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by Lynn Hall

Category: Genre Fiction
Subcategory: Fiction
Author: Lynn Hall
ISBN: 0695407414
ISBN13: 978-0695407414
Language: English
Publisher: Follett Pub. Co (1977)
Pages: 72
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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. I used to read Lynn Hall books when I was younger. This was the same quality and style that I remembered

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Grieving over the death of her mother, Audrey finds solace in her friendship with Shadows, a mysterious. This was the same quality and style that I remembered. Also, I had just lost my 16 1/2 year old dog (not collie) and was mourning her when this book came.

I used to love Lynn Hall books when I was younger. She may not be the most famous author but she is a really good author for kids. This book is sad but it is still really good.

Beyond the hall, he could hear the cries of his men, and the thuds of their bodies as they fell. The last time she had seen Sylas. The thought of her husband, however sent her thoughts back into a confused snarl. He would not have believed that the pretty, gentle-looking creature Sylas called wife could be capable of slaying so many without even touching them, but he had watched her do it himself, from the ravelin.

ISBN13:9780679832553. Release Date:September 1992. Publisher:Random House Children's Books.

Follett Publishing Company, 1977 - 72 sayfa. What an awesome book!! For some reason I was unsure if I would like it, but I really did. Even though the book is relatively short, I could really connect with Audrey and got a good sense about the. Tam incelemeyi okuyun.

BOOKS IN PRINT 1993-94 Volume 8 Titles R-Z. whurlwindzbooks. O-Zone by Paul Theroux (1987, Paperback).

Dogs, Death, Dogs, Death, Death, Dogs. New York : Bullseye Books : Distributed by Random House. inlibrary; printdisabled; ; china. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. Uploaded by Lotu Tii on March 11, 2015. SIMILAR ITEMS (based on metadata).

Published May 1983 by Scholastic. Internet Archive Wishlist, Death, Dogs, Fiction.

Death would take Father and Mika-if she didn't find them first. Mahtra stood at the junction of the antechamber corridor and the sloping gallery ramp that led to the water. ames that soared and crackled and threw countless shadows of sweeping arms and dripping stone-headed clubs onto the rock walls. Screams reverberated off the hard rock all around her and echoed between her ears, as well. Mahtra couldn't distinguish Father's screams, or Mika's, from all the others, but they were down there among the flames and the carnage

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Comments to eBook Shadows
I used to read Lynn Hall books when I was younger. This was the same quality and style that I remembered. Also, I had just lost my 16 1/2 year old dog (not collie) and was mourning her when this book came. The matter was timely to help with my grief. And a collie story? Come on, what's not to love? If you have never tried a Lynn Hall book, give this one a try.
I carried it around with me and it was the first bigger book I ever read. I read it over and over again. It took me awhile to look the book up online. I couldn't remember the author's name. Of course I read it now in a few hours and it didn't have the same impact it did as when I was 9 years old. It is still a very good book for kids in the 8 to 12 year age range.
The Sinners from Mitar
ISBN 0679832556 - This book strikes me very much as one of those that would always be followed by a quiz with a lot of "What do you think..." questions. There's a great deal unanswered, but it's still a touching story.

Audrey's mother has died and, for a few days, things were strange. Strangers still, for Audrey, is that the rest of the world has begun to act normal again - when she knows that the normal she's had all her life will never come again. Feeling guilty for wishing her mother dead, unable to relate to her father and just beginning to let go of the imaginary world of her childhood, Audrey is lonely. She walks near the railroad tracks one day and meets a dog that she calls Shadows.

Shadows is a beautiful dog who seems to like her as much as she needs him. The two walk and play, and Shadows listens while Audrey talks. Always remaining just out of her reach, Shadows offers her comfort and an outlet for her grief and guilt that she doesn't have at home right now. When Audrey decides to find out more about this dog, and who his owners might be, she stumbles upon a mystery that she feels compelled to solve. Is he real? Is she imagining him? Or is the answer more simple than that - is he a ghost?

Audrey's non-relationship with her father is a glaring issue, as is her guilt over wishing her mother dead, both of which top the list of "What do you think..." questions that I can almost imagine facing. This is a book that I'm truly shocked to see ranked in the 5-million range on Amazon. Before each chapter is a beautiful pencil-sketch illustration from Dave Henderson which really add a superb finishing touch to the tale.

- AnnaLovesBooks
One week before Audrey Schultz's mother died the pair had a brief argument that ended with Audrey wishing her mother was dead. Now that it has happened, Audrey feels heavy guilt and grief. Her father, aunt, and uncle are also sad and are trying to make life without mom seem as normal as possible, but the guilt weighs heavy on Audrey's young shoulders.

Audrey lives in Bellevue, Nebraska. That is near Omaha. Since her mom died, Audrey has been walking along the railroad tracks to be alone. She knows it is wrong. Mom's rule was never to go there. Yet that was the place that made Audrey feel just a little better. Then one day out there she meets Shadows. He is a silvery-coated collie with eerie blue eyes, a blue merle collie. They become friends.

Shadows never lets Audrey touch him, he never comes around unless Audrey is alone, and he always gets scared and runs off whenever a train comes along the tracks. Audrey is certain the dog is real, but who does he belong to? No one seems to know. Then her uncle tells her about a collie just like Shadows who was killed by a train years before. Audrey begins to search for information on the dog that had been killed; however, not all the answers are logical ones.

**** This is a great chapter book for kids ages 8-12. Each chapter begins with a lovely illustration, enriched with tiny details. The only down side to the story, in my opinion, is that it ends too abruptly. I felt as though the last few pages were missing, but that was not the case. ****

Reviewed by Detra Fitch of Huntress Reviews.
"Weird" is not the word I would associate with this book. Lynn Hall deserves a lot of praise for dealing with some very difficult subjects - relationships between a single father and daughter, growing up, and of course death - in a very concise story (only 71 pages). The main character, Audrey, has just lost her mother to what we presume is leukemia, although Audrey just says "something in her blood cells." She meets a stray collie whom she names Shadows and begins to heal through talking and playing with him. One of the things I like most is that even though Audrey is an "unreliable narrator," she is entirely believable and the reader trusts her completely. Hall also grazes on some other issues - the fact that Audrey has been left alone with a father she doesn't know very well, leaving behind her imaginary animals, trying to be an adult in the house.
One of my few complaints about the book is that Audrey and her father never really discussed her mother's death, so the reader can only hope that some kind of talk will be forthcoming - specifically that someday Audrey will be convinced that she did not cause her mother's death.
Yes, the dog Shadows has been dead for five years, and perhaps he was just a ghost, but one of the most beautiful lines in the whole book comes in a letter from the dog's former owner:
"I would like to believe that somehow he knew there was a girl who needed him, and that the great love he held for all people enabled him to cross over the invisible wall that separates us from those who have gone on to another form of life, which we call death."
The only plot issue I had was that the book ends immediately after Audrey finds out that Shadows was indeed dead, so the reader can only assume that she never goes looking for the "ghost" again and starts to deal with her mother's death on her own.
This is one of my favourite books from childhood; it makes me cry every time. I brought it with me to college as a short comfort read.
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