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by Ruth Rendell

Category: Genre Fiction
Subcategory: Fiction
Author: Ruth Rendell
ISBN: 0091797284
ISBN13: 978-0091797287
Language: English
Publisher: Hutchinson; 1st Uk Edition edition (2006)
Pages: 304
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Ruth Rendell has won many awards, including the Crime Writers’ Association Gold Dagger for 1976’s best crime novel with A Demon in My View; a second Edgar in 1984 from the Mystery Writers of America for the best short story, The New Girl Friend; a Gold Dagger award for Live Flesh in 1986

Also by Ruth Rendell. Was that why she loved him and Heather didn’t love him? The night she understood that, Ismay had the dream again but it was Andrew’s face she saw under the clear, pale-green water.

Also by Ruth Rendell. Chapter One. Weeks went by when Ismay never thought of it at all. Then something would bring it back or it would return in a dream. Chapter Two. Marion was there when Edmund came home from work. That was the second time this week. His mother said, Marion kindly did my shopping for me, so I asked her to stay and eat with us. I knew you’d be pleased.

The water's lovely : a novel. The water's lovely : a novel. by. Rendell, Ruth, 1930-. Sisters, Drowning victims. New York : Crown Publishers. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. Uploaded by Sanderia on June 8, 2010.

Ruth Barbara Rendell, Baroness Rendell of Babergh, CBE (née Grasemann; 17 February 1930 – 2 May 2015), was an English author of thrillers and psychological murder mysteries.

Overall, I highly recommend this book and I'm sure dedicated Rendell fans will not be disappointed.

When Ismay and Heather's stepfather was discovered dead in the bathtub nine years ago, the police concluded the drowning was an accident. As usual, Rendell turns the thumbscrews to create a novel where the tension builds and builds to a satisfying if quietly horrific climax. The characters are believable and the plot is twisty and clever. Overall, I highly recommend this book and I'm sure dedicated Rendell fans will not be disappointed.

The Water's Lovely book. Rendell has written some of the very best crime/psychological novels that I've read (I'm not so keen on her Wexford mysteries, which seem to me a bit plodding ), but alas I don't think this is one of them. It offers an easy and enjoyable ride to a destination you wish you hadn't reached. See what I did there?.

The doctor, who came quickly because he was private, disagreed. Avice, he said, madly in Marion’s opinion, wasn’t as young as she used to be. As if he or anyone else was.

The doctor, who came quickly because he was private, disagreed oo much and her heart – he only slightly varied this favoured cliché of his – wasn’t what it used to be. The pain Avice said she had felt predominantly on her left side, caused him alarm. He wanted her to have an ECG even though she assured him the pain was gone now. ‘I can’t go into a hospital,’ Avice said. I was in hospital once.

About The Water’s Lovely. When Ismay and Heather’s stepfather was discovered dead in the bathtub nine years ago, the police concluded the drowning was an accident. But Ismay has always silently suspected that Heather might have had something to do with it. Now they’re older and their lives seem to be moving happily forward. But when Heather becomes seriously involved with a man for the first time, Ismay’s long-repressed memories can no longer be ignored. With painful inevitability, Ismay learns that she may not able to keep the dark truth hidden forever. About The Water’s Lovely.

