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Category: Genre Fiction
Subcategory: Fiction
Author: Brian Freemantle
ISBN: 0099517701
ISBN13: 978-0099517702
Language: English
Publisher: Arrow Books Ltd; New Ed edition (1987)
Pages: 192
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Book 4. Charlie Muffin's Uncle Sam. by Brian Freemantle. Book 8. The Run Around.

Book 4. Charlie Muffin’s new job puts him in th. ore. An authorized agent again, Charlie Muffin mus. Shelve The Run Around.

Электронная библиотека e-libra. ru Читать онлайн Charlie Muffin . Freemantle Brian. Brian Freemantle Prologue Tsar Nicholas II of All the Russias and his desperately ill heir, Tsarevich Alexei, had less than three months to live when the specially guarded Imperial prison train arrived at Ekaterinburg on April 30th, 1918. A year earlier, the Tsar had abdicated in favour of the government that preceded Lenin. Tsar Nicholas II of All the Russias and his desperately ill heir, Tsarevich Alexei, had less than three months to live when the specially guarded Imperial prison train arrived at Ekaterinburg on April 30th, 1918.

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I just read two Charlie Muffin books back to back. Unusual for me, as my habit is to stagger types of books, if only with a short story from . Thankfully, Freemantle is both a talented and prolific writer.

Brian Harry Freemantle (born 10 June 1936) is an English thriller and non-fiction writer, known for his 1977 spy novel Charlie M. Freemantle was born in Southampton, and has written under the pseudonyms John Maxwell, Jonathan Evans, Jack Winchester . . Freemantle was born in Southampton, and has written under the pseudonyms John Maxwell, Jonathan Evans, Jack Winchester and Richard Gant. He is a Freeman of the City of London.

Charlie Muffin’s new job puts him in the crosshairs of a vicious American drug lordCharlie Muffin has done well since he.This ebook features an illustrated biography of Brian Freemantle including rare photos from the author’s personal collection. Thriller & Crime Espionage.

Charlie Muffin’s new job puts him in the crosshairs of a vicious American drug lordCharlie Muffin has done well since he died. He’s been on the run for years from the intelligence forces of Great Britain and the United States when an official declaration of death finally puts an end to their pursuit. Suddenly, Charlie can breathe again. He’s even put a lid on his single malt whisky habit.

He's published 96 books, 18 of them featuring his internationally acclaimed anti-hero Charlie Muffin: Red Star Falling, published in June 2013, completes the trilogy Red Star Rising, Red Star Burning and Red Star Falling. The first eponymously entitled CHARLIE MUFFIN was adapted for international television and film distribution and issued on DVD in 2010 as one of the iconic movies of the 1980s.

Charlie Muffin, who was a realist and therefore aware of the social gulf between himself and Rupert Willoughby’s friends, was curious about the reason for his invitation. He still went to the party, of course; a man officially listed as a dead traitor by the Intelligence Services of both Britain and America and wishing to remain that way doesn’t get out much and Charlie liked company, even company which seemed to regard him oddly. Realist again, Charlie accepted that it wasn’t their fault.

Comments to eBook Charlie Muffin
I read this many years ago but picked it up when it was on sale for Kindle. I had forgotten how much I liked it.

The story takes place decades ago, when East Germany was still behind the wall and there were no cell phones. The Cold War was still in full swing and spies were constantly going in and out, luring in defectors, sniffing out moles...

British agent Charlie Muffin has worked for the shop for a quarter of a century. Recruited from the working class, he's learned his trade and flourished.

But now his superior has retired and a new day dawns. The men now leading England's spy agency know nothing of the nuts and bolts of the business. They sit in offices and read reports and draw wrong conclusions. Charlie fears for his job. And for the country.

The story opens with Charlie set up to be killed as he attempts to shepherd an East German across the border. He survives, much to the discomfort ot the new agents working with him who honestly believe they're capable and Charlie is too old for the job. They're wrong on both counts.

We watch Charlie visiting a Russian spy he caught. Charlie is a likeable fellow and there is an easy cameraderie between the two that lets us know they're almost friends. Then the game unfolds as a high-level Russian general sends out feelers. He wants to defect. Charlie warns the Russians may be trying to trap someone they can exchange for their spy, but his superiors won't listen.

