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Category: Literary
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Author: Tim Winton
ISBN: 1554680948
ISBN13: 978-1554680948
Language: English
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers (June 2, 2009)
Pages: 272
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Breath is the twentieth book and the eighth novel by Australian author Tim Winton. His first novel in seven years, it was published in 2008, in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, the US, Canada, the Netherlands and Germany

Breath is the twentieth book and the eighth novel by Australian author Tim Winton. His first novel in seven years, it was published in 2008, in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, the US, Canada, the Netherlands and Germany. The novel is set in a small Western Australian logging village named Sawyer, near the fictional coastal town of Angelus, which has featured in several of Winton's works, including Shallows and The Turning

That was the first of many such days and we were friends and rivals from then on.

Tim Winton is Australia’s best-loved novelist

Tim Winton is Australia’s most decorated and beloved literary novelist. Tim Winton is Australia’s best-loved novelist. His new work, Breath, is an extraordinary evocation of an adolescence spent resisting complacency, testing one’s limits against nature, finding like-minded souls, and discovering just how far one breath will take you. It’s a story of extremes-extreme sports and extreme emotions.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Now a Major Motion Picture, Starring Simon Baker, Elizabeth Debicki, and Richard Roxburgh Breath is a story of risk. His new work, Breath, is an extraordinary evocation of an adolescence spent resisting complacency.

Tim Winton is Australia’s best-loved novelist. On the wild, lonely coast of Western Australia, Tim Winton is Australia’s best-loved novelist.

Breath is a 2017 film adaptation of Australian author Tim Winton's novel Breath. It premiered at the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival and the 2017 Zurich Film Festival, and was released on 1 June 2018 by FilmRise. The film is set in the. The film is set in the 1970s and two teenage boys form a connection with an older surfer. The boys Pikelet and Loonie have grown up in a small town and through surfing met up with Sando, who challenges them to take greater and more dangerous risks.

On the forecast maps it looked like a tumour on the sea between us and the southern iceshelf. The moment he saw it Sando began planning our attempt on the Nautilus. On the Saturday and Sunday before. the front arrived the swell in its path hadn't yet gathered momentum. We'd have to wait for the passage of the storm and catch the swell in its wake. Which meant I'd have to wag school if I wanted to make the trip. Before the wind had even stirred the trees I knew I wasn't ready for the Nautilus

Filled with the lyrical genius that has earned Winton international acclaim and a loyal readership worldwide, Breath is the coming-of-age story of two thrill-seeking boys who surf for danger of all kinds on the untamed coast of Western Australia. As the two boys fall under the thrall of Sando, a veteran big-wave surfer, and his enigmatic wife, Eva, the two adults initiate the boys into forbidden worlds of peril, testing the boundaries of athleticism, friendship, sexuality and mortality.


Breath is a story about the wildness of youth—the lust for excitement and terror, the determination to be extraordinary, the wounds that heal and those that don’t—and about learning to live with its passing.


P.S. to include


• extended author biography

• essay about the pleasure and power of surfing

• in-depth interview with Winton about his writing career, his experience of nearly drowning and much more. . .

Comments to eBook Breath
I recently discovered this author, recommended by the writer Elin Hilderbrand in The New York Times. I am now snapping up anything by him I can get my hands on. I just finished my third title, “Breath,” which may be the best of the three so far (“Dirt Music,” “Eyrie,” both wonderful). It follows two boys in their early teens as they take up surfing and put themselves under the tutelage of an older, experienced surfer who, grudgingly at first, takes them on; soon they are under his spell. The risks they take on become increasingly dangerous as the book becomes less about surfing and more about everything else.

