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Category: Genre Fiction
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Author: Douglas Reeman
ISBN: 0330340247
ISBN13: 978-0330340243
Language: English
Publisher: Pan (2007)
Pages: 352
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Sunset By Douglas Reeman.

High Water By Douglas Reeman. Sunset By Douglas Reeman.

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Author: Douglas Reeman ISBN 10: 0330340247. Title: Sunset Item Condition: used item in a good condition. All used books sold by Book Fountain All new books sold by Book Fountain. See all 6 pre-owned listings. Sunset by Douglas Reeman (Paperback, 1995). Pre-owned: lowest price.

Odds are long for the British destroyers assigned to escort vital northern convoys through the bitter Arctic Sea in the bloodiest days of WWII. Commander Graham Martineau, still haunted by the loss of his ship and crew to Nazi destroyers, must take on a new command: the Tribal Class destroyer Hakka. A novel from the bestselling master storyteller of the sea, Douglas Reeman; he has also written over twenty bestselling novels featuring Richard Bolitho, under the pseudonym Alexander Kent.

I started reading Douglas Reemans's books in the 1970's. I have always enjoyed them and have now found a new supply for them. If you like war stories I recommend these.

To the residents and defense forces of the Crown Colony of Hong Kong, the war in Europe remains remote

Hong Kong, 194. o the residents and defence forces of the Crown Colony of Hong Kong, the war in Europe remains remote. Yet one man suspects the truth.

Douglas Reeman's 30th naval thriller. 1941 To the residents and defence forces of the Crown Colony of Hong Kong, th war in Europe remains remote. Douglas Reeman did convoy duty in the navy in the Atlantic, the Arctic, and the North Sea. He has written over thirty novels under his own name and more than twenty bestselling historical novels featuring Richard Bolitho under the pseudonym Alexander Kent. Also by Douglas Reeman. See all. Praise for Sunset. One can almost smell the sea and the burning oil.

Comments to eBook Sunset
A highly credible novel of an overage British destroyer, HMS Serpent, transferred to Hong Kong from combat duty in the Atlantic prior to the Japanese attacks in the Pacific in December 1941. Unlike the combat theatre a half a world away, the British military establishment in the Far East is marked by an attitude in which the most important thing is to keep up "spit and polish" appearances, ignore the facts, and let sleeping (Japanese) dogs lie. The sinking of the HMS Hood by the Bismark is an earlier, grim harbinger of future events which resonates throughout the Navy and the British Empire.
The captain and crew of Serpent, having seen real war at a much closer distance, can only do their best and wait for the inevitable conflagration to bring Sunset to the Empire.
Many of the historical facts of the fall of Hong Kong are woven throughout the novel, which takes place between 1940-41. Well worth reading!
Sunset is the story of an old ship of the Royal Navy, sent from the UK to Hong Kong in early 1941. It is the story of men sent thousands of miles from a war torn country to a remote segment of the British Empire that seems to be living in a fool's paradise.

The ship, HMS Serpent, is manned by the usual spectrum of sailors and officers one might have seen in any ship as the needs of war stretched the manpower pool more and more. The captain is a retread - wounded during the Spanish Civil War and beached thereafter until the drums of war sounded his recall to the only real life he knew. A young regular officer who can't wait to get off the ship and on to something better. A navigator who is a grounded pilot and winner of the Victoria Cross while his shipmates and ship were destroyed by the German Navy. The senior enlisted members of the crew are diverse and not untroubled either. The coxswain is tasked with keeping order amongst the sailors when speculation and uncertainty are making everyone nervous. The senior signalman learns, on the eve of sailing, that his wife and daughter had been killed in an air raid. A moment of deep sorrow for me came as the members of the chiefs and petty officers mess think about this man's loss and remember that his daughter was baptized in the ship, using the ship's bell as a baptism font. It is an on-going tradition filled with meaning and significance. For me, this made the story that much more real.

Hong Kong, when the ship reaches it, is a city that is living as if there is not thought of what is going on in Europe or across the border in China. The Japanese Army and Air Force are all around the territory, yet no one seems to be concerned. Pink gins and tennis are the order of the day for the British residents and the naval authorities as well. A few people can foresee the coming disaster but can do little to shake the insulation loose from the governing bodies. Several incidents involving the ship are a prelude to the events of 8 Dec 1941. The captain is unable to convince his superiors that trouble is on the way. The crew and officers are used to the ways of the North Atlantic and it takes a scruffy volunteer reserve officer to show them the ways of survival in a totally different style and form of warfare. The transition is not pretty at times.

When the crunch comes, the response is panic and disintegration for the British officails in Hong Kong. HK has no real hope of resisting the Japanese Army but the word from London is no surrender. A disaster ensues that is still remembered by survivors to this day.

The ship does it's best to support the land forces but ultimately is send south to safer waters. Even leave taking from Hong Kong is not simple. Friendships have been established and in some cases consummated and it is difficult for the crew to leave the city to it's fate. Yet they carry out their orders.

The final escape for the ship from the ruins of Hong Kong is dramatic and so well written you can feel the tension as the crew pulls together for this potentially final action. The ship survives but not without loss.

I had the opportunity to visit Hong Kong around the same time of year that the book is set. It was eerie to stand in the temple after hiking up the hill to get it in the monsoonal heat and humidity. I can certainly identify with the characters at that point. Seeing the bustle of the city and harbor of Hong Kong in 2005 it was easy to visualize it as it was in 1941. Sitting in the Peninsula Hotel bar drinking a horse's neck was a journey back through time thanks to the exceptional story telling skills of Douglas Reeman. I kept looking for some of the characters from the book to walk into the bar.

Since purchasing this book, I`ve visited Hong Kong several times. Walking around the city I find myself thinking of the men Reeman writes about with such passion. The old RN Dockyard is long gone. The Star Ferry still chugs around the harbour and the peak looms above the smog so some things will never change.

I found this book a gripping read from start to finish. I recommend it to any Naval enthusiast or historian. Remember novelist, at least good ones, write what they know best and in Reeman, we have an unsurpassed master of the Royal Navy of World War II. This is a book not to be passed over.
Like all Douglas's books they are all good reading because of my age having a little trouble reading with my present Amazon Kindle and thinking of purchasing the next size up and letting my wife have my present one but unfortunately at this stage I'm in nursing home and am just making ends meet so it will be a while before I can make the purchase but I recommend to anyone of thinking to do it, its the only way to keep up with the latest books without a big outlay and I recommend the purchase through Amazon/Kindle
Up there with his best. Chuffed to find one I hadn't previously read.

His heroes so tend to be cut from the same block of cheddar but books are always good.
Reeman's work is consistently good on this time period. First one I've read on the Far East element. A little soapy, but good.
Reeman paints a picture of the events in his novels that the reader can visualize as being there. His British sea stories rate up with those of C.S. Forrester and Kenneth Roberts. I treasure his Bolitho novels and have many of his other writings. I will continue to purchase more in the near future.
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