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by Christina Dodd

Category: Contemporary
Subcategory: Romance
Author: Christina Dodd
ISBN: 160751835X
ISBN13: 978-1607518358
Publisher: Signet (2009)
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Home Christina Dodd Danger in a Red Dress. Dodd has penned another terrific story with a hero and heroine you’ll fall in love with and littered with wonderful secondary characters and enough fast-moving twists and turns and sizzling hot sensuality to keep you turning pages until the final word. Romance Novel TV. Christina Dodd is a master. Thigh High is a winner I highly recommend. Charming and likable characters. make this an enjoyable read.

The cold wind blew in gusts off the ocean, the waves crashed against the cliffs, the salt air lured her onward.

The cold wind blew in gusts off the ocean, the waves crashed against the cliffs, the salt air lured her onward t to be caught two miles from the house when the projected autumn storm blew in. But she didn’t want to go back, either. The last-minute arrangements for the Halloween party, the pressure of knowing Mrs. Manly’s secret, the scrutiny of Balfour House itself made each run more important than the last

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Home care nurse Hannah Grey is dedicated to her patient, an aging widow still tainted by the financial scandal her late. Books related to Danger in a Red Dress.

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Dodd also relies occasionally on plot weekends. Danger in a Red Dress (2009). Secrets of Bella Terra (2011). She and several friends who are romance novelists, including Connie Brockway and Susan Mallery, meet at a hotel for three days Awards. Romance Writers of America RITA Award, Candle in the Window.

About Danger in a Red Dress. Home care nurse Hannah Grey is dedicated to her patient, an aging widow still tainted by the financial scandal her late husband perpetrated

About Danger in a Red Dress. Home care nurse Hannah Grey is dedicated to her patient, an aging widow still tainted by the financial scandal her late husband perpetrated. Fearing for her life, and desperate not to betray the widow, Hannah flees. And when Carrick?s half-brother, Gabriel, tracks her down in Houston, Hannah must trust her own instincts?and her heart?to survive. Also in The Fortune Hunter Books. See All. Also by Christina Dodd. See all books by Christina Dodd.

This is the final book in Christina Dodd's Prescott/Manly brothers series and it is fantastic. Now, finally, in DANGER IN A RED DRESS, Gabriel's story comes to life in an unforgettable book that brings the Lost Texas Hearts and Fortune Hunters series together in a stunning conclusion. It was easy to jump into even though I hadn't read the last book in one of the series.

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Wow! I have not read the Lost Heart Texas Series which are about Gabriel's foster siblings but I have read the Fortune Hunters (not sure really why they are called that) about his half-siblings and now I know why they write in trilogies instead of quartets; she should have stopped at three. I loved those brothers, each one more interesting than the last, and I couldn't wait to get to Gabriel's story, thinking this will definitely be a home run, but instead he comes off as a perverted stalker who hasn't the slightest clue about running the number one security firm in the US, Carrick, the only legitimate brother of his father asks him to spy on his (Carrick's mother) and the nurse he has hired to help her because of nurse's shady past--now as a security person, wouldn't your first question be, why hire her, when there are many other personal nurses out there who have experience with arthritic patients? Then just because he is a half-brother, he ignores everything he senses about this woman and everything the video tells him to the contrary, just so there can be a plot? And the worst is that he video-watches her everywhere, I mean everywhere, in the bathroom, when she soothes her sexual urges at night alone--and we are supposed to just gloss over this because he is just so enthralled with her that he can't stop watching her? Again, the head of the biggest security firm in the US doing this himself? Can you spell "s-t-a-l-k-e-r"? Then we do a silly trasp across country so that everyone can get shot but still miraculously have the strength to make love, and so that she can spill her guts to this guy she just met and he still doesn't confess that he is the same one she knew and was falling in love with but had never actually seen his face (oh yes and he had electronically altered his voice whenever they would have phone conversations so that she could recognize him later in the book, but had no reason to do so at the time) I will still read the Lost Heart Series as she can do 3 good books in a trilogy but waaaah! I am so disappointed to have lost Gabriel, not because he was a lost heart but a lost character. I also recommend the first 3 Fortune Hunter books for light addictive reading (although beware, all the women are a bit pollyanna-ish) but leave well enough alone and have your own fantasies about Gabriel.
I honestly really really REALLY wanted to like this book. It had potential, but noooooo.

This book is the ending to both Lost Texas Hearts and Fortune Hunters (Nathan Manly's sons).


The first half of this book is alright. Like it's okay. The second half... I get the impression that Dodd seriously did not care. Or RUSHED through the entire book. A couple of things stuck out to me, in no particular order.

