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by Stuart M. Kaminsky

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Author: Stuart M. Kaminsky
ISBN: 0446403377
ISBN13: 978-0446403375
Language: English
Publisher: Mysterious Pr (May 1, 1997)
Pages: 224
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Dancing in the Dark book. Noir style and keeps the interest. Stuart M. Kaminsky is author of 50 published novels, 5 biographies, 4 textbooks and 35 short stories.

Dancing in the Dark book. He is a past president of the Mystery Writers of America and has been Received the Shamus Award, "The Eye" (Lifetime achievment award) in 2007.

Stuart M. Kaminsky (September 29, 1934 – October 9, 2009) was an American mystery writer and film professor

Stuart M. Kaminsky (September 29, 1934 – October 9, 2009) was an American mystery writer and film professor. He is known for three long-running series of mystery novels featuring the protagonists Toby Peters, a private detective in 1940s Hollywood (1977-2004); Inspector Porfiry Petrovich Rostnikov, a Moscow police inspector (1981-2010); and veteran Chicago police officer Abe Lieberman (1990-2007).

My name is Toby Peters. I’m a private investigator. Investigator sounds better than detective.

Stuart M. Kaminsky Dancing in the Dark Chapter One: Black Bottom First you put your two knees close up tight, I said, my hands behind my back, nodding in approval as she followed my instructions. Now, I went on, you swing them to the left, then you swing them to the right. She started the first swing left, stopped, and eyed me skeptically. My name is Toby Peters. Detective sounds like comic strips and radio shows, Dick Tracy and Sam Spade and Johnny Dollar.

High Midnight: A Toby Peters Mystery (Book Six).

To save a film star's fingers, Toby Peters gives dance lessons Fred Astaire has a headache named Luna. The moll of a well-known Los Angeles gangster, Luna has demanded dance lessons from Hollywood's finest hoofer, and whatever Luna wants, Luna gets. But after two lessons with the lead-footed lady, Astaire tires of her making passes at him, and hires famously discreet private investigator Toby Peters to break the news gently. High Midnight: A Toby Peters Mystery (Book Six). Kaminsky (1934-2009) was one of the most prolific crime fiction authors of the last four decades. Dancing in the Dark The Toby Peters Mysteries (Том 19). Born in Chicago, he spent his youth immersed in pulp fiction and classic cinema - two forms of popular entertainment which he would make his life's work. Автор. Издание: перепечатанное.

Dancing in the Dark tp-19 (Toby Peters. Read books for free from anywhere and from any device.

Dancing in the Dark tp-19 (Toby Peters Year Published: 2007. Year Published: 2001. Listen to books in audio format instead of reading.

Dancing in the Dark (A Toby Peters Mystery). Toby Peters It's 1942 and Toby is hired by Leopold Stokowski to find out who is trying to sabotage his production of Madame Butterfly in San Francisco. No one enjoyed getting beat up, shot at, confused and pushed around more than Toby Peters. He always eventually figures things out while mentioning every brand name that the 1940's sported and listening to all the popular radio shows. This is a fun series and it's always wonderful to get insight into the 1940's.

Authors: Stuart M. Kaminsky. The house was dark when I walked up the gray wooden front steps. I had found a parking space across the street, a little close to a driveway, but what the hell. Somewhere far away a dog was whimpering. I let myself in, took off my shoes, and tiptoed across the creaking floor toward the stairs. Mrs. Plaut was several thousand years old, had been for generations. She was almost deaf though she had the senses of a movie Indian. She felt every vibration in the house. Getting past her, day or night, was a challenge I had seldom me. oreLess Show More Show Less.

To save a film star's fingers, Toby Peters gives dance lessons. by Stuart M. Fred Astaire has a headache named Luna  .

