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by Frances Burke

Category: British and Irish
Subcategory: Fiction
Author: Frances Burke
ISBN: 0712653163
ISBN13: 978-0712653169
Language: English
Publisher: Century; 1st edition (1992)
Pages: 352
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Can a great love survive to transcend time? It is 1806, and in her home, Ashbourne Manor, a woman opens a letter warning her of the terrible fate awaiting her and her unborn child. By nightfall both are dead in the rubble of a burnt out tower. In present day London, talented artist Karen Courtney is overwhelmed by a feeling of familiarity with the man portrayed in a Georgian miniature

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Whether you've loved the book or not, if you give your honest and detailed thoughts then people will find new books that are right for them. Nothing must spoil this idyllic hour spent together with their child. It was the time she most cherished, and today was especially important. In here, in the nursery,’ she called, running to open the door. Antony bounded up the stairs to take her eagerly in his arms, fitting her neat brown head into the hollow of his shoulder.

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Endless Time Online - Frances Burke. She stood by the window, holding herself stiff against the surge of shock and pain. Her eyes did not focus on the printed words she held in her hand, words of hate gouged into the paper with a furious quill, lines etched in poison distilled by a diseased mind. Instead, she gazed out unseeingly across the rose garden, shimmering in the heat given off by baking bricks, and wished she could recall the past minute and destroy the note before she ever opened it. But she could not. For as long as she lived she would not be able to erase those words.

Comments to eBook Endless Time
What a wonderful time I had with this story. I laughed, cried, and was angered at some of the characters. I wanted it to go on and finish where it started, and it did. Leaving room for a sequel. Get ready to settle in for a wonderfully amazing journey.
This was a great book that keeps you wanting to read it and guessing! It's a good read when you are looking to lose yourself in a good book but not have it bog you down. I would read this again.
Quite an interesting take on time travel/reincarnation and how love and hate carry thru from generation to generation. Shifting between two seemingly unrelated stories throughout the book, you have to keep reading to see just how the author is going to bring it all together in the end. Well done, enjoyable, both sad and happy, but so is life! A good read!
Enjoyed, but sometimes a little long getting to point and jumps around a lot.. A good read though. Good characters.
It all came together in the end! there was much back and forth and I kinda blank out during details of the war but I find I absolutely love this book!
I really thought that the story was good but there was several grammatical errors. I am not an English buff by no means and don't even qualify to correct anyone's work but there were so many that it almost made it hard to read at times. I would have loved to have a little more closure with the ending too but overall it was a good story.
melody of you
Endless Time is a magnificent story of love and hate across centuries. The same people meet each other life after life, working out their destinies, choosing to advance along a spiritual path or to do the opposite. Since I have had past life recalls myself, I find this fully believable, but in fact belief is not necessary: there is scientifically very respectable evidence supporting the concept of reincarnation.

Sometimes in the 21st Century, sometimes in the Napoleonic era, we get to know and like a man and a woman who, in each of their lives, become fully rounded, vibrant people who leap off the page. Frances Burke has the skill of characterization honed to a high level. Also, her portrayal of 19th Century life is accurate and believable.

Tension makes a story interesting, and Endless Time has plenty of tension. I found it always believable, always true to character, compelling and intriguing.
Endless Time is more than a romance, it's a moving love story, reminding us that the bond between a man and a woman can have the strength to overcome time itself. The heroine, Karen Courtney is a woman who has had to fight for her place in the world, enduring loss and betrayal. When disaster strikes, she takes up the extraordinary challenge of life in early C19th London, refusing to give way to despair, although Antony, the `new' man in her life, doesn't make things any easier. Both are well-drawn, believable characters who stand out against the rich tapestry of the Regency/Napoleonic era.

There are snippets of history, both political and social; dramatic encounters with an enemy; and a fascinating secondary plot evolving in the present day but linked to the past.

The way Karen deals with the frustrations and outright hatred she encounters, and the joy and gradual awakening of a love that will demand all, kept me reading late into the night. A thoroughly enjoyable book!
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