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by Laurie Breton

Category: Erotica
Subcategory: Fiction
Author: Laurie Breton
ISBN: 155166660X
ISBN13: 978-1551666600
Language: English
Publisher: Mira (April 1, 2003)
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This was my first Laurie Breton book. I have to say it was very good. It had a couple decent twists and even a surprise ending.

This was my first Laurie Breton book.

Breton (Coming Home) skillfully balances the suspense and romance plot threads, but the story skirts on the edge of melodrama as Caroline struggles with self-recrimination, her still strong . This was my first Laurie Breton book.

Breton (Coming Home) skillfully balances the suspense and romance plot threads, but the story skirts on the edge of melodrama as Caroline struggles with self-recrimination, her still strong attraction to Conor and a killer who may know something about her sister’s death. Readers will identify with the outwardly tough yet emotionally vulnerable Caroline and admire Conor for his fortitude and loyalty.

Laurie lives in a small town in Maine with her hus Laurie Breton is a USA Today bestselling author of romantic suspense and women's fiction. When not writing, she enjoys spending time with her two grown children and with her two grandchildren, who are the light of her life. If you went looking, you might find her at the beach, or attending a sidewalk art festival, or walking the streets of Boston. Laurie lives in a small town in Maine with her husband and two adorable dogs named River and Jasmine.

Jackson Falls Book . Please Note: This is not a full-length novel Laurie Breton. The love story that began in Coming Home continues. Please Note: This is not a full-length novel. This is a short novella, meant as a follow-up to DAYS LIKE THIS. They've loved each other for two decades, but songwriting partners Casey Fiore and Rob MacKenzie are about to find out that marriage can be a bumpy ride.

Publishers Weekly on Final Exit. Breton keeps the readers guessing from the first page to the las. great read. Gritty and realistic, Mortal Sin is a powerfully written stor. truly exceptional book on many levels. Breton’s way with characters-and her knack for giving her tales a twist-elevates this story above most. And, of course, to everyone else at MIRA Books who’s involved in the process of turning words typed on a page into a living, breathing book.

Author Laurie Breton. if you're wondering when there will be a new book, I can only tell you "Not ye. I am again dealing with chronic health issues that turn my brain to mush. There will be more books. I'm just not sure when. Women's Fiction With Heart. Thanks for your patience.

131 results for final exit. Final Exit for Cats: A Feline Suicide Guide, Viner, Michael, Good Book. Final Exit Romantic Suspen Mass Market Breton, Laurie.

Laurie Brett (born 28 March 1969) is a Scottish actress, best known for her roles as Jane Beale in EastEnders and Christine Mulgrew in Waterloo Road. Brett was born in Hamilton, Scotland, and studied at the London Studio Centre. She is fluent in Spanish. Brett has admitted to being a bit of a wild child in her youth, drinking heavily for 20 years. Brett speaks with a Scottish accent; however, on moving to London, she adopted a London accent – fitting for her EastEnders role.

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When FBI special agent Carolyn Monahan walks back into the life of homicide lieutenant Conor Rafferty, the excitement is still there. Together they are out to find the serial killer who is terrorizing Boston. Caro has made a successful career of putting homicidal maniacs behind bars, and Rafferty is a good cop who's been handed the case of a lifetime. Amid bureaucratic red tape and a mounting body count, they uncover evidence that points to a decade-old unsolved homicide. The tension escalates when the killer develops a psychotic preoccupation with Caro herself. As the pressure builds to solve the murders, so does the attraction between Caro and Rafferty. But the question remains: Who will get to Caro first, the killer or the cop?
Comments to eBook Final Exit
The blurb and Editorial Review summarize the book perfectly and there isn't really any reason to bother anybody with my recap. Let me just tell you that as an avid reader of romantic suspense I'm continuously on the outlook for new authors of this genre. Needless to say that this book was definitely a very nice surprise.

Basically the story dealt with closure, self-discovery and second chances. These notions were very nicely embedded in a captivating love story and and a gripping suspense part. The hero/ine were well described and likeable. Although both of them were very successful in their professional lives, they appeared "real" with real problems, fears and insecurities.

The suspense part was inferior to the romance part, which didn't really bother me in this case. Especially since the love story was heart felt and intriguing.

All in all this was a nice read that kept me many hours entertained.
I LOVED the book. I'm embarrassed to say, that I thought I had the killer pegged and I was feeling smug. The storyline was intriguing and kept my interest. However, I was a little disappointed I had the killer plucked out so early. Boy was I WRONG!!! Then, towards the end I change my mind and pick another man, feeling happy with myself, thinking "nice twist, Laurie". Then, low and behold the BIGGEST twist happened, and I didn't see it coming. Nicely played, Laurie, nicely played

I highly recommend the book. You won't be disappointed!
This was my first Laurie Breton book. I have to say it was very good. It had a couple decent twists and even a surprise ending. My only problem with the book was her excessive wordiness to constantly interrupt dialogue with actions as if it were a screen play and we needed to know the blow by blow of what the characters did with their hands.

The book was about a serial killer, yet we only had one actual look at how the killer worked and only one victim's body. Therefore it lacked a little of the intensity and fear that a serial thriller may have. Nevertheless, the attraction between the two characters was not immediate in the sense that the reader could feel the emotion, but built quickly and only got intense from there.

All in all, I think the author has potential and I hope to read more of her books.
I absolutely loved this book!! This book, also takes place where I live and I remember when the "big dig" was being done. I was back and forth the whole book trying to figure out who the bad guy was.....what a HUGE surprise when this person was revealed!! I'm usually pretty good at figuring it out, but not this time..... well played, Laurie, well played ???? I highly recommend this book!!
It took me a while but I think I found a new suspense romance author. There's something about her writing that you can't put the book down it's very entertaining. Must read let's see how's the next book. This is my first discovery of this author I can't wait for more! I am definitely going to spread her name around my neck of the woods. I want another story similar to this any suggestions?
I loved it. I like this author and all the books have a healthy dose of reality which make them identifiable . The love stories and emotions are all very well written.
This book was riveting. The characters were people you cared for. The killer was someone I never expected. I will purchase all of her books.
I truly loved this book. I read it in two days because there was no stopping place. I would recommend this book to any
one who read Nancy Drew as a child and knows how to get into a mystery book and cannot put it down. This is NOT a childs Nancy Drew however, it is an adult book. There is murder and police work to find the killer. Thanks to Amazon
I have found a new favorite author, and will read any of her books that i can find.
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