Fb2 Shadow Warrior ePub

by Rodriguez

Subcategory: Memoris and Biographies
Author: Rodriguez
ISBN: 0671725998
ISBN13: 978-0671725990
Language: English
Publisher: Pocket (October 1, 1990)
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Shadow Warrior
Comments to eBook Shadow Warrior
happy light
Excellent book about the CIA in the field.
it a book. not a bad read if you are old enough to remember the pinko commie castro boys.
good reading
This book covers the remarkable life of one of the lesser known men who nonetheless played vital roles in the history of our nation and in the larger Cold War context, most notably the Cuban crisis engendered by Castro's triumph and subsequent Sovietization of his tiny island. For a man who was at the pulse point of so much warfighting, Rodriguez is very self-effacing and modest. His role in helping the Bolivian army capture Che Guevara cannot be downplayed but credit must also be given to the US Army RANGERS who shaped the Bolivians into an effective counter-guerilla army.
Rodriguez's role in halting the Sandinista takeover of Nicaragua should not be minimized and more focus should have been placed on that mission. This man lived the life William F Buckley's CIA agent Blackford Oakes dreamt about!
Maybe it's because I'm close to the subject but I enjoyed every single line writing in this book. This book tells the story of a person that had an early understanding of the damage that communist governments could inflict on the freedoms and human rights of individuals.

Felix's fight against communism went from being inserted inside Cuba helping to support and created armed resistance, to training and advising locals in Latin America to fight Castro communist trained and sponsored guerrillas that have brought so much pain and death into Latin America. He also fought in the jungles of Vietnam and had an essential role in the tracking down and capturing Ernesto Guevara in the Bolivian jungles.

Che seems to be a hero by many that have been only touched by Fidel's Castro propaganda machine, but for people like me that were born and lived under Castro regime, we have a first hand knowledge of how Che agreed and supported the repressive steps taking by Castro against the Cuban people to increase his grip on power.

Felix Rodriguez fit, in my opinion, to the definition of a hero. This is a book that anyone interested in cover operations should read, but particularly Cubans that have lived under Castro regime and want to know the side of their history that is impossible to find under the Castro's regime's Cuba's history books.
You would think that someone who comes face to face with such an evil enemy would have no mercy with them...But guess what he did. and treated him with respect much than (che the dirtbag) had treated his own prisoners(Political prisoners) of course Every dog has it's day,and when the bolivians got rid of him, the world was better. but this book does not just focus on one scumbag gone from the world, but on Felix overall view and his service to the United States Something I greatly admire and appreciate. Sadly, You won't find many like that, even less among my generation. Forget those Silly novels(some nonfiction included!) that you have read. this guy is a Hero and Freedom Fighter.
Felix Rodriguez, a Cuban-born CIA Agent better known to many by his nom de guerre, Max Gomez, relates how the brutality and oppression of Castro's communist regime led his family to emigrate to the US and him to become one of the youngest participants in the Bay of Pigs landing. After successfully evading capture, he made his way back to the US where he became a US Army Officer and later a CIA Agent. In Bolivia, he trained the forces which captured Che Guevarra. As one of his last acts before the Bolivians executed him, Che gave his wristwatch to Rodriguez who wore it constantly thereafter. Despite their adherance to different systems, each recognized the other as a fellow warrior. He also writes of his years in Vietnam where he worked with William Buckley, the Agent who was later taken hostage in Lebanon and ultimately tortured to death. Finally, he relates his involvement in extending US support to Nicaraguan freedom fighters seeking to liberate their own country from the secret police and political prisons which proliferated under the Sandinista government. The book is very inspirational and should, if they would read it, open the eyes of those who live in a fool's paradise regarding the fate which awaits them should America ever lose its strength and resolve. It is also a tribute to the contribution, to that strength and resolve, made by those Cubans who came to our country and proved to be better Americans than many who were born here. Felix Rodriguez is an American hero, and this is his story. Read it.
This is an exciting and detailed look autobiography of Cuban exile, Felix Rodriguez, who became famous during the Iran/Contra hearings. He details and justifies his life long fight against Communism. He comes off as fair and not always kind to some of the others in the Iran/Contra intrigue. The only problem I had with this book was a minor one. There is some repetition and many names and their respective aliases are over-repeated. If you want to understand the cuban exile (not pro-Batista) perspective on Communism, this is the book. This book also takes us to VietNam, briefly to Lebanon, and throughout Central America.
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