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Devil's Gate is an adventure novel in author Clive Cussler's The NUMA Files.

Devil's Gate is an adventure novel in author Clive Cussler's The NUMA Files. The story follows employees of NUMA (National Underwater and Marine Agency) who discover someone is developing a directed-energy weapon and thwart the dictator of Sierre Leone, Djemma Garand, and the mercenary group led by Andras the Knife before they are able to use the weapon

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Home Browse Books Book details, Heaven's Gate: America's UFO Religion. In the only book-length study of Heaven's Gate, Zeller traces the roots of the movement, examines its beliefs and practices, and tells the captivating story of the people of Heaven's Gate. Heaven's Gate: America's UFO Religion. By Benjamin E. Zeller. 2015 Best Book Award from the Communal Studies Association.

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Эту книгу можно прочитать в Google Play Книгах на компьютере, а также на устройствах Android и iOS. Выделяйте текст, добавляйте закладки и делайте заметки, скачав книгу "Heaven's Gate: America's UFO Religion" для чтения в офлайн-режиме. The captivating story of the people of Heaven’s Gate, a religious group focused on transcending humanity and the Earth, and seeking salvation in the literal heavens on board a UFO. In March 1997, thirty-nine people in Rancho Santa Fe, California, ritually terminated their lives. To outsiders, it was a mass suicide. To insiders, it was a graduation.

Partnering with a deputy (Ashmore), they track down the missing woman's husband (Ventimiglia) and find that nothing is as it seems.

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The Devil's Fire (The Devil's Gate Trilogy Book 2). Rue Volley. They draw us into a whirlwind journey of innocence and dominance and their battles with craving and the need to give up control. The Devil's Kiss (The Devil's Gate Trilogy Book 3). What it isn't is overflowing with sex scenes and believe me the storyline doesn't need it.

A Devil's Gate is a doorway into Hell. There are a few known Devil's Gates that exist on earth. The first Devil's Gate we see is in Calvary Cemetery, southern Wyoming. It is placed at the center of a 100-mile Devil's Trap, which, according to a demon, was built by Samuel Colt some time before 1861.

Comments to eBook Devil's Gate
In 1951, a Lockheed Constellation airliner disappears with a mysterious Russian Cargo. Sixty years later, a scientist familiar with the Large Hadron Collider, or LHC, fakes his own kidnapping. Finally, a rogue African dictator named Djmenna Garand has his sights set on world domination. All of this seems ripe for an adventure, and Kurt Austin, along with sidekick Joe Zavala, are about to be thrust straight into the breech.

Garand, tiring of having his country looked at as second-rate, is developing a super-weapon of tremendous power. With the threat of this weapon, Garand plans to extort all of the world's major nations, while threatening to destroy their largest cities. With the help of Alexander Cochrane, the scientist who faked his own kidnapping, Garand sets about constructing this weapon of terror.

In the meantime, a graveyard of ships and aircraft has been discovered in the Atlantic Ocean. Curiously, a large magnetic force is also coming from this place. Intrigued, many scientists from around the world have come to investigate. But, Garand is waiting for them and soon, he has captured many of the scientists and forced them to work on his super-weapon. But, Austin, Zavala, and the rest of the NUMA crew are on to Garand and his plan. Will Austin be able to stop Garand and his weapon before it's too late?

I found "Devil's Gate" to be an excellent book. Kurt Austin is Cussler's prototypical hero-type character, and it's easy to root for him. His secondary characters, including Russian athlete-turned-scientist/spy Katarina Luskaya, the husband-and-wife team of Paul and Gamay Trout, and Garand's enforcer Andras "the knife" are all well-developed and add to the excitement of the story. The story itself is well-conceived, and is loaded with action from the very start. Fans of good action/adventure stories will want to read "Devil's Gate". Highly recommended.
Devil's Gate is book nine in the NUMA Files Series. The first eight books were a collaboration between Clive Cussler and Paul Komprecos. What I enjoyed about them was the close camaraderie between the four main characters that make up NUMA's Special Assignments Team. Devil's Gate is a new collaboration between Cussler and Graham Brown, and I was sure some of the original characterizations I had grown used to would be lost or changed. As it turned out, while there are some slight differences in the writing style between this book and the original eight, it wasn't enough to stop me from finishing or enjoying the book. The main characters are presented pretty much the way they were before and the story is exciting. Kurt Austin, Joe Zavala, and Gamay and Paul Trout once again save the world, this time from a dictator who has coerced scientists into creating a super-weapon using magnetic super-conductor and particle accelerator technology. A nice touch was writing Dirk Pitt, the main character from Cussler's other NUMA Series, into this story as an active participant, thus tying the two series closer together. I definitely recommend this book. In fact, I have read all of the books Clive Cussler has written solo or in collaboration - Dirk Pitt Series, Oregon Files Series, NUMA Files Series, Isaac Bell Series, Fargo Series - and have enjoyed them all except for the Fargo Series.
<Spoiler Alert> Plot elements may be discussed. There is no avoiding the fact that a Cussler book is not going to be on the same level as a writer like Hemingway. However, if all you care about is a good story, action, and heroics, then seek no farther. Cussler almost always ties in some historic event from the past that will have dire consequences in the present day, and so that model continues here. This book features the exploits of Kurt Austin, the second heroic character of Cussler's fertile imagination following Dirk Pitt. If you like heroes that possess the best traits of James Bond, Jacques Cousteau, and MacGuyver, then Cussler's books are for you. This plot focuses on a madman (of course) bent on world domination via the forceful application of a super weapon, and Austin and company must save the world and rescue the girl. Yes, it sounds a bit trite, but you know that we love it. Plenty of action, derring-do, MacGuyver style escapes, and a hot babe Russian spy - what's not to like? Cussler has several lead characters in his numerous novels, all of which are heroically competent. Recently Mr Cussler has taken on co-writers to do some of the work, and I'm all for it, as it seems like there are always more good stories in the pipeline soon to arrive. And that is, after all, the objective, isn't it? To tell a good story. Good reading!
I've never read a bad Clive Cussler book. And, "Devil's Gate" certainly didn't disappoint. But, it wasn't as great as some of his other books either. In classic Cussler fashion there was a steady dose of action and suspense that keeps the reader engaged and interested. Basically, a story of a rogue African country led by a power-hungry dictator who gets a hold of some extraordinary technology that could decimate anything in its direct path. And, Washington D.C. is on its radar. Dirk Pitt, Kurt Austin, and others from the NUMA crew race against time and enemies to thwart the plans for destruction. But first, they must find who the culprit is, what exactly this technology is, and where to find its base of operations. Somewhat lengthy, but easy to read, another good and imaginative story written by one of the best authors of the adventure genre.
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