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by Nancy Geary

Category: Contemporary
Subcategory: Fiction
Author: Nancy Geary
ISBN: 0330485490
ISBN13: 978-0330485494
Language: English
Publisher: Pan Books (November 5, 2004)
Pages: 464
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Geary is a wonderfully mordant observer of the rich gone awry-her books are funny, sharp, and stylishly written.

Nancy Geary displays a keen eye and a pitch-perfect voice for the nuances and shadings of her milie. .Geary understands crime as only a prosecutor can. A remarkable achievement and a wonderful blend of manners and murder. Geary is a wonderfully mordant observer of the rich gone awry-her books are funny, sharp, and stylishly written. Sallie Bissell, author of A Darker Justice. A lyrical nove. ently and perceptively written.

A Cape Cod housewife deals secretly with an illness and confronts losing the home that has been the cornerstone of her family life. After more than 10 years, Frances Pratt returns to a, where she spent her childhood summers in the home of an aunt and uncle.

Such was the case in a seemingly idyllic affluent community, the setting for Nancy Geary’s second novel Redemption - a solid whodunit in the ‘old school’ style that will keep you guessing until the end. When the beautiful, pampered debutante, Hope Lawrence, is found dead the day of her wedding, her visiting cousin Frances Pratt must work with the local Hold your breath - this book is cunning and dark. Be on your guard and trust your instincts, for things are not always what they appear to be.

Recovering from the shock of her stepmother's murder, criminal investigator Frances Pratt returns to the a of her childhood to attend a family wedding, only to find her haven shattered by another murder case. 40,000 first printing.

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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Returning to the Hamptons-a privileged community with dark secrets-star prosecutor Frances Pratt returns to a murder within her own family. As she begins a dangerous hunt for answers.

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Hope Lawrence seems to have everything that a young woman could want. The beloved daughter of wealthy parents, her childhood was spent on the idyllic shores of Massachusetts's East Coast. And now she is about to marry Jack Cabot, her handsome sweetheart. But life is rarely as simple or as carefree as it seems. The day of Hope's wedding will be remembered by everyone in Manchester-by-the-Sea, but not in the way that it should have been. When Father Whitney steps forward to address the glittering congregation, his words could hardly be more unexpected and shocking. For Hope's body has been discovered in her bedroom - she has hung herself. In the following days, Hope's family struggles to come to terms with her suicide. But Frances Pratt, Hope's cousin and childhood friend, is less than convinced that Hope took her own life, and begins to probe beneath the surface of her seemingly flawless world . . . 'A brilliant tale of privilege and pain, betrayal and murder . . . Entertainment of the highest order' LINDA FAIRSTEIN
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Respectfully, I wish to disagree with Harriet Klausner. This is not a cozy mystery. It is a thoughtful mystery by a thoughtful writer who is the Anne Perry of the contemporary eastern old money establishment, a chronicler of the mores and social rules that bind this elite community of the privileged. It is well written and well plotted. It is sedate, which is a perfect match for the environment in which the murder and its resolution occur.
Love this writers style. Easy to follow & figure out what is happening but astounding results in the end.
Nancy Geary's second novel, REDEMPTION, focuses on Frances Pratt, the main character from her debut novel, MISFORTUNE. Pratt has, in the aftermath of her stepmother's murder, left her job at the Suffolk County District Attorney's Office and has begun a new post as President of the Long Island Coalition Against Domestic Violence. When Frances heads to Manchester-by-the-Sea for her younger cousin's Hope's wedding, she has no idea how handy her legal background will be.
Frances has not seen Hope in several years and is looking forward to spending time with her beautiful cousin and the family that Frances always envied and admired. Frances always considered Hope to be the lucky cousin, as she had the loving mother and father who were wealthy, and she was popular with everyone she knew. However, it soon becomes apparent that Hope's beauty on the outside hides some ugly stories on the inside.
These stories will shock readers and make them feel sorry for Hope. On the wedding day a murder occurs, changing the mood from one of celebration to investigation. Frances partners up with Elvis, a local detective. She begins to unravel the secrets of her cousin and her cousin's family. As Frances learns more and more about her extended family, she questions the whole belief system that she has held since childhood regarding her family. There seems to be suspects at every turn and multiple leads that seemingly go nowhere.
Readers will relate to the feelings of frustration that Frances has when she hits brick wall after brick wall in her investigation. Frances struggles to stay neutral so she can analyze all of the evidence effectively. She is a character who readers will root for in her quest to find the killer. But Frances is not the only interesting character here. Each character, whether playing a large or small role in the novel, is interesting.
Hope's sister, Penelope, has a severe case of sibling rivalry. Carl, Hope's ex-lover, seems hotheaded, yet shares a gentle relationship with Teddy, the grandmother of both Frances and Hope. As for Teddy, she seems a throwback to the past when it comes to manners and decorum, but her book group made up of elderly women compares notes on Internet service providers. Bill, Frances's uncle, is an enigma. One minute he is the grieving father; the next he is the stubborn man refusing to help the police with their investigation. Adelaide, Hope's mother, seems to be more concerned with how her family rates socially than with what is going on with her daughter --- yet she is not an entirely unsympathetic character, which demonstrates the talent that Geary has.
REDEMPTION has a number of twists and turns that will keep readers hooked. It contains many elements of a successful mystery: betrayal, murder, surprises, and a strong detecting character. As they finish this book readers will be pining for a third novel featuring Frances Pratt --- and they'll be hoping it arrives soon!
--- Reviewed by Melissa A. Martin
Nancy Geary's latest mystery/drama follows former prosecutor turned women's abuse counselor Frances Pratt to the beautiful and ritzy Manchester-by-the-Sea in New England. Fans will applaud the return of Frances who was first featured in Geary's first novel, Misfortune.
In this mystery, Frances has been invited to her cousin Hope's wedding and is looking forward to a nice vacation, see her cousin get married and visit family she hasn't see in over 10 years. The story shifts characters points of view from chapter to chapter and it seems every one of them have secrets they have been keeping pretty well hidden...until now.
Hope is to marry into the rich and prominent family of Jack Cabot. She has a bit of a shady past, some of which is known by the people of Manchester and some that is not.
Meanwhile, Jack is getting pressure by his parents to get Hope to sign a pre-nuptial agreement. Jack is the only heir to the Cabot estate and Mr. and Mrs. Cabot see Hope as a threat.
Frances shares many great memories from childhood of her family and their beautiful piece of heaven by the sea. She's overwhelmed and surprised to find out upon her return that everyone has turned into one big dysfunctional family with many skeletons in their closets.
Then, while expecting to see the bride walk down the aisle, the wedding takes a drastic turn when it's announced that it has been cancelled due to a death of a relative. Frances finds herself back in detective mode when it turns out the death is really, in fact, a murder.
Redemption is a terrific follow up to her first novel, Misfortune. The drama, mystery, murder and family secrets in are riveting and well-written.
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