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by Louis L'amour

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Author: Louis L'amour
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Language: English
Publisher: Bantam (1980)
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Louis L'Amour established the family's roots in Elizabethan England. Louis L'Amour's inspiration for the Sackett characters was a pair of young cowboys that pulled him out of a street fight in Tucumcari, New Mexico when he was fifteen.

Louis L'Amour established the family's roots in Elizabethan England. While continuing to write Sackett stories set in the old west, Louis L'Amour also went back to establish the family's roots in Elizabethan England. When Louis asked them why the other boys had seemed so afraid of them the older one explained that they were cousins and between them they had over a dozen brothers. and if you fight one of us and beat him, you've got to fight us al.

Wilderness explorer Jubal Sackett was the son of Barnabas Sackett, the first of that name to come to the New World. Jubal feared no man, nor backed away from any challenge. His fierce determination to blaze new trails took him across the vast savage North America continent where no white man had been before. With this continuation of the Sackett series you not only have the classic Louis L'Amour situations with the good guy fighting the bad guy, a life-threatening conflict, and the good guy persevers, you also get more of a historical educational aspect of the life and times of early America and will learn a thing or two.

The Sacketts are the unforgettable pioneer family created by master storyteller Louis L'Amour to bring to vivd life the spirit and adventure of the Ameri. The Sacketts are the unforgettable pioneer family created by master storyteller Louis L'Amour to bring to vivd life the spirit and adventure of the American frontier. They are the men and women who challenged the untamed wilderness with their dreams and their courage. From generation to generation they pushed ever westward with a restless

Bantam Books proudly publishes the newest Louis L'Amour hardcover: May There Be a Road.

Bantam Books proudly publishes the newest Louis L'Amour hardcover: May There Be a Road. This is the fourth book chronologically of the lives of the Sackett clan through early American history continuing the story in North America as Barnabas Sackett’s son Jubal treks across the unexplored (by white men) areas of the midwest, and you end up learning a lot about early frontier times in the New World. Louis L'Amour was not one of the most technical or long-winded writers, he was short, succinct, and to the point and had a way that grabs you into the story immediately.

In Jubal Sackett, the second generation of this great American family pursues a destiny in the wilderness of a sprawling new . I already have a collection of Louis L'Amour's books including this one. I bought this because it was published while he was still alive

In Jubal Sackett, the second generation of this great American family pursues a destiny in the wilderness of a sprawling new land. I bought this because it was published while he was still alive. The dust cover shows barely any wear.

The Sacketts is a 1979 American made-for-television Western film directed by Robert Totten and starring Sam Elliott, Tom Selleck, Jeff Osterhage, and Glenn Ford. Based on the novels The Daybreakers and Sackett by Louis L'Amour, the film recounts the story of the Sackett brothers in 1869 who leave their Tennessee home and start a new life together in Santa Fe.

THE SACKETT COMPANION A Bantam Book November 1988 Produced by Ink Projects Maps by William B. and Alan . L’Amour, Louis, 1908–1988. The Sackett companion. 1. L’Amour, Louis, 1908–1988-Handbooks, manuals, etc. and Alan McKnight: Sackett’s Land. 2. L’Amour, Louis, 1908–ett family. 3. Western stories-Handbooks, manuals, etc. 4. Sackett family (Fictitious characters)-Handbooks, manuals, etc. I. Title. eISBN: 978-0-307-49038-4.

The Sackett family is a fictional American family featured in a number of western novels, short stories and historical novels by American writer Louis L'Amour. The novels trace much of the history of the family through individual members of the family as they move across the Atlantic from England, settle in the Appalachians, and then move west to the Great Plains, the Rockies, and California

