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Author: Oldenbourg
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Publisher: Carroll & Graf (December 31, 1998)
Pages: 384
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Destiny of Fire book.

Destiny of Fire book. So I picked up Destiny and was fascinated and repelled at the same time.

by. Oldenbourg, Zoé, 1916-. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. Uploaded by DeannaFlegal on August 12, 2009. SIMILAR ITEMS (based on metadata). Terms of Service (last updated 12/31/2014).

Zoé Oldenbourg (Russian: Зоя Серге́евна Ольденбург) (31 March 1916 – 8 November 2002) was a Russian-born French popular historian and novelist who specialized in medieval French history.

Zoé Oldenbourg (Russian: Зоя Серге́евна Ольденбург) (31 March 1916 – 8 November 2002) was a Russian-born French popular historian and novelist who specialized in medieval French history, in particular the Crusades and Cathars. She was born in Petrograd, Russia into a family of scholars and historians. Trent University Library Donation. Uploaded by station20. cebu on March 22, 2019.

Published by Thriftbooks. com User, 16 years ago. A very good book about people under one ot the biggest disasters in human history: intolerance, religious fanaticism and genocide.

This is not a book for readers of fluffy romance novels disguised as historical fiction, such as those written by the dreaded (and dreadful) Philippa Gregory. This book can be read on its own, but Ms. Oldenbourg’s next novel, The Cornerstone, continues the story of the family.

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Published 1961 by V Gollancz. Written in Undetermined. There's no description for this book yet.

1 2 3 4 5. Want to Read. Are you sure you want to remove Destiny of fire. from your list? Destiny of fire. Published 1961 by V Gollancz.

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The final installment of Oldenbourg's bestselling and brilliant historical trilogy describes the fate and misfortune of the noble Seigneur of Montgeil and his family, victims of the cruel "Fourth Crusades" at the beginning of the 13th century.
Comments to eBook Destiny of Fire
I looked forward to reading this book. I am interested in the Cathars and could not put down Zoe Oldenbourg's non-fiction Massacre at Montsegur. The author has a narrative style that tells of events rather than revealing them through dialogue and action. I found the characters wooden and one-dimensional. Yes, they were members of a devout religious sect, but they seemed overly pious, with no thoughts, feelings, or motivations beyond it. Only the heroine, Gentian, grows and changes. Yes, the characters were in a doomed, martyred group, but none of them seemed to have a single happy moment. From beginning to end, they labored under a crushing and dismal weight of piety and fate. They would endure page after page of soul-agony and prayer then get burned at the stake. Even the most devout people I have known feel happiness sometimes--a sunset, a song, a friend's embrace, an ecstatic prayer. The author's historical detail is meticulous and excellent, but she conveys it far more interestingly in her non-fiction.
In this novel the Albigensian Crusade, one of history's least remembered and most brutal religious wars, is reduced to a personal level. The Cathar characters in the book live and die in the throes of this terrible history. Not a pretty picture of the catholic Church in the early 13th century.
First two books of the author are accessible to everyone interested in historical fiction and I enjoyed them immensely. This book, unfortunately, completely failed my expectations. Unless you are a fanatic of theological disputes or a specialist in religious trends, you do not need to spend your money on the book. The previus reviewer has very precisely formulated the thoughts the book evoked in me. The sect seems to be doomed from the start and as they are drawn so one-dimensially, you feel absolutely no pity... One crowd of fanatics less, so History erased them from its pages...
It's easy to forget horror and reject its presence from our lives. There have been many attempts throughout human history by one group to exterminate another but few have been so successful or complete and that of the Catholic Church against a religion called Catharism. In Destiny of Fire, novelist Zoe Oldenbourg recreates the era that saw the height and also the end of this thriving culture that had reached something like social dominance in southwestern France by the start of the thirteenth-century.

The Cathars, for those who may not know, were a sect that rose from Christianity and believed in an ongoing struggle in the universe between the realm of spirit, which was pure, and the realm of matter (our physical world) which was hopelessly corrupt. They practiced a rejection of most worldly things, lived celibate non-materialistic lives of truth and simplicity, and had but one prayer: The Our Father/Lord's Prayer, spoken by Jesus. In their devotion to reaching a state of communion with otherworldliness, Cathars defied the riches and regimentation of the dominant Catholic Church, and soon fell into disfavor with that institution.

In the Crusade declared against this religion, which at its height numbered into the hundreds of thousands and was spreading into all corners of Christendom, the Church promised riches and forgiveness of sins for any who rose up and slaughtered Cathars wherever they were to be found: men, women, children. The ensuing violence directed against these people makes for a tragic tale, indeed. Oldenbourg spares us no detail of the cruelty and savagery of the holocaust of the Cathars. Scarcely any of her many characters in this novel, Cathars of all ages and backgrounds and walks of life, escape tragic demises. She also does a superlative job of detailing exactly what Cathars believed, and how they synthesized those beliefs into a day-to-day existence. Her novel is a plausible and interesting picture of a time and place in the Medieval world.

If after reading Destiny of Fire, you should find yourself wondering why it is this mass-murder of perhaps a million human beings is so little known today, consider my explanation in the opening of this review, but also know that for centuries, perhaps even today if the ban was never actually lifted, the Catholic Church imposed a gag order that mandated in effect that any mention of the Cathars must condemn them as heretical practitioners of anti-Christian evil, and any reference to the "Holy War" against them must be made in the form of praise at the righteousness of the Church's actions. Oldenbourg does history a fine service in writing this novel. I would rate it higher were it....well...more readable instead of as dry and slow as it is. But I do admire her copious research, her skill at giving us a realistic Middle Ages, and above all else laud her courage in writing from the perspective of the doomed Cathar culture: one of the great victims of human injustice.
The story moves slowly, and though the characters don't really develop they are strong. I don't know how accurate the historical side of it is, but it is still interesting for those who don't know a great deal about the Cathars, and this is an insight into the intolerance that mainstream Christianity has demonstrated towards other, often harmless faiths.
There is one passage that upset me greatly, where a husband and wife know that they are going to be burnt at the stake, and they try and work out how they will deal with it. It wasn't the best written piece I've read, but it brings some humanity to what was a barbaric situation.
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