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by Kim Vogel Sawyer

Category: Literature and Fiction
Subcategory: Christian Books
Author: Kim Vogel Sawyer
ISBN: 0764201824
ISBN13: 978-0764201820
Language: English
Publisher: Bethany House Publishers; Reprinted edition (June 1, 2006)
Pages: 348
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Kim Vogel Sawyer has woven a beautiful tapestry of words in Waiting for Summer’s Return. - Allison M. Wilson, The Road to Romance.

Kim Vogel Sawyer has woven a beautiful tapestry of words in Waiting for Summer’s Return. This outstanding inspirational story reveals true faith and love that transcend grief and prejudice. Wonderful light reading for summer vacation!" - - Marty Medley, Armchairinterviews.

Waiting for Summer's Return Waiting for Summer's Return Series B Clemons.

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Summer awakened with a start. She jerked to a seated position, a cramp catching in her lower back. She jerked to a seated position, a cramp catching in her lower back he bedroom door. Thomas stood in the kitchen with the front door open, allowing in a stream of sunshine and a large portion of the cold morning air. What is it? What’s wrong?. At her voice he spun to face her. What’re you doing in there? Where’s Pa?. Your father slept in the barn last night. She crossed to the door

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Waiting for Summer's Return (9780764201820) by Kim Vogel Sawyer. Title: Waiting for Summer's Return By: Kim Vogel Sawyer Format: Paperback Number of Pages: 352 Vendor: Bethany House Publication Date: 2006

Waiting for Summer's Return (9780764201820) by Kim Vogel Sawyer. Title: Waiting for Summer's Return By: Kim Vogel Sawyer Format: Paperback Number of Pages: 352 Vendor: Bethany House Publication Date: 2006. Dimensions: . 8 X . (inches) Weight: 1 pound 1 ounce ISBN: 0764201824 ISBN-13: 9780764201820 Stock No: WW201824. Rekindled, Fountain Creek Chronicles Series Tamera Alexander.

Waiting for Summer’s Return. Books by. Kim Vogel Sawyer. From bethany house publishers. Waiting for Summer’s Return. Where the Heart Leads. A Promise for Spring. Some words were borrowed from Norma Jost Voth’s Mennonite Foods and Folkways From South Russia.

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All alone on the Kansas prairie, Summer Steadman has few options. With her husband and children lost to illness, she has no desire to continue on farther west to where she and her husband planned to build their future. Instead, she seeks employment in a small Mennonite community in order to be near the graves of her family. Widower Peter Ollenburger, the local gristmill owner, needs someone to teach his young son. When he hears of a "learned woman" in town, he believes she is the answer to his prayers. He soon discovers, however, that helping this outsider may have troublesome consequences. There is little this father will not do for his son, but as the boy begins to look at Summer as more than a teacher, Peter must make a choice. Does he marry this woman to give his son a new mother, or does he marry only for love? Will Summer's broken heart ever be able to love again?
Comments to eBook Waiting for Summer's Return (Waiting for Summer's Return Series #1)
This was a beautiful, but agonizing, book to read for me. I literally sobbed, at times. Many years ago, I lost a son. The woman in this book, Summer, lost four children and her husband. I couldn't comprehend the depths of her grief.

Summer lost her children and her husband to typhoid fever. She was inconsolable, blaming God and wondering why he did not take her, too. The doctor ordered the wagon with all of her things in it burned, too. She did not even have a picture to remember them. Then , a man offered her a place to live in exchange for tutoring his son. Slowly, she grew to admire Peter for his gentleness and his love for his son and his care of his dead wife's grandmother. She marveled at his faith in God and his acceptance of his wife's death. Can they find happiness together? Is this God's plan for them?

This was a story rich in faith and background. Neither one of them wanted a marriage based on convenience. They also had to contend with a lot of mean-spirited gossip. And they each had their duties that called to them. I personally loved this book and recommend it highly. Get the book, but keep some tissues handy.
Waiting for Summer’s Return

This book reminded me very much of Janette Oke’s Love Comes Softly—yet it was also very different. Summer and Peter aren’t married like Clark and Marty were; rather, Peter has hired Summer to tutor his son, Thomas, and neither of them really have any intention of marrying for convenience, even though the Mennonite community tries to guilt Peter for acting unseemly (which, he is in no manner, way, shape, or form).

Summer was a very believable character with real sorrow and yearning for peace and joy. Peter was such a strong and admirable character. Now that I think of it, he was just a little perfect. I don’t remember any of his flaws, besides perhaps feeling inferior. And Thomas was just a wonderful little boy full of fun, tendencies to anger, and things he must grow through. Grossmutter was also a fine addition to the characters. She basically said nothing, but her presence added just that extra special something.

There was a lot to admire in both Summer and Peter. One of the things I greatly appreciated was how their thoughts didn’t turn to romance all the time. Instead, they were friends helping each other out. Neither of them were going to marry if it went against God’s will for their lives. There was such an anti-follow-your-heart theme in this story. I really, really liked it!! They allowed their lives to go on a natural course and weren’t complicating matters greatly with feelings and misunderstandings. There was accusation that Peter and Summer were living unBiblically, but it was external accusations and their lifestyle proved otherwise to the reader. There was no sensual drive in either of these characters during the book, which to me makes this book way chaster than other books that do not mention unseemly behavior. I appreciated the way it was handled.

It did seem to wrap up really quickly and had a little more stilted flow than Sawyer’s other novels. The quick wrap-up satisfied me, because I really wanted to see it end how I wanted it to (which, of course, it did). The stilt is probably due to Peter being Mennonite so his language (even in the narration for his POV) was broken Germanic-English. That was pretty cool.

This book had a solid Christian salvation message through Jesus Christ. The characters studied the Bible together. There was some Mennonite church history as well. I really enjoyed the spiritual content of this one as well.
Set in the tiny Mennonite community of Gaeddert on the high plains of Kansas in the late 19th century, Summer Steadman has lost her entire family to the scourge of Typhoid. On her way to Oklahoma when her husband and four children perished, she does not want to leave the place where they are all buried.

Peter Ollenburger, described as a "great bear of a man," needs someone to tutor his injured ten year old son until he can return to school and he discovers Summer. A tale of two unlikely people from two different worlds, Summer is pretty, petite, educated, and city bred. Peter is the town miller and, at first impression, seems simple, primitive, strong, handy and kind.

It is the relationship between these total opposites that makes the story crackle with emotional intensity and feeling. Summer's heart is closed and shattered with her staggering loss. Peter, also a widower, slowly tries to coax Summer out of her depression with his genuine living faith in God. Summer finds herself becoming attached to Thomas, Peter's son with a motherly love.

However, the closed Mennonite community is suspicious of Summer as she is an 'outsider' and is living on Peter's property, strictly forbidden by the Mennonites. Will Summer acquire the Godly faith she sees in Peter? Will the Mennonite community see the goodness in Summer? And to solve their dilemma, is marriage between these two a remote possibility?

Dear reading friends, I read this quiet but emotionally dramatic story through teary eyes. The beginning is unrelentingly sad as Summer struggles from wanting to die to returning to the living. The author's poignant use of keepsakes, memories, and beautiful meaningful details makes this one of the best historical romances I have ever read.

If I'm not mistaken, this is the author's debut novel published in 2006. She has since penned many more in this genre. I look forward to reading more from this superlative author's hand.
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