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Mr L'Amour's western writings raised me from a young teenager to a man now nearly 49. I never had a father and I grew up imagining Louis L'Amour was my dad. Goofy maybe, but for a 15 year-old boy he gave me the guidance I needed. I've read all his books again and again. Each time I get something from the reading. The characters are my family. The Sackett’s are the family I always wanted. Great historical fiction from a great man I new but never had the honor of meeting.
Louis L'Amour was a gifted story-teller. His books have been admired by readers of all ages and positions in life. I can say that, if you have a boy in your family who is a 'reluctant reader,' hand him a copy of one of the 'Sackett' series -- GALLOWAY is a good title to begin with. Almost guaranteed: the boy will like Galloway so much that he will want to begin the Sackett series at the beginning, and read all 17 or 18 books. A painless way to encourage a boy to become a reader. The Sackett series traces a lot of the history of the settling of the West, through the experiences and adventures of one family. Sacketts Land, begins with the first Sackett in England, and gets him to America. From the landing in the East, the stories steadily move the reader westward. Are you "tied in knots" with your job, (or whatever) pick up one of L. L'Amour's books and relax. Some of your problems will "come undone" in the right way. Any Sackett book will likely appeal, but I would suggest Galloway as a starter -- or, the Key-Lock Man, or Bendigo Shafter, or the short story collections: War Party and The Strong Shall Live. Almost guaranteed: you will be glad you did!
Having read all of the Sackett Series Books several years ago, I decided to read them again. Lando is very much like old Barnabas Sackett, in the description of his body build and his forgiving disposition. In fact, these are two of my favorite characters in the series. When beginning a new book in the series, if these same characters are not mentioned, I miss them as if a long, lost friend has left me forever.

If you have not read any of the Sackett books or watched the t.v. series, Barnabas is basically the beginning of the line. I say this because he was an only child living in the Fins in England prior to boarding a ship to come to, what is now, the United States of America. His father taught him to wrestle, fist fight and how to use a sword. Barnabas passed these skills along to his own sons and they have continued the traditional teachings.

This series is not just for the guys! It is an awesome story of a family line who sets their roots in the new world and how they manage to live off the land and to survive during brutal times. It is a story of love of the land, freedom and then the great love a person has for their spouse. You will want to read and read again over and over this great series of books.

Louis L'Amour has written a tremendous number of books about the land, the people and the sheer determination to survive in a world that was uncivilized when they arrived. What an awesome writer of books! He traveled to the places he has written about and it is evident.
Never a disappointment from L'Amour. Solid characterization. Well woven plot. Descriptions so clear you feel you are standing on the peaks overlooking the land. L'Amour gives the reader a love of the land even though he's never seen it. No western author, before or so since, surpasses Louis L'Amour.
Years ago I read many of Louis Lamour's Western books.INMO he was one of the best Western writers. His characters are fantastically described as well as the scenery and the entire western environment.

Sackett was one of his better books. The book is action packed and fast reading. I read it in 1/2 day. I'll just tell a little of the story to get your interest.

William Tell Sackett was a 6ft 4in, mountain man, ex union solder and trail cowboy. In this book we meet his brothers and his mom. The brothers have made a great life for themselves, their wives and taking good care of their mom. Tell believes he is just a cowboy, good with a rifle and six gun and living off the land but has not done anything great. Later he finds a rich gold mother lode and a sick feverish young woman named Ange near the gold mine. Her Grandpa had died taking her prospecting to find the mine.

Tell makes friends with an older man named Cap and together they plan a town near their goldmine claim. Other man try to steal the mine and take the town and Tell must fight with his guns.

Here is a man that only wanted peace and maybe a small ranch and to find a good woman. However he must fight again and again. Later in a saloon he has a gunfight with a big mean man named Bigalow and .... ( read for yourself)

Tell saves the life of a man with a broken leg in a savage, brutal winter storm in the mountains ( a man who wants to kill him and Angie).What a story! Tell what a man!

I wont ruin the great ending. This book is recommended for anyone loving the wild west and to start reading the Sackett series. Louise Lamour my best western author. Bought and read this book again for our family library. 5 stars.
This was a little short for the price, but I'm still totally enjoying these Books. I've have had a problem putting this and the others down. This author has the unique ability to put the reader right into the places he wants. I could actually feel the cold on the mountain. Remember the loveliness of a snow covered mountains,trees on and on.
You just have to be careful, once you start reading these book, you'll be like me and keep reading and reading. I can't wait to start book 8
Another great installment in his terrific Sackett series and it had a brief crossover to his book, The First Fastdraw. His stories frequently follow similar patterns, but sometimes vary a little here and there, still, I find a comfort in the familiar. He weaves in a lot of historical figures, historical facts, and details that provide some verisimilitude. This was a good tale where the protagonist ventures out into the broader world and learns and grows. There is a bit of a mystery, and no shortage of action. A satisfying read!
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