Fred Astaire hires Toby Peters to help him get rid of an incredibly untalented dance student, whose tutelage he has been forced to undertake by her threatening mafioso boyfriend. Reprint.
Comments to eBook Dancing in the Dark (A Toby Peters Mystery)
Excellent book and a great price. Toby Peters rides again. THX
Kaminski is a pleasure to read. Always a good plot, a good ride and satisfying conclusion. Never a dull
Toby Peters mystery
Toby Peters is one of those characters who interact with historical figures, in this case, Fred Astaire. They are good, quick reads and good stories.
Way too dated for me and I'm 74 years old!
I am wading through a Lieberman novel by Kaminsky
which is a little more interesting.
I've enjoyed several of SK's Toby Peters' books on audio, but as I'm a great fan of Grover Gardner, I only got the ones narrated by him. I see on Audible that they've replaced his reading of Dancing in the Dark --which is utterly brilliant-- with one read by somebody else (who sounds mediocre at best in the sample). Travesty!! GG is such an excellent reader (even when he's reading under a pseudonym) that to replace his performance is an outrage; his readings are simply superb, & in this one, Fred Astaire sounds a heckuva lot like Fred A.

I suppose I shouldn't bother with many details about it, since it apparently is no longer available, but plot-wise, the book is also great fun. It offers an entertaining peek into the home front as it was during WWII, away from real war-involved activities & into daily life (though that was considerably affected by the war, of course --rationing, blackouts, etc). It seems especially useful these days, as the "Wars" in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc, have violently affected only those who are actually involved; I put the word in quotes strictly because the general public hasn't been affected in the slightest by them, which I think is blasphemy & a travesty...it's just WRONG that...no, heading off on a soapbox not really germaine to the book. Let's just say it gives an idea how war can affect the general public, as it probably should. But it treads lightly or not at all on some of the most horrendous aspects of WWII on the West Coast, as is probably understandable for a light, entertaining book.

Kaminsky's characters are an entertaining crew of quirky folks, many of them REALLY quirky, though they don't cross the border into caricature. This is occasionally a problem in his books, as in a couple of people in "To Catch a Falling Clown;" Toby's friend Shelly, for example, is just over-the-top obnoxious in that one. But the quirks remain entertaining in this one.

But for the most part, the Toby Peters books are fun reads --not what you'd call Deathless Literature, but good, tasty brain candy.
Deodorant for your language
The Toby Peters mysteries are set in Hollywood during the 1930's and 1940's and they always involve Peters ,a PI ,becoming involved with the luminaries of the movie world .This time it is Fred Astaire who engages his services .The great hoofer is being inveighled into giving free dance lessons to the paramour of one Arthur Forbes ,a Detroit mobster who goes by the nickname Fingers Intaglia from his anti-social habit of removing the said digits from his numerous victims .Peters poses as a dance tutor and tries to persuade the lady not to take up the lessons .However things rapidly get more complicated when murder rears its ugly head .The lady in question is murdered folowed soon by the owner of a shady dance academy where she used to work and then by Forbes himself .Peters ,aided by Astaire ,sets out to track down the killer or killers

Astaire ,like all the stars in the series' books ,receives sympathetic treatment and is shown as a dab hand in a fight as well as being something of a police junkie well used to riding in squad cars as a guest of the force

The usual colourful support cast is in evidence -Peter's eccentric landlady and her interminable family history ,Jeremy the poetic ex-wrestler,Shelodon Minck the world's worst dentist

The book,like others in the series ,is light and diveting being full of charm and a great love of movies and movie people ,the whole series being thoroughly recommendable to all who enjoy vintage cinema as well as a good mystery
Kaminsky has maintained one of the best records among top professionals writing series of detective stories. Toby Peters remains in the inner circle of appealing heroes for such series and the Hollywood/Los Angeles setting retains its vitality as a backdrop for the hero and supporting cast to play out their hands for the amusement of the large number of readers who look forward to each new entry. In this one, the girl friend of a leading LA gangster wants Fred Astaire to teach her dance routines that will insure her success in night clubs, on stage, and in the films. Astaire has other commitments. He hires Toby Peters to get him out the trouble. It is not an easy task. Trouble for Peters and Astaire makes for amusement for the rest of us.
In creating humorous detective stories, Kaminsky ranks with the best. This one should provide the expected entertainment for those committed to the series; newcomers should share in the fun without difficulty. It can be heard on the run or while seated in one's car or at home sunk deep into one's favorite lounge chair. Everyone should enjoy this visit to wartime LA in the company of a congenial cast of characters.
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