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by Sean Michael

Category: Erotica
Subcategory: Fiction
Author: Sean Michael
ISBN: 160370017X
ISBN13: 978-1603700177
Language: English
Publisher: Torquere Press (June 17, 2008)
Pages: 224
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As one who has read numerous Sean Michael books, I knew going in what to expect. Lots and LOTS of sex, insta-love, and plenty of fluff.

As one who has read numerous Sean Michael books, I knew going in what to expect. I also go into it knowing that suspending reality is a must.

Amnesia" continues this legacy in fine fashion. Then go read his other books, especially his financial thrillers

Amnesia" continues this legacy in fine fashion. If you enjoy a great adventure, mystery, or just great characters, you should read Amnesia. Then go read his other books, especially his financial thrillers. All of his books are treasures, and it is bizarre that he has not reaceived more fame. 6 people found this helpful.

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Sean Michael Sean Michael.

Will new revelations about Hunter’s desires rekindle the romance with Kyle or put an end to things? Committed couple Hunter and Kyle have been together a long time.

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When Thaine wakes up in the hospital after a bull riding injury, he has a few problems. He doesn’t remember the last five years, or his new boyfriend, and all he wants in the world is his ex-lover Jerry. Thing is, he and Jerry broke up a long time ago, and no one is sure Jerry will come. Thaine’s best friend Jesse makes the call, even though he thinks it’s a pretty crappy thing to do to the new boyfriend, Drew. Drew is everything Jesse has always wanted, young, optimistic, and hard-working. He can’t believe his buddy Thaine would pass Drew by for an old flame, even if his friend can’t remember the kid. Jerry is flattered that Thaine still wants him around, and he still carries a torch for his cowboy, so when Thaine asks to go home with him to recover, Jerry agrees, even though he knows Thaine could get his memory back any day… Can Jerry and Thaine make a future that wipes out their past? And can Jesse convince Drew that he was looking for love in all the wrong places? Can Thaine live without the last five years, or will he remember everything and have to choose between his old life and his new one? Sean Michael pens a masterful love story in Amnesia, one that will make you believe in the power of love, no matter what the odds.
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The plot here is most refreshing, sometimes bitter sweet, at times disarmingly sweet but mostly just pure charming. The sex is sizzling hot as Sean shows us good old fashioned sex is the most erotic. And this man just keeps getting better at telling it!
2 appealing couples here, the explosive and darn hot couple in Thaine and Jerry and the more down-to-earth and no less loving couple in Jesse and Drew. The interaction among his guys is pure chemistry and I love that Sean tells his story from each man's view. These 4 men, 2 stubborn and proud cowboys, one sweet young thing and one tough and filthy rich businessman are most interesting characters and I just wish the story could have been longer. A very enjoyable read indeed.
Four cowboys and one accident that changes all of their lives. When bull rider Thaine wakes up from a bull riding accident that takes away five years of his memories he asks for Jerry but there is one problem, he and Jerry broke up years ago. What happens next will change everything. Thaine remembers nothing of his time with the young man named Drew and goes back with Jerry to try and heal. Drew turns to the one man who has always been around. Thaine’s best friend Jesse. Will Thaine every regain his memories and what will become of Drew? Can love find its way into these four men’s hearts or is it the end of the ride for them?

As much as I like this author this story was not one of my favorite stories. When Thaine lost his memories it seems that instead of trying to figure things out and where he stood with Drew he just up and ran away, leaving Drew with no thought to his feelings at all. I enjoyed seeing Jesse and Drew find their way but found that I did not connect to Jerry and Thaine at all. Their reconnection was a nice read but the way it was brought about did not make for a “feel good” story. I did enjoyed watching Drew find a way towards happiness after all that he goes through. The four men learn just how strong love can be and what it takes to keep it. Although one of these couples’ stories was not for me I still found enjoyment in this read.

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Ok, I think I am calm enough to write this review. It took a full day because I had to choose the right words.

Amnesia captured two stories in one.

Thaine and Jerry were like fire and timber. Five years ago it was the split heard around the world. The man that he had left due to both men being at different stages of life.

Thaine and Drew were lovers for over three. It was obvious that Drew thought the man hung the moon. Thaine was older and wrapped up in his career as a bull-rider.

One accident was all it took to unravel the relationship and four men's lives. Thaine suffered from retrograde amnesia and was taken back five years prior in life. Which meant, Drew was not even on his radar. Much to the chagrin of Drew, there was only Jerry, or JJ, Thaine's former lover, the one who still held his heart.

I cussed up a blue streak during this read because, yes, as humans we do things that just should not happen and given the diagnosis, we would expect certain situations to occur. However, Drew was done an injustice by both Thaine and Jerry. I am NOT even putting in spoilers, read the book!!!

Thank God for Jesse and his want for what is best. He is intuitive enough to know what is happening between the former lovers, and to help Thaine as his best friend. He also has just enough feelings for Drew to take on the burden of his heartbreak when all else fails and make him number one. In the end, everyone got satisfaction.

The heat level was through the roof. There was no doubting the chemistry between both couples. All in all a good read. I just wished certain avenues were explored, like Thaine and Drew having more conversations and an apology of some sort. When you have invested a life with someone, you treat them with respect even if the split is not amicable.

ARC provided by Publisher, Dreamspinner Press in exchange for an honest review.
Reviewed by Cee from Alpha Book Club
Rating: 2.5 stars rounded up to 3

As one who has read numerous Sean Michael books, I knew going in what to expect. Lots and LOTS of sex, insta-love, and plenty of fluff. I also go into it knowing that suspending reality is a must. So in that respect, Amnesia was everything I thought it would be. The fact that the story follows two couples in the same book was a teeny bit different, but on the whole, the book pretty much followed the formula. That being said, I have to say Amnesia was a bit of a disappointment.
I did like Drew and Jesse … not so much Thaine or Jerry. Those two came off rather heartless and cruel. I got what Sean Michael was trying to do with the parallel story lines, but unfortunately when it came to Thaine and Jerry, I didn’t care much if they got their HEA.
This is a rerelease of a book written first in 2009 and unfortunately you can tell. The writing isn’t very polished, the too plentiful sex scenes are repetitive and unoriginal, and the story line was disjointed and really unbelievable in parts. I’ll continue to read Sean Michaels’ work, this one just didn’t do it for me.

Reviewed by Erin for Diverse Reader
This was not one of Sean Michael's best books. The main problem was Jerry and Thayne. Both characters came off as heartless and cruel and really only cared about themselves. They didn't really give any thought to how their actions were hurting others. How Thayne treated Drew was just awful. I don't care if you remember someone or not I would think you would at least try to be nice to them. I would have liked this book much more if it had been all about Jesse and Drew. That was the couple that I was invested in. If the book had been exclusively about them, then I would have rated it higher. Unfortunately most of the book was about Thayne and Jerry.
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