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by Robert D with Birnes William J. Keppel

Category: Social Sciences
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Author: Robert D with Birnes William J. Keppel
ISBN: 0099233118
ISBN13: 978-0099233114
Language: English
Publisher: Arrow, 1996; New Ed edition (1996)
Pages: 496
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This book, in essence is memoirs of Robert D. Keppel, the cop who found himself chasing serial killers again and again after his first success, Ted Bundy.

This book, in essence is memoirs of Robert D. Keppel is an academic (associate professor for criminal justice), he writes books for investigators. As such the tone of the book is essentially passing on experiences by Keppel in understanding and pursuit of serial killers.

PRAISE FOR ROBERT D. KEPPEL AND THE RIVERMAN Keppel knows more about identifying, tracking, and finally . KEPPEL AND THE RIVERMAN Keppel knows more about identifying, tracking, and finally arresting and convicting serial killers than anyone else in the field. I don’t think Bob Keppel ever set out to become an expert on serial murder.

Get books you want In a real-life scenario straight out of The Silence of the Lambs, Robert Keppel .

The Riverman: Ted Bundy and I Hunt for the Green River Killer. The Day After Roswell. UFO Hunters® follows the team of bestselling author William J. Birnes, former NASA physicist Dr. Ted Acworth, and former US Army engineer Pat Uskert as they investigate UFO cases around the world.

Robert D. Keppel, William J. Birnes. Bundy's chilling revelations were chronicled in The Riverman, "a page-turner" (Ted Montgomery, Detroit News) praised by Ann Rule as "the definitive book on serials. But Ted Bundy wasn't the first killer of his kind - or the last

Robert D. Keppel was the chief consultant to the Green River Murders Task force who helped develop the strategy behind the arrest of current suspect Gary Ridgway. He has since retired as the chief criminal investigator for the Washington State Attorney General's Office. He has received a number of grants from the . Bureau of Justice Administration to aid local police agencies in tracking serial homicides.

The Riverman - Robert Keppel. Praise for robert D. keppel and the riverman

The Riverman - Robert Keppel. keppel and the riverman. knows more about identifying, tracking, and finally arresting and convicting serial killers than anyone else in the field. Ann Rule, New York Times bestselling author of Heart Full of Lies. The obvious excitement Bundy felt at the chance to recount his murderous career to Keppel sends chills down the spine. Keppel took Bundy’s intricate tale of homicidal insanity and turned it into a cogent and useful primer for law enforcement agencies trying to catch serial killers

I had to smile when I read.

For information address Pocket Books, 1230 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020 ww. imonandSchuster. I had to smile when I read.

Every now and again, a true crime book appears that delivers even more than it promises, and Robert Keppel's remarkable book belongs in that category

Every now and again, a true crime book appears that delivers even more than it promises, and Robert Keppel's remarkable book belongs in that category. Before I praise it too highly, I should state that despite the title, this book is most definitely not a retelling of Ted Bundy's career as a murderer. Keppel was a detective in King County, Washington in 1974 when Bundy first came to the attention of law enforcement

Keppel, Robert D; Birnes, William .

Keppel, Robert D; Birnes, William J. Publication date. Bundy, Theodore Robert, Serial murders, Homicide, Serial murderers. New York : Pocket Books. inlibrary; printdisabled; ; china.

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Brick my own
I really admire Robert Keppel. He's obviously a hero who devoted his career to work he found distasteful and even painful but somebody has to do it. The first part of the book is about police procedure, and Keppel is also helpful in writing about mistakes they made hunting for GRK. When it gets to the part where he's interviewing Bundy in prison, you have to hear Bundy's rap, and Ted Bundy is boring. I have not read the entire book yet, because my reading slowed down considerably when it got to the prison interviews.

The book is extremely valuable read for people interested in police procedure, and in trying to figure out how a serial predator thinks, stalks, and behaves. There's a lot of good information, and I do plan to finish the book.
(Note: I'm bumping this up to a five rating on 2013Jan30)

I read similar subject material from both Ann Rule and David Reichert. I would say that this is the best of the three; maybe it deserves five stars?

This is the first book that I have read from Dr. Keppel. Excellent piece of work for sure; he is so objective that he almost doesn't have a problem sharing some credit with Ted Bundy. In Mr. Reichert's version - which is also very good - the congressman makes no bones about the fact that he highly disliked Bundy. That is no surprise really, but it was difficult for Reichert to therefore remain objective while dealing with Bundy. On the other hand, Dr. Keppel alludes to the fact that he felt "dirty" working with Bundy, but Keppel remained as objective as anyone could be and realized that Bundy was a means to an end: catching the Green River Killer. Ultimately, that strategy worked. (I reviewed Ms. Rules book, and I have to admit that I didn't like it much as it concentrated too heavily on the victims, which became strictly an exercise in tedium to read.)

There is some very interesting side material to this book. I finished it a couple of weeks ago so I'm a bit hazy. But I remember a section where Dr. Keppel describes hunting the "Ted" killer. He gives a very nice "Twilight Zone" argument that lays out a very likely scenario of how his task force would have nabbed Bundy, even if police from another state hadn't caught the real Ted. Dr. Keppel did an excellent job deriving a new solution for prioritizing leads using computers, back when computers were only for the rich. And Bundy was the next candidate on the perpetrator list and would have become quickly the prime suspect. And this is only one example in the book where Dr. Keppel shows a very strong ability to argue logically, which is necessary to keep me interested. (As a side note, he also describes a killer in Bellevue that was intriguing to me, as I remember talking to a cop the day that the first woman was killed, and the cops had no clue who was the criminal. I hadn't heard anything else about these murders for 20 years, and then found out the full story in this book! That was a surprise, a nice one at that since they caught him.)

I lived in Seattle for 30 years - during the times where both Bundy and Ridgway were perfecting their "careers" - so this book had added interest for me. Dr. Keppel not only did fabulous detective work that helped catch both serial killers, but he also has written a fine book that should be required reading for anyone that wants to be involved in law enforcement, I believe.
Interesting subject as always, a little scattered at times, but told well and we get to view these cases from the grim, yet personal perspective of a detective instrumental in the apprehension of these headline-grabbing serial killers. Unfortunately, in order to nab these killers, he has to understand them- very interesting
absolutely stunning. I'm near speechless. this was one of the most well done works I have read to date. the word for word conversations with Bundy, the details of Ridgeways crimes against his victims, and the psychological picture one can envision of the world these killers live in are but a few things that were so well written and implied. I simply can't say enough to recommend this book to whom ever reads this review. Keppel amazed me. A+.
Where Ann Rule's The Stranger Beside Me skirted the issue of just how horrible Bundy was, Keppel goes head on into the main vein of Bundy's sickness: his sexual perversion and necrophilia. Some portions of this book really made me squirm.
There is also lots of good information on serial-killer tracking methodology. However, aside from some brilliant dicourse on how to search a serial killer dump site, most of the techniques Keppel discusses do not seem particularly brilliant. Things like "the serial killer signature" seem like common sense.
The book completely avoids discussion on the most important question of all. Namely, what made Bundy the sick depraved lunatic that he was. There are no theories at all on why serial killers become what they are.
Finally, regarding the final interviews with Bundy, the reading is difficult. One of Keppel's strategies was to mimick Bundy's vague, rambling method of speech. Because of this, the interviews are repetitive, not very informative, and a strain to follow
Still, all in all, the book holds some truly priveleged information, and is worth reading if you, like myself, have a fascination with serial killers.
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