The Americans horn in. The general has access to information they'd kill for. The British try to use them and blithely set about extracting the general, forced to use Charlie as their other agents fail.

Charlie keeps warning them, but they won't listen. Then, at the end, we learn...

But that would be spoiling it. And the denouement is well worth waiting for.

If you like John LeCarre, you'll like this. The writing isn't nearly as polished, but the story is great.
you secret
Charlie Muffin is a spy in an organization that has reorganized, and there is no room for him. They have a problem - how to get rid of someone who has been so successful at his job. Finally, they decide to put him in a position where he will be the sacrificial lamb. But Charlie turns the tables on them. Good, easy read.
A great read, likeable characters, tricky spy story. Only one drawback, now I have to read ALL the Charlie Muffin books. In spite of this, an easy five star win.,
Even though I'm a great lover of spy thrillers (Ambler, Greene, LeCarré, McCarry), I came across the long-running Charlie Muffin series only recently. I've now read six of them, and they're addictive. Even though they can be enjoyed as stand-alone novels, they're best read in the order they appeared, since each provides essential context for what happens in the next one. This first novel ("Charlie M." in its American title) sets the complex stage for everything that follows with its ingenious tale of how the deceptively scruffy Charlie Muffin delivers comeuppance to his sleeker masters in the British Secret Service after they try to make him a sacrificial lamb. All the standard themes of the British spy genre are here: odious class warfare, betrayal upon betrayal, ambiguous personal attachments. But what makes Freemantle's stories stand out is their crisp, dry wit (they're much funnier than LeCarré's labored ironies) and meticulous insights into how a good spy actually goes about his business. Charlie Muffin is the consummate survivor with a muddled, romantic loyalty to his job (and, in the later books, to a Russian woman). He's a self-lacerating loner who would be lost if he had to give up the only trade he knows. He is more devilishly vindictive than George Smiley, but as with LeCarré's hero, his retributions can come at a terrible price, lending a bittersweet aftertaste to these wonderfully absorbing entertainments.
I love underdogs, and Charlie Muffin is the quintessential underdog. Everybody's against him, including--perhaps especially--his own superiors. And Charlie always wins. The suspense comes in the way he wins. Closing a Fremantle book gives me hope that somehow the little guy is going to come out on top. Which is not the feeling I get when I close my newspaper.
Publication date: 1977

Charlie Muffin is not prepossessing. He wears baggy suits and dries his socks on the radiator (in fact, he has been walking in order to spend the carfare on wine). Snare and Harrison, his snobbish younger colleagues, despise him. He doesn't have to worry, much, because he knows more than they'll ever learn. Besides which, the ladies love him:

"... Janet sat easily in the chair before her godfather, quite unembarrassed at his discovery of her affair with Charlie.
‘But why, for God’s sake?’ pleaded the soldier. ‘You can have absolutely nothing in common.’
Janet smiled, enjoying herself. ‘At first,’ she explained, ‘he intrigued me … he was so different from any man I’d encountered before … more masculine, I suppose …’ She paused, preparing her shock. ‘… and actually,’ she went on, alert for the old man’s reactions, ‘he’s really quite remarkable in bed.’
Cuthbertson’s face went redder than normal and he gazed down at his desk to avoid her look."

That his wife and his mistress are both irresistibly in love with him is ultimately harder to believe than his ability to manipulate both the CIA and the KGB.

While there was a lot to like about this spy novel, and the spy at the heart of it, hard-boiled anti-snob Charlie Muffin, some of the style, and an extremely unsatisfying plot twist (well built up nonetheless) kept me from really liking it. Abrupt shifts in point-of-view. and a tendency to replace the verb 'said' with very awkward substitutes:

‘Right,’ he accepted.
‘There really shouldn’t be any trouble,’ tried Charlie.
‘Let’s get going,’ he avoided.

(I would have let some of this pseudo-sophistication pass, but the examples seemed to pile on, and by the end of the book I was gritting my teeth)
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