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by Karen Anders

Category: Erotica
Subcategory: Fiction
Author: Karen Anders
ISBN: 0373791232
ISBN13: 978-0373791231
Language: English
Publisher: Harlequin Blaze; Original edition (December 25, 2003)
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You hold the last book of my first miniseries, WOMEN WHO DARE, in your hands. It was a wonderful ride. Silhouette intimate moments. 780-JENNIFER’s outlaw.

You hold the last book of my first miniseries, WOMEN WHO DARE, in your hands. Now, in Mine to Entice, Kate gets her chance to show everyone that she’s no longer Sister Kate. To Kathryn Lye for believing in me and giving me the freedom to create.

To Kathryn Lye for believing in me and giving me the freedom to create. Read books for free from anywhere and from any device. Listen to books in audio format instead of reading.

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But how's she going to land the cash? Simple as black bottom pie. Tally's in possession of an authentic Gabriel Dampier treasure map, penned by the great pirate himself. The free online library containing 500000+ books.

Two of her novels made the Waldenbooks Bestseller list in 2003. Published since 1997, she currently writes for the Harlequin Romantic Suspense line.

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Karen Anders writes sexy NCIS agents, tough JAG lawyers, rogue Navy SEALs, courageous Marines-a mix of Navy and civilians investigating murder, espionage, and crime across a global landscape. These are the characters that populate her To Protect and Serve Series for Romantic Suspense! Under the pen name, Zoe Dawson, she's currently writing romantic comedy, new adult contemporary romance, urban fantasy, syfy and erotic romance.

Karen Anders made her debut as a published author in 1997 with the novel Jennifer’s Outlaw. Up Close and Dangerously Sexy.

Mine To Entice by Karen Anders released on Dec 25, 2003 is available now for purchase.
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grand star
Forensic investigator Kate Quinn and deputy district attorney Jericho St. James have worked together for three years. When she's slightly late to testify and then enters with a new, enticing look, Jericho cannot take his eyes off of Kate. Unfortunately, rather than voicing his attraction, Jericho admonishes her for tardiness. At that point, she vows to tease him, to entice him, and when he is hers, to make him beg.
Jericho could control his desire when Kate hid behind a lab coat and glasses. With her transformation, he warns her that it may hold touch consequences. He knows that her passion has been sleeping, and much against his better judgement, Jericho would like to be the one to awaken her. He has certainly known that she wanted him. But only now he realizes just how much he wants her.
Author Karen Anders creates boldly sensual heroines and wildly sensitive heroes for her Women Who Dare miniseries. Kate's determination to keep Jericho begging exemplifies the power of sexuality even as the heart holds sway. MINE TO ENTICE especially results in a deliciously wicked read when contrasting belief and single-minded desire make for difficult bedfellows when Jericho arrests a man Kate believes to be innocent. As they boarder on the brink of miracles or disaster, passion flares and need intensifies. Seductive and alluring, MINE TO ENTICE comes very highly recommended.
Kate Quinn is a forensic scientist with the reputation of being a tad bit uptight, straightlaced...okay she has the nickname "Sister Kate" and she is ready to change all that with the help of the Deputy District Attorney Jericho St. James. Problem is they work together and that just might complicate things.
Jericho can't believe the transformation of Kate when he sees her for the first time after her "make-over". Now the attraction he feels for her will be almost impossible to hide. He has had a thing for the sexy scientist from the very beginning and he has done his best to hide that fact but now he wants her period!
The backdrop of this romance is a murder investigation and this part of the storyline is just as interesting as the romance between Kate and Jericho. Kate knows it's not the handyman that works in her building even though he has been arrested for the murder. Now she must work at odds against Jericho in order to prove her friend is innocent.
This was a very fast paced read full of twist and turns as well as plenty of chemistry between the two main characters. Great for a weekend read!
A woman who dares...

Hot, smart, sexy forensic investigator Kate Quinn is finished with straitlaced - she's determined to ditch her longtime nickname "Sister Kate." And she's getting tall, gorgeous, tough-as-nails deputy district attorney Jericho St. James to do it.

But when a man she believes to be innocent is charged with murder, Kate's world, not to mention her enticement of Jericho, soon gets complicated.

And the man who defends her...

Jericho has been holding back ever since he met Kate - never wanting to cross the line with a colleague. Now, however, Kate's sensual ways and incredible new look have poked serious holes in his cool air of sleek sophistication. She happily obliges when he sinks to his knees in surrender and begs her to be his. Yet as the murder case reaches a fevered pitch, it's Kate and Jericho who've put everything on the line....

For each other...For now...Forever

3rd in the Women Who Dare miniseries.
The story begins at the point where the leads have been working together for 3 years. They are already attracted to each other so we get a very limited love story focused mostly on sex.

Author writes well but the back story is just not believable. Hero is assistant DA and heroine is crime lab investigator. Their professional conduct is highly questionable. For instance, she is allowed to handle evidence in a case in which her friend is the main suspect.
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