hometown of Claremont, Washington. Though at times lonely, she considers herself content until a chance encounter with the town's most prominent citizen turns her life into a frightening game of Cat and Mouse. Convinced her dilemma will be shrugged off due to the status of her ardent admirer Kendra feels she is alone in dealing with her problem. For months she's managed to ignore the multitude of letters, phone calls and expensive gifts, hoping in time her admirer would become less ardent. Her hopes fail one morning when she finds he's left a rose on her doorstep. In despair, and feeling her life must be jinxed, she reluctantly seeks help. Little does Kendra know, a 'Jinx' of another kind is in her future. Kendra's help comes in the form of, 'Jinx' Jenkins, a police lieutenant who, in a twist of fate, is also a widower. After listening to Kendra's story, Jinx is doubtful he can help, explaining her admirer might be too formidable an opponent for a police lieutenant. Yet, it's as that police lieutenant that he knows he cannot deny anyone help. It's as a man Jinx cannot deny he wants to help Kendra.
Comments to eBook Jinxed
Loved this book Sharon knows how to deliver a great book. She adds a bit of suspense and mystery to her love stories which I love. Her books have awesome heroes and who doesn't love a great hero. This is a must read for sure
When the frazzled but gorgeous schoolteacher Kendra Duchaine arrives at the precinct to file some sort of complaint right at the end of his coming off a 24hr marathon shift, Jinx finds himself unable to walk away. When he finds out the complaint is about someone stalking her he feels compelled to help even as implausible as her story seems to be. After all the man she accuses is none other than the Mayor himself. Someone who seems to have no problem in getting a date...why would he ever need to stalk someone? Regardless, Jinx soon finds himself wanting to stick close to Kendra, telling himself it's just to protect her... but maybe just being near her is where he really wants to be.

Kendra feels a connection to the handsome Lt. Jenkins, aka Jinx, from the very first moment she begins to make her plea for help. Although he appears to have doubts about the validity of her claim he seems to appear genuine in his offer to follow up on it for her. The stalking is taking its toll on Kendra, she cannot sleep and is losing weight, but more than anything the fact that no one seems to believe her is getting to her. Jinx seems to be the only one who even will consider her tale to be a possibility, so why does the idea that even he has doubts bother her so much? She only wants him around to protect her, right?

I loved Jinxed! The characters are real and honest. The hero and heroine both are people who have been damaged by the loss of a loved one and the guilt associated with those losses. The way their "coming to terms" is handled by the author, Sharon Horton, is well written and very touching. The stalker part of the story is also well crafted. The threat being subtle enough not to steal away the entire story, but ominous enough to overshadow other events and create an air of unease for the heroine. Pretty much exactly as you would expect such a situation to occur in real life. This is how romantic suspense should be done!

Reviewed by Johnna for Euro-Reviews
You know you've got a keeper in your hands when you hate every little interruption that has you putting down the book. That's how this book was for me -- I hated to put it down. From the start it grabbed me.

Kendra is a middle school teacher who, after a chance encounter one night, is being stalked by one of the town's most prominent people. Knowing she'd probably get the brush-off because of who the person is, Kendra goes to the police to try to file a complaint. She's not really surprised when Lieutenant Jenkins doesn't believe her, and tells her she's probably mistaken when he learns who Kendra is talking about.

Two weeks later, Jinx is still feeling guilty that he didn't do what he could have for Kendra. She reminds him of things he's lost and thought he'd never have again. When he hears of an attack at her school he rushes there to make sure she's not the one hurt. He's relieved that she's fine, and after he notices some changes in her, he's determined to find out why she believes she's being stalked -- then feels bad when he finds evidence that she was telling the truth.

From their first meeting, you can see the sparks between Kendra and Jinx, but both are leery since they've both lost a loved one and are not looking for their lives to change. JINXED is a wonderful story of second chances and all the unexpected surprises awaiting them. Ms. Horton writes with such a flair that keeps you riveted until you reach the last page and I can't recommend this book highly enough. I'm a sucker for a true love story and I think JINXED is just that. It just reinforces why I read romance books -- for all those happily-ever-afters. Don't miss adding this to your TBB list!

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