1) The part when Gabriel saw the picture of Hannah and said she was HIS dream girl. And then sometime afterwards, Trent AKA Gabriel under the disguise as security for the party, tells Hannah that he was a gang member through one of those phone sessions they have. Dodd specifically mentions that Hannah thought of this boy. This boy with green eyes and such and such. THIS. May be just me, but it seriously gave the impression the two main characters had some sort of history or knowledge of another. But wait, that can't be right. Gabriel was put in foster care, and Hannah's mom finally died when Hannah was 16. By then Hannah could live by herself. So how did the two ever meet? Then WHY did Dodd write these parts?

2) Drugging confessions that had little to no impact. Sometime after the 1st time the two get shot at, Hannah is on pain medication and Gabriel isnt (He's a tough macho man, and what if Hannah gets away again? No.). Hannah confesses to the time of meeting her father unknowingly; she was going over to take care of an ex-Navy person, who just so happened to be her father, and upon arriving and taking care of her father, her father's current wife and daughter was there. And they were mad, thinking this was some ploy set up to see her father. The mother and daughter were able to tell because of the similar genetics. This is a bit much. Granted, given the proper description or storytelling I KNOW Dodd is capable of, it could be extremely traumatic. But the way Dodd DID write this part was completely... "Oh, I just scrap my knee when I fell, it's okay" story. Which prompts Gabriel to tell HIS story of why he screams out from the nightmares and such. His mother left him on a highway and he screams from the passing cars because he is frightened--he's 4 years old--and he was forcibly removed because he wouldn't budge because his mother told him to stay there. Crappy mother, I know. And YES, Dodd told this in the fashion of "Oh, I just.... It's okay". It's okay. No, it is NOT okay.

3) Sex within MAYBE 4 days of re-meeting but technically with a stranger... But even worst--BOAESS. Blink Of An Eye Sex Scene. SCENE. Now Trent and Hannah dont get to have sex, but he does catch her masturbating on his many sp-I mean security-cameras while after one of their phone conversations. Dodd finally gets to the sex after the one year gap and they get shot. I think it's somewhere between the horrible confession and or possibly before the "Heroine spills all". It's like one of those scenes out of a movie. Now if we wanted to watch a movie, we'd definitely do that, however... This is a book, we're reading, give us MORE. The fading lights/writing style/he threw the covers over her as he prepared to thoroughly pound her... Etc. Not what Dodd wrote, but you get the gist. It went down like that. I seriously thought the two were going to cuddle only. Show me the SEX, dammit. And this is literally maybe, at most, 4 days of knowing this stranger, who you originally (Hannah did) thought as dangerous, however threw yourself (Hannah did) at because of the gun from afar you saw (1st time they get shot at). And Hannah, you think he's Gabriel. Not Trent Gabriel, but Gabriel.

4) I need to tell you the truth/Hannah spills all. After they have sex 3 times but that really doesnt count because there was hardly one-how could there be three?-sex scene. Cliche, cliche cliche. But worst? Dodd doesnt even bother to write what Hannah says. "She knew she needed to tell him, she TRUSTED him." /Cues next scene/taps return 2 times. Begins new paragraph where SUDDENLY Daniel (confidant/chauffeur/Gabriel-Trent-Whatever-His-Name-Is' right-handed man knows what Hannah said and believes her.

5) Which prompts Gabriel to review the clips of when Hannah 'murdered' Melinda Balfour AKA Nathan Manly's wife/mother to Carrick Manly. Manly stood over the injections that Hannah originally laid out earlier, in the case of extreme should something happen at the party. But Carrick is HIS (Gabriel's) brother. Surely not! Surely SO. Once he thought about it more, the more it seemed to be true. He knew what he must do. /facepalms. Why didnt you do that before, Gabriel? And Gabriel says... He was afraid to believe her because he desperately wanted to believe her/Carrick's his kid brother. /smh

6) Acute realization that YES, this was Trent, how dare he? For some inkling, Hannah decides to google/web surf Carrick. In some of the many links related to Carrick, she finds out that Gabriel is Carrick's half brother. Which then prompts her to figure out that it was Trent, who was Gabriel. Or Gabriel was Trent. Whatever! He'd pay. /shakes fist. Okay, that's fine and all but srsly woman. If you didnt notice it now, how'd you finally figure it out?

7) Osgood? Dunno who he really is but the guy shows up again. This was the last of the Fortune Hunters, so I dont know how Dodd is going to end or quit Osgood. It's kind of... Eh.

This book really had potential, though. I'll say that much.
This book is the final book in the Fortune Hunter series and Gabriel the Hero is a secondary character in her previous series's Lost Hearts, you do not have to read the previous books to understand what's going on, but I like to have as much background on the characters as I can so when I can start from the beginning I do. It's an entertaining story, Hannah the h is smart, caring and a good person that gets involved in a bad situation because of two malicious and selfish men, Gabriel the H is smart and sexy but he gets roped into something that he should have seen coming, but he trusted the wrong person. So there is misunderstandings, murder, and romance what more could you want.
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