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by Bridie Clark

Category: Contemporary
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Author: Bridie Clark
ISBN: 0552155675
ISBN13: 978-0552155670
Language: English
Publisher: Corgi Adult (August 13, 2007)
Pages: 352
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Bridie Clark was born on October 7, 1977, and spent a happy childhood in West Hartford, C.

Bridie Clark was born on October 7, 1977, and spent a happy childhood in West Hartford, CT. Her parents. Not Now. CommunitySee all.

There are just too many good books of this type out there to spend your time and money on Because She Can.

She lives in New York City with her husband. This is her first novel. she has certainly earned it after working for such a vile human.

One of the girls held her book upside down, but nobody cared. Excerpted by permission. It was a completely harmless photo op, I knew that, but it still made me put down my drink and say my good-byes. Anyway, I just wasn't in the mood.

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But her life is about to miraculously change. Fresh from an ugly breakup, she is dragged by her best friend to an art gallery opening where she bumps into the man she lusted after all through college: Randall Cox, a man with friends in high places. Unfortunately, her new boss, Vivian Grant, is even worse than the industry gossip has led her to believe.

Her novels "Because She Can" and "The Overnight Socialite" have been published in nineteen countries and featured in dozens of magazines and newspapers, including" "the" Washington Post", the" Los Angeles Times", and "Glamour UK". She was born in West Hartford, Connecticut and currently lives in Greenwich, Connecticut. Библиографические данные.

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Clark made each character either extremely likable or extremely unlikable. It's pretty clear cut how she wanted her characters portrayed. It does channel "The Devil Wears Prada" a bit too much at times. I believe that she even refers to boss Vivian Grant as the "dragon lady," as "Prada" does to Miranda Priestly. Regardless, this is a fabulous book that I probably will not stop talking to my friends about until they read it.

Lucy Ellis moved to the Big Apple to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a fashion designer, but the native Midwesterner has just about had it with the city. A mousy, self-conscious girl trapped in a job at a designer sweatshop, Lucy has been mistreated, road-blocked, and otherwise insulted since her arrival. Overwhelmed by city life, Lucy is about to pack it all in and return home to Minnesota. Then she meets Wyatt. Clark (Because She Can) moves the Pygmalion myth to Manhattan, adds a dash of Thelma and Louise and proves what goes around, comes around to those born to the manor or trailer park.

Comments to eBook Because She Can
The main character was a bit of a ditz. I actually found the boss to be a more complex character. Wildly successful and able to intimidate even the most intimidating people, I wondered what made her that way and how she ticks. Although I must confess I felt the same thing about the Miranda (evil boss) character, in Devil Wears Prada, so perhaps that's just my bias. The book is certainly a light, fun read. A little too silly for me at times, and definitely predictable. I am tired of female characters trying to define themselves as rebels because they eat pizza for lunch when everyone else has salad, or because *gasp* they're not afraid to eat an entire cannoli while other people drink smoothies. If that's as over the top as you get, I can't help but feel my attentions sway more towards the horrifically abusive over the top boss. You want to stand out - she'll show you how its done.
Bridie Clark combines elements from several time-honored genres: the one in which the educated middle class shows the upper class how to live (think It Happened One Night or The Great Gatsby); the bildungsroman, specifically the kunstlerroman, that tracks the education of a young person as she discovers herself as an artist (in this case an editor, with the editor's red pen depicted here like a paint brush); and, of course there is the New York City romance, which is as much about a turbulent love affair with a place as it is about finding that perfect guy. Ms. Clark weaves all of these different strands together seamlessly, creating a heroine who has a real girl's appetite for success, love, and pizza. We want the protagonist's ambition, her groundedness-- we even want her troubles. All this, I should add, in a book that is meant to be read on vacation. A delicious confection that you won't feel guilty devouring-- Claire (the main character) wouldn't!
I have read and re-read this book several times since I first downloaded it. I love the story. It reminds me of The Devil Wears Prada. I also have to say, I really realized that what I would have loved to do as a career is be a book editor (but not for Vivian Grant! haha).
I feel like taking a handful of asprin after making it 3/4 of the way through this book. I love all of the thinly veiled attack the ex boss tell alls..devil wears prada..2nd assistant etc. but this one is just too much. I feel beat up and head achey just from reading this, I cant imagine actually working for the horrid Judith Regan whom this books villan is based on. My advice? There are just too many good books of this type out there to spend your time and money on Because She Can. I do however wish the author a long happy peaceful and lucrative life....she has certainly earned it after working for such a vile human.
Loved it all. Such a fun read from start to finish. Author is funny, witty, clever and creative. Cant wait for more.
Because She Can is a chick coming-of-age novel :) You will enjoy seeing Claire develop from a smart, talented "good girl" to a great woman. With the exception of a few you will love to hate, the engaging characters are good people with forgivable flaws that only make them more interesting.

If you like Jane Green, Marian Keyes and Sophie Kinsella, you will surely enjoy this book!
What a fun book! The insight into the characters minds is fantastic. I'd recommend it highly!
Reviewed by Kelli Glesige for Reader Views (2/07)

Claire Truman is a Princeton graduate working as an associate editor for the top-tier New York book publishing house, Peters and Pomfret. Her beloved boss and mentor of five years, Jackson Mayville has recently announced his impending retirement. Feeling she has nothing to lose if she leaves, Claire begins to think about her future and her desire to take on more responsibility as an editor. One day after work, Claire and her best friend Beatrice attend an art gallery party. Much to their surprise and delight, their old heartthrob from college, Randall W. Cox is also at the party and takes a genuine interest in Claire. Thrilled and flabbergasted, Claire begins dating the highly successful and wealthy investment banker who works at Goldman Sachs in New York. Also to her delight, Claire is stunned to learn Randall knows Vivian Cox of Grant Books, a publishing company whose books are consistently on the New York Times Bestseller List. Randall offers to give Vivian a call on Claire's behalf, and the very next day Claire finds herself interviewing and receiving a job offer from Vivian at three times the salary she has been making.

Putting aside the well-meaning advice of all her friends that Vivian is the boss from Hell, Claire decides to cast aside the horror stories and accept the job. She vows to stay one year at Grant Books to gain experience and further her career. After all, just how hard can only one year be? Claire soon finds the answer.

A bright spot in Claire's new and hectic work filled life turns out to be Luke Mayville, nephew of her former boss, Jackson Mayville who she loved so dearly. Luke has written a book and is looking for someone to help get his book career started. Vivian allows Claire to take on Luke's book, and Claire vows to stay with Grant Books until Luke's book is in print.

From the outside, it looks like Claire has it all with a high paying job and a good looking, rich, boyfriend who seems to adore her and showers her with gifts. But Vivian turns up the heat, and Claire learns all the dreadful stories she has heard are, in fact, quite true. Claire even has the perfect wedding all planned, but Vivian is still hot on her tail to complete deadlines and finish work, even minutes before the wedding is to begin. And to top it off, Claire cannot stop thinking about how well she gets along with Luke Mayville, even if Randall Cox is the perfect man for a husband.

I thoroughly enjoyed "Because She Can," for it is humorous and comical. It is a very entertaining glimpse at life in a publishing house in a totally different light. If you like chick literature, I thoroughly recommend this work by Bridie Clair to all adult readers. Her work will keep you laughing and sometimes even crying. I definitely give "Because She Can" a high mark for an engaging and witty look at the world of book publishing.

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