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by Anita Brookner

Category: Contemporary
Subcategory: Fiction
Author: Anita Brookner
ISBN: 0754019667
ISBN13: 978-0754019664
Language: English
Publisher: Chivers Large print (Chivers, Windsor, Paragon & C; Large Print Ed edition (August 1, 2003)
Pages: 280
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The Booker Prize-winning author is a gifted storyteller, weaving in twists and turns that make the book hard to abandon.

The Booker Prize-winning author is a gifted storyteller, weaving in twists and turns that make the book hard to abandon. with such elegance and polish that its surface–satiny, flawless and smooth as an onion, as always–holds a fascination equal to its content. The Washington Post Book World. One of the great strengths of Brookner’s fiction: her ability to lay bare in limpid, measured, luminous prose her characters’ least admirable, most desperate motivations. her characters with intense fidelity.

The Rules of Engagement book. In this deeply perceptive story, Anita Brookner brilliantly charts the resilience of a friendship tested by alienation and by jealousy over a man who seems to offer the promise of escape.

I asked, in as neutral a tone as possible. Oh, yes. That nice Mr Fairlie gave me a lift. I felt there was nothing else I needed to know. What was to follow I knew already. What was to follow I knew already nding it difficult to maintain my side of the conversation. I felt curiously abstracted, as if I were taking in too little oxygen. I was sitting in Betsy's flat, without altogether remembering how I had got there. She had invited me for coffee, and I had gone, though I had had a strong impulse to refuse her invitation

The Rules of Engagement is the twenty second novel by Anita Brookner, the Booker Prize winning author of Hotel du Lac. Elizabeth and Betsy are old school friends.

The Rules of Engagement is the twenty second novel by Anita Brookner, the Booker Prize winning author of Hotel du Lac. Born in 1948 and unready for the sixties, they had high hopes of the lives they would lead, even though their circumstances were so different. Are their lives taking off, or are they just making more of the wrong choices without even realising it? 'One of the most observant moralists writing today. A dark, wintry work and there is plenty here to satisfy Brookner's fans' Guardian. Her technique as a novelist is so sure and so quietly commanding' Hilary Mantel, Guardian.

Anita Brookner CBE (16 July 1928 – 10 March 2016) was an English award-winning novelist and art historian. She was Slade Professor of Fine Art at the University of Cambridge from 1967 to 1968 and was the first woman to hold this visiting professorship. She was awarded the 1984 Man Booker Prize for her novel Hotel du Lac. Brookner was born in Herne Hill, a suburb of London.

When Anita Brookner sets her novels in the south of France they are almost cheerful. The Rules of Engagement is set mainly in these districts of London, its protagonist permitted only brief, glum sorties to Paris. The Bay of Angels, for example, offered a typically bleak vision of loneliness stoically borne, but softened by allowing the heroine to be depressed in Nice, to walk at dusk on the beach with a personable French doctor. Her South Kensington and Marylebone, on the other hand, can be the pits. So we realise from the earliest pages that she is going to have a tough time.

In this deeply perceptive story, Anita Brookner brilliantly charts the resilience of a friendship tested by alienation and by jealousy over a man who seems to offer the promise of escape. Format Paperback 288 pages.

The Rules of Engagement. I have come to believe that there can be no adequate preparation for the sadness that comes at the end, the sheer regret that one's life is finished, that one's failures remain indelible and one's successes illusory. In her superbly accomplished new novel, Anita Brookner proves that she is our mast profound observer of women's lives, posing questions about feminine identity and desire with a stylishness that conveys an almost sensual pleasure. From the moment Jane Manning first meets her aunt Dolly, she is both fascinated and appalled.

Comments to eBook The Rules of Engagement (Windsor Selection)
I hesitate to call a book a masterpiece but that's the word that passed through my mind when I was carried to the conclusion of the book and was moved to tears... for a half an hour! A book hasn't made me cry in decades. This book was worth every tear because I experienced something profound and important about the human experience that I think makes me a better, more compassionate person.

Ms. Brookner developed a subtle theme with such delicacy that I truly felt emotionally moved by a profound understanding of what can happen in a life when things don't go right for a person from the beginning. The book is very realistic and without being emotionally manipulative shows two lives develop out of family situations that formed shaky foundations.

