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by Kelley Armstrong

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Author: Kelley Armstrong
ISBN: 1841493406
ISBN13: 978-1841493404
Language: English
Publisher: Time Warner Books Uk; 1st paperback printing edition (September 2004)
Pages: 496
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In all honesty, I’m annoyed it’s taking me so long to work my way through them.

This book was really exciting and suspenseful. Definitely a character driven story. This is the second "Women of the Otherworld" book narrated by Paige Winterbourne

This book was really exciting and suspenseful. Both with Paige and Lucas growing in their relationship and the other characters appearances and their relation to the world Armstrong has created. I found myself laughing and gasping in horror quite often. This was a very emotional story that caught my attention and held it, especially in the second half of the book. This is the second "Women of the Otherworld" book narrated by Paige Winterbourne. I am still not wild about Paige, as a narrator she is pretty boring - know-it-all and self-righteous. The romance between her and Lucas Cortez is also just meh.

Women of the Otherworld is the name of a fantasy series by Canadian author Kelley Armstrong. The books feature werewolves, witches, necromancers, sorcerers, and vampires struggling to fit as "normal" in today's world

Women of the Otherworld is the name of a fantasy series by Canadian author Kelley Armstrong. The books feature werewolves, witches, necromancers, sorcerers, and vampires struggling to fit as "normal" in today's world. The series also includes novellas and short stories, published online (and one in an anthology). Note: all publishing information is for . However, the books have been published in the United Kingdom and in Canada. Book 01: Bitten (published October, 2001 by Viking Press).

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Kelley Armstrong is the author of the internationally bestselling series Women of the Otherworld

Kelley Armstrong is the author of the internationally bestselling series Women of the Otherworld. She lives in rural Ontario with her husband and three children, and later in 2007 she will also launch a mainstream crime fiction series with Exit Strategy, to be published simultaneously in Canada, the .

Part of Otherworld series by Kelley Armstrong. She stepped closer to the two women. What about defending a shaman set up by a Cabal?

Part of Otherworld series by Kelley Armstrong. What about defending a shaman set up by a Cabal? That's what Lucas is doing now.

The series began in 2001 with Bitten, featuring werewolf Elena Michaels. The book series wrapped up in 2012 with a trilogy featuring Savannah Levine, who joined the cast in book two, Stolen, as a twelve-year-old girl and grew up throughout the series, taking her place at the end as a full-fledged Woman of the Otherworld. After the final novel, Thirteen, the series continued with short fiction and novellas, finally concluding in 2016 with the novella, Driven, and short fiction collection, Otherworld Chills.

Free books to read or listen online in a convenient form, a large collection, the best authors and series. In her acclaimed Women of the Otherworld series, bestselling author Kelley Armstrong creates a present day in which humans unwittingly coexist with werewolves, witches, and other supernatural beings. Now, in this spellbinding new novel, a beautiful necromancer who can see ghosts must come to terms with her power-and with an evil she never thought possible.

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Comments to eBook Industrial Magic (Women of the Otherworld, Book 4)
Like many others, I've read every book in the series. I generally enjoyed this book, but I kind of expected more from the last book in the series. If you're a series fan, go ahead and read this, there's a lot you'll like about it. There may also be some things you don't like, but certainly not so many that you regret reading it.

I heard from others that this book was cool because it really tied together so many elements that Armstrong included in other books since the beginning of the series. I think that claim set expectations for me that were inaccurate for the book. It's true that there are characters who come back who were in previous books, and it's true that a few things that happened in previous books come up again in this book. However, it doesn't *really* feel like some grand end to some overarching plot that Armstrong has been orchestrating over 13 novels. It's more a kind of "greatest hits book".

I read a review on this book that lamented how little Paige was in the book. I agree with this. She's pretty much the only female main character who has absolutely nothing to do with the plot. Kind of odd.

And finally, one of the reasons *I* like Armstrong is for her well written sex scenes. The best sex scenes are built on the most robustly developed relationships. In previous romantic relationships in this series, Armstrong has done a really good job of carefully crafting the growing relationship between the lead characters in a way which creates a really satisfying experience when they finally come together.

Savannah and Adam just don't feel as well developed to me. I know their romance has been developing over the last several novels, but there is a lot of their history that is off-screen for the reader. So we're told they have a lifelong close friendship, but we don't really feel it. When Adam finally shows that his interests in Savannah have changed, we only see it coming because we're not idiots and we know they're supposed to get together. I think this is because Adam and Savannah both hide their feelings until Adam is suddenly "Hey, I want you after all!" Then, because they already have this friendship built from their off-screen history, the characters are immediately intimate, but the reader doesn't really get there with them. Ultimately, after all these books of waiting, we don't get any sex scene. We get a few paragraphs of clothing removal and then a fade to black. Anti-climactic if the sexy tone is one of the things that brings you back to Armstrong over and over again. :/
When I found out "Thirteen" was to be the very last novel in the women of the otherworld series I was devastated. Especially since we never got a novel narrated by Cassandra! And it's such an odd way to end a series of multiple narrators-by having the last three books narrated by the same person.

"Thirteen" starts off with Savannah finally escaping from the supernaturals who want to reveal themselves to the world and at long last sharing a kiss with the love of her life- Adam Vasic a half fire demon.

But more is up then just with Savannah. Both Earth and the afterlife have erupted with all beings (ghosts, demons, angels and the living sups) divided into two camps-those believe a reveal to the world could work in their favor and those who believe it would bring about the end of the world. Because of that chaos is erupting in the mortal world and our friends try desperately to contain it as ever weirder events start to happen-including the reappearance of a long lost supernatural. Saying any more would be giving away the giant spoiler that this book is.

In the end "Thirteen" is divided between several different narrators-including Savannah, Eve and Jamie Vegas. I have to say I didn't see nearly as much of some characters as I would have liked to considering this is likely the last time I'll see them.

I'm going to be honest- this book contains a lot of running around solving different crises. It gets to be a little much after a while. And once again (and very surprisingly for what actually happens in this book) there is no sex scene. I have to wonder if the author was uncomfortable writing one about someone as young as Savannah, especially considering the age difference between her at Adam.

Overall this wasn't as good a wrap up as I would have liked-there were a lot of loose ends left over. Like what happened to the mysteriously appearing should be dead werewolf? How did the ringleader for SLAM obtain his immortality? Not to mention the many mysterious issues brought up in the Darkest Power series that were never addressed.

Is this was a normal novel in the series I would have been happy with it but as the end of the series-I am not pleased overall though I mostly enjoyed reading this. Mostly though I'm just really sad it's over-and desperately hoping Kelley Armstrong will change her mind.

Four stars.
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