Comments to eBook The Water's Lovely - A Novel
One of the most dreary, boring books I've ever read. Such a sorry bunch of unpleasant characters, who all manage to emerge unscathed from their various shady doings, except for the couple of people you might actually have rooted for, if you cared enough at all. Very unsatisfying ending, especially since I had only kept reading in the hopes of some kind of redeeming resolution. Nope. Very, very weak.
I found this book wanting. The characters were shallow and two- dimensional and the ending didn’t make sense. I wanted to know why (spoiler alert) Ismay stayed with Andrew, why Barry married Marion, why Heather and Edmund had to die - everything was random and unexplained. Overall it felt like the author was in a hurry to get the book out and didn’t put a whole lot of thought into it.
When I first started reading this book, I wondered why Ruth Rendell didn't publish this under her pseudonym Barbara Vine, which is reserved for her best and most complex psychological dramas. By the time I was done, I understood. It is an interesting read with a very complex storyline but there are a few blatant coincidences that diminish this as a superb read. The devotion of sisters, one of whom may or may not have murdered their stepfather, and the subsequent catastrophic collapse of their mother form the centerpiece of the book. If only these people could have talked to one another! Rendell unflinchingly fails to rescue her characters from disastrous relationships and yet, through her eyes, we understand why people make such awful choices (and not just romantically). I think her writing is a little uneven in recent years but she still delivers a good story. Just not a great one, in this case.
Ruth Rendell is one of my favorite British mystery writers. I have read almost all of her books which is a considerable achievement when you consider this is her sixty-fifth. Twenty of them were Inspector Wexfords. The others were mainly psychological character studies; this new one falls into that category. Remember the old dictum from writing classes: show the readers, don't tell them. Rendell constantly breaks this old chestnut adage and does it successfully. Her characters do a lot of interior exploration and they go over a lot of the same territory over and over again in their minds which the reader may find too repetitive.
I have often thought that the unbalanced people she writes about are not from the real world but are unstable beings from Rendell-land and are suffering from Rendelloses; they are unique in their nuttiness to her fictional world. But still fun to read about nonetheless. There are a number of character strands to follow in this book, and they intersect sometimes a little too coincidentally. The heart of this book is built around two inseparable sisters, their lovers, and a murder or two. Some of her characters seem to teeter on the cusp of falling into a Rendellian abyss.
I would not read her if I didn't find her books to be absorbing, well-plotted, and possessing a narrative thrust. Rendell is a fine stylist. I don't think she has created many characters who weren't compelling and interesting. She seldom pads her books; almost every ingredient is essential, leading to a gripping conclusion. I recommend this book highly. Though I have never met her, I feel it was written by a close, gifted friend who has a few minor weaknesses which I am being petty to quibble about.
Great delivery and product.
Ruth Rendell's great gift as a writer, along with her wonderful feel for suspense, is her ability to make you accept the implausible and empathize with the creepiest of her characters. In her latest suspense novel, these gifts are stretched beyond their limits almost to the point of ridiculousness. But even given the character and plot flaws of this book, it's still a spellbinding read for those of us who love her wicked plot turns and quick about-face detours. For her most devoted fans only.
At the beginning of The Water's Lovely Ruth Rendell proves once more that she is a master of psychological suspense. Two sisters live in a flat which was once the first floor of their family home. Upstairs, in a separate flat live their insane mother and her caretaker sister. What trauma has caused this strange situation? Years earlier, a crime was committed, and the family has been living with the after-effects ever since. Gradually, the family's troubles spread to include some of their friends and acquaintances and other more distant connections. These characters are not secondary to the story, but become an integral part of it as their own lives and difficulties turn out to be interwoven.

This buildup which takes place in the first half or so of the book is among the finest writing Rendell has done. Unfortunately, she appears to have lost interest in the book at about the midway mark and from then on seems to be rushing to get things wound up and finished. A major plot segment turns on a coincidence so unlikely that it makes the reader lose confidence in the plot. At the end, what seemed to have been some tantalizing buildups to some shocking revelations turn out to be leadins to rather dull conclusions. At the end, the reader is left hanging as to the outcome of some intended marriages and future developments, which might be tantalizing if we cared more about the characters. Since the second half disappoints, we don't really care much about what happens to any of them beyond a strong desire to kick a few across the room in disgust. That maybe what Rendell intended, but the feeling that she just finished the book to fulfill a contractual obligation is too strong to make that really believable.
This is my first Rendell book and it's clear that she's a master of her genre. The book is simply very well crafted, both in language and in plot. The plot is devilishly ingenious and keeps you guessing, even though you think you know where it'll lead. The book gets off to a slow start but keeps on accelerating until, about half way through, you can't put it down. When you finish the last page, you know you have been in the hands of a careful artist, you know the book was complete, and you know your hours of reading were well spent. Bravo.
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