I have often thought that there are some stories that require a novel to tell them, stories about people that require not just a novel, but a work of art to convey exactly what their lives were. Ms. Brookner achieves such a work of art in The Rules of Engagement. In the end, I felt that I had experienced the essence of two people's lives.

I listened to the audio version first, which is beautifully done, then bought the book for my library.

Beautiful, delicate, masterful.
Read this for Book Club - only one person out of 12 liked the book. Author liked to show off her vocabulary! Good thing I read it on my Kindle so I could easily check definitions. I didn't like the characters and don't think I would read any of her other books.
As seen through the eyes of Elizabeth, a middle-aged Londoner with an upper middle-class upbringing, this book is a most prescient examination of what life can bring in that social milieu: respectable, but dull marriage, following all manner of "rules," loneliness, adultery, isolation, etc. As Elizabeth's life unfolds, it is her introspection that primarily interests the author. As usual Brookner is a master of the precise phrase, the pithy sentence, which does require a very careful reading. The appeal of this book is definitely towards those interested in reflecting on life's difficulties and vagaries.
The characters are like outlines-undeveloped. Most of the book consists of the musings of the protagonist-an unhappy woman. None of the other characters are explored or brought to life. A boring and sad book.
This is Anita Brookner at her very best. Fascinating, introspective examination of women and aging in Brookner's unmistakable style. Universal themes, written beautifully. I just reread it, liked it even better the second time. Underlined half of the book, so much was worth going back for. Higest recommendation!
Ok, so Rules of Engagement is not an action-packed novel; it is moving nonethless. Previous descriptions of Elizabeth and Betsy are accurate, and the reason they deserve Brookner's skilled description and dissection is that so many people, not just women, are just like them. They arrive at middle age not knowing how exactly how their early decisions determined the course of their lives.

This is a reflective, analytical, beautiful novel that reveals much about life to those who read to the end.
Anita Brookner writes in a style that harkens back to Henry James: so much of her prose is icy, matter-of-fact and at times clinical. But Brookner makes the fatal error of adopting the Jamesian style without having his facility at storytelling and his mastery of prose writing.
Though the story of "The Rules of Engagement" takes place in London in the Swinging 1960's through the 1980's, when Brookner makes a reference to those times...discos, Art, etc, it is shocking because her story is so much of a time, and that time is the early 1900's.
Elizabeth is an old fashioned girl: one who cleaves to her husband, a much older man and to her friend Betsy with whom she shares a relationship more akin to that of a mother-daughter than one of friends. When she meets Betsy's lover, Daniel she finds him "repellent...his humming deprived him of ordinary accessibility and removed any possibility of normal exchange of the kind practiced in the circles in which I moved."
Against all normal logic, Elizabeth takes a lover, Edmund in whom she invests not only her time but her so-called emergence as a person: "a self which had been obscured by the years of careful living which I could now see for what they had been: erroneous, fallacious, and with a stifling quality I was ready to condemn unreservedly." Unfortunately, Brookner sees fit to give Edmund to Betsy and leaves Elizabeth in a lurch she seemingly recovers from without much effort: "in short he (Edmund) lent some of his own glamorous freedom from the pangs of conscience, and I took this as further proof that I have matured in a way that not hitherto been possible."
Talk about making a silk purse out of a sow's ear!
"The Rules of Engagement" is supposedly about relationships: those with our mates, our lovers and our friends but it is written in such a bloodless manner that, instead of being moved by these people, we merely snigger at their stupidity and their inability to make any real connection to each other or to us.
Rules of Engagement was boring. No other word for it. I have read many of Brookner's novels and I finally realized they are all the same. People who do nothing and live only in their heads. But now Elizabeth, the protagonist, knows that women are supposed to do more than cling to their husbands. She has heard of the feminist movement.

Actually, she does less than your typical housewife. She is so passive, she has so little energy that she doesn't even bother to have a child. On top of it, she chides her friend Betsy for energy, eagerness and vitality.

Unfortunately, Betsy does go downhill also. Brookner can't bear to give her women anything to do.
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