These are all gritty novels that resonate on a deep level, written by an absolutely gorgeous writer. Western Australia is a curious and wonderful world to slip into and the language quirks are delightful. These are not easy stories—bad things do happen—and they pack a punch. Winton’s characters learn expensive life lessons, lead hard-scrabble lives, lose loved ones, make bad decisions. I might even venture to say these books are not for the faint of heart. But if you want something that’s real and will move you deeply, if you like great writing, if you want a book you won’t forget five minutes after you close it, this is for you.
An insightful study of growing up too soon into the serious world of adulthood. Facing and overcoming demons in a world full of family, friends, acquaintances and lovers in search of what makes you whole and real. Tim Winton is a genuine philosopher who explores key essences of what it is to be human - some majestic, some tawdry. An Ausralian author who makes you feel that we may have diccovered our own Aussie Shakespeare!
It took me awhile to figure out some of the Australian expressions, but Winton has created a clear, clean, soul-challenging tale here. Refreshing with his direct style of communicating feelings, of introspective insights, and of a style of life that many lead but are too embarrassed to admit it. Surfing is not the focus of this book, but the life within a particular surfer who grew up quickly and found out that slashing and bashing against the norm is maybe sometimes worth it and sometimes not. I admire the main character. I can feel for him. I know I'm not alone and feel affirmed by reading this tale. Thanks, Winton.
Very different story; had to get used to the Australian slang, but the story really sticks with you after you've read it. Sad story, but looking forward to maybe being able to see the movie. The book looked like it had been stored for a while, pages yellowed, but was able to read everything; there were a few marks on pages inside, so not as clean as a new one, but seller was good, had it in the time specified. Thank you!
sunrise bird
It's about the adolescent rivalry, insecurity and daring of these two australian boys. How long can they hold their breath under water? Who surfs the largest wave? Until they find a guru, until one drops out of School and another falls helplessly in love. How will it end? Me? I'm well on my way on my "read-all-by-tim winton" trip.
Rolling Flipper
I picked Breath after hearing from so many people that Tim Winton really writes great novels. One of his more recent books was shortlisted a few years ago for the Man Booker. I also saw this book on an older NY Times Notable Books list so with that I picked it up and was glad I did as the book was quite good and I will no doubt try to read something else by Winton as a result of reading this. "Breath" is about two young boys who are good friends living in a small town in Australia Loonie is the more adventurous of the two and seems to live in a thrill a minute way. Brue being much more conservative with older parents is less excitable but you can tell wants to break out of his shell. It is surfing that gets the two boys hooked and they meet an older man named Sando who they eventually find out was a world-famous surfer. He takes them under his wing and they seek out harder and more dangerous spots to surf. Sando has a mysterious American wife who he ends up leaving for some time as he goes surfing with Loonie out of the country and Bruce ends up becoming close with her. A great book that moves along quickly and is a very good read. You get a sense for how far a person will go to push himself to the next level and seek adventure. I highly recommend it.
Breath by Tim Winton is about transcendence. Winton explores our need to escape the ordinary, to go beyond limits of thought, to achieve something beyond the mundane and exist above and apart from the material world.

Pikelet and Loonie seek transcendence. They aim to live in the space between life and death where fear is challenged and survival becomes the ultimate rush. They test their own fear, first in holding their breath under water, then in confronting the edge of killer waves on the ocean, and finally Pikelet propositions death itself by engaging in dangerous sex with an older woman.

The main body of the novel deals with coming of age; both boys struggle to find a place in the world. Winton writes in the first person. He frames the novel with Pikelet's reflections at age 51. Pikelet had returned from an EMT call with his young female partner, to his apartment alone, where he understands he is finally at peace with his imperfect life. He blows his didgeridoo honoring his own breath, his efforts to relate to his children, and his continuing ease and beauty riding the surf. Though Pikelet has accepted the mundane, he still has moments of transcendence. Life is imperfect, and finite; life is also transcendent. Breath gets to the essence of life.
I came away with a good sense of time and place populated by interesting characters worthy of reflection. Beautifully written. I was surprised at the pivotal events, though in retrospect Winton provided ample foreshadowing and support for it to seem inevitable.

Excellent read. Can't wait to see the movie based on this book.
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