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by Sandra Brown

Category: United States
Subcategory: Fiction
Author: Sandra Brown
ISBN: 0727840762
ISBN13: 978-0727840769
Language: English
Publisher: Severn House Pub Ltd; 1st Hardcover Ed edition (September 1, 1990)
Pages: 455
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Slow Heat in Heaven is an enormously entertaining book.

Slow Heat in Heaven is an enormously entertaining book. It is fast-paced, with vivid characters, a juicy plot, sizzling love scenes, and the kind of tension that keeps you turning the pages. Sandra Brown has once again proven her talent as a storyteller. Lisa Gregory, author of Before the Dawn. Elizabeth Lowell, author of Tell Me No Lies. sultry and seductive, a sizzling page-turner.

Slow Heat in Heaven is a rip-roaring tale that grabs the reader's attention on page 1 and doesn't let go until the book's end. Complex and vivid characters, family intrigue, and old scandals all make for the perfect romantic suspense read.

The adopted daughter of the most powerful man in town, Schyler Crandall left Heaven, Louisiana, a brokenhearted girl. Now a crisis has brought her home to a family in conflict, a logging empire on the brink of disaster, and seething secrets that make Heaven hotter than hell. Still there are her beautiful younger sister, Tricia, with her cruel lie. en, Tricia’s handsome husband, who married the wrong siste. igger, the pimp and ruffian with plans of his ow. nd Cash, proud, mysterious, and complex

I expect you to pretend that Gayla isn't here. That's what I plan to d. The two sisters were in the downstairs hall. Schyler was dressed and ready to go to work.

I expect you to pretend that Gayla isn't here. Gayla only drank tea for breakfast and then went back to sleep," Schyler told Tricia.

Slow Heat in Heaven book. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Start by marking Slow Heat in Heaven as Want to Read: Want to Read savin. ant to Read. Grappling with hidden family secrets, forbidden passions, and.

Slow Heat in Heaven Skylar Crandall has returned home to the family estate Valtair. This is a fantastic book! It is a real page turner.

Slow Heat in Heaven Skylar Crandall has returned home to the family estate Valtair He is able to update her o. .Пользовательский отзыв - mary800 - Overstock. Sandra Brown did an excellent job at keeping enough mystery and romance in the story to keep you wanting more. Ive actually read it more than once.

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Other readers will always be interested in your opinion of the books you've read. Whether you've loved the book or not, if you give your honest and detailed thoughts then people will find new books that are right for them. 1. Slow Heat in Heaven.

A woman returns home to deal with a family crisis, only to discover the situation is far worse than she realized.

Schyler Crandall, adopted daughter of the founder of a logging empire, falls in love with Cash Boudreaux, a brash Cajun
Comments to eBook Slow Heat in Heaven
God I liked this story but something(s) about it made it impossible for me to love it and give it 5 stars. God, I love a "bad boy" as much as the next stupid girl, but Jesus, mar y and joseph, this stories bad boy (cash) was a real BASTARD. I wanted to throw my kindle at his fictional character. He was rude, mentally, emotionally, and verbally abusive. The main characters eventually hooked up (had sex) multiple times but he was also sleeping with another woman. Now that may not bother anyone else, but that killed it for me. It may be silly, they weren't married or even a couple, but it breaks my heart for the main character woman (scheyler) and makes me automatically dispise Cash. It feels like cheating, I know it's not, but that's what it feels like. The whole story he was mean and spiteful and didn't have one nice thing to say till the very last words on the very last page where he admitted he loved her then...The end. That was it. I can't/dont imagine a happily ever after for them, and I really wanted to. The mystery and suspense was GREAT though, lol
I just read it again. The book was published in 1988 but it's timeless. One of the best books I've ever read. I think the characters are interesting. I laughed very often. I also loved the fact that the heroine was so strong. God that was so good! I also found Cash sexy. He literally oozed off of the page. And their sexual chemistry was awesome. It was just a raw and real story. I think she took the time to make everything as vivid as possible. It was like dreaming as I was reading the story and being able to see everything. It almost seems like she dreamed this story up because it's so detailed and vivid in regards to the background and everything. Just classic. I hope it becomes a movie. But sometimes movies can ruin the story. I highly recommend this book. It's so great you'll read it in 2 days. It's rather thick but the story moves quickly.
If you love reading because of those books that pull you in and make it to where you can't quit thinking about them, don't want to put them down until you finish, then BUY THIS BOOK!! It is THAT GOOD! I used to read Sandra Brown years ago but haven't picked up many of her novels over the last few years. Wow! I have been missing out! I live in the south and my husband is a logger, runs a skidder, and we live very close to the Louisiana border, so I definitely identified with this book since it has all of those factors in it. I have many friends from Louisiana and visit there often. So I can definitely say that Sandra Brown makes this book authentic in all of the above. You FEEL like you are RIGHT THERE with the characters. But even if the book did not resonate with me in those ways, I still would give it 5 stars. It is suspenseful, dramatic, romantic in a weird sort of way, and I love how she writes a background and story for each character she mentions. I felt like the book did not leave anything unturned and I was completely satisfied at the end.

When the main character Schyler takes matters into her own hands with Jigger's dogs I was blown away! My mouth was hanging open with my hand covering it and I was saying, "Oh my God!, I can't believe she did that! You go girl!" It was one of the best scenes in the book. She is a very strong woman and there were many scenes just as equally jaw dropping and awesome as that one. I read many reviews before I purchased the book that talked about Cash and not liking his character at all. But that is why I say it was romantic "in a weird way". Although he is very crass and rude in his language and how he treats women, I think Sandra Brown does such a good job at building his character that the reader should understand him and see his heart and why he is the way he is. It makes him forgivable and makes you root for him and Schyler despite his terrible ways.

I hated to have to put this book down to go to work during the day and found myself trying so hard to keep my eyelids open at night because I did not want to quit reading. I thought about it all during the day while working and just wanted to get done with everything for the day so I could start reading it again. It's books like these that keep me addicted to reading and I promise you that you won't regret buying it! It is that good!
This book is kinda like Gone with the Wind on crack of the 20th century and its based in Louisiana. Instead of Tara you have Belle Terre. Before the book starts you have an older sister that seduced younger sister fiance and marries him which caused younger sister Schyler to run away to London for 6 years.. She comes back because her adopted father had a heart attack. In coming back she finds out her home that she loves is in danger of foreclosure and that her fathers Lumber business has been closed by her brother in law (who used to be her fiance) and that his marriage to her sister is a joke and he is constantly telling Schyler he made a mistake.. Then you have Cash who grew up in a shack on Belle Terre with his mother who was Schyler's adopted father mistress. Cash is far from a typical hero in a romance book. Even though the sexual tention between him and Schyler is pretty hot, he constantly sleeps with other women through out pretty much the whole book.. He is very angry about how he and his mother were treated when he was growing up and hates Schyler's father (for good reason - I am leaving out a big spoiler on that one) Then you have one of Schyler childhood friends who had to become a whore to pay for her mothers medical bills which in turn upset her childhood sweetheart to the point he ended up throwing away his football career and ended up in prison (which in this book deplicts him getting raped in prison). Ohh and the bad guy raises dogs to fight - and we the reader get to "go to" one of these..ICK.. Man I could go on and on about the craziness and disfunction of this book.. I still give it a four rating cause it was so disfunctionable that you couldnt put it down. You needed to see how this thing was going to end.
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