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by Kate Thompson

Category: Science Fiction and Fantasy
Subcategory: Children
Author: Kate Thompson
ISBN: 0370328787
ISBN13: 978-0370328782
Language: English
Publisher: Bodley Head Children's Books; Export Ed edition (June 2, 2005)
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The New Policeman is a children's fantasy novel by Kate Thompson, published by Bodley Head in 2005. Set in Kinvara, Ireland, it features a teenage boy, J. J. Liddy, who learns that "time is leaking from his world into Tir na nOg, the land of the fairies". It inaugurated a series that is sometimes called Liddy. Thompson and The New Policeman won two important annual awards, the Whitbread Children's Book Award and the Guardian Children's Fiction Prize.

The goats stood in their shelter, looking gloomy and steadfastly refusing to go near the haylage they were offered. They can do without, said Ciaran. They’ll eat it if they get hungry enough. ey might, said Helen. They were getting big and rebellious now, standing on their hind legs to look over the bottom door of their shed and shoving . around when he came in with their buckets of milk. It was high time to wean them and turn them out with the rest of the herd. When he’d finished, .

Kate Thompson is one of the most exciting authors writing for young people today

Kate Thompson is one of the most exciting authors writing for young people today. A born storyteller, her work is highly original and she is thought provoking in her ideas. The New Policeman also won the Guardian Children's Fiction Prize 2005, the Whitbread Book Award Children's category 2005, the Children's Book of the Year in the Irish Book Awards in March 2006 and has been longlisted for the Carnegie Medal. In 2008 Kate was again shortlisted for the Children's Books Ireland Bisto Award for her book, The Last of the High Kings, a beautiful and haunting story that delves deep into the magic of Irish myth and folklore. Библиографические данные.

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Who knows where the time goes? There never seems to be enough time in Kinvara, or anywhere else in Ireland for that matter. s mother says time's what she really wants for her birthday, . decides to find her some. To read this book, upload an EPUB or FB2 file to Bookmate.

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The New Policeman (New Policeman, The Last of the High Kings (New Policeman, and The White Horse Trick (New Policeman, New Policeman Series. 3 primary works, 3 total works. Book 1. The New Policeman. Who knows where the time goes? There neve. ore. Shelve The New Policeman.

The New Policeman is charming, seductive and completely enthralling. Time and Magic I just finished The New Policeman and it really proved how valuable Bookbrowse is to me. I would probably never have come across this charming and magical book without Davina since it isn't offered in the local bookstore and I have seen no other.

Comments to eBook The New Policeman
The "justified sinner" of the title is a Scottish Calvinist who becomes convinced that God has saved him and he can't be unsaved no matter what he does. A figure who is a literary version of a (or the) devil, plays on this religious fanaticism and lures him to commit crimes, including murder. The protagonist is emotionally and intellectually bullied into his crimes, and his personality undergoes steady disintegration up to his death. The chilling picture is all too relevant to the fanatical terrorists of our own age, and though presented as a critique of Calvinism, the story clearly glances at the fanaticism of the French Revolution. The penetrating psychological portrait of this perfectly horrible character moved by an icily logical dogmatism to extreme and vicious crimes is brilliant conducted. But that doesn't begin to convey the complexity and richness of the book. It is presented as a manuscript discovered on a corpse interred by a pair of curious misbehavers, and it is framed by the editor's account of the central figure, based on a few documents and local tradition. The contrasts between his account and the "justified sinner's" own first-person account is both fascinating and disturbing. At the end, the editor returns and there follows a really baffling array of metafictional games. The editor presents a letter by "James Hogg" telling about the disinterment, and he and a friend go off to investigate, encountering none other than James Hogg himself, who sourly says he wants nothing to do with the whole thing! There's more, but I can't recommend this book highly enough in our murderously dogmatic times. Earl Miller's Penguin edition is excellent, though Ian Duncan's introduction for his World's Classics edition is excellent. But frankly, I think Adrian Hunter's edition for Broadview is the best choice (it has an excellent introduction and good supplementary material by Hogg and contemporaries, and the footnotes are where they belong, at the foot of the page, not buried in the back of the book).
from earth
Three stars for the fist half and four stars for the second.

It took me a long while to get into this book, as the chapters (especially at the beginning) are very short, and it takes a long time for the story to really get going. Once it did, though, I enjoyed it.

The music between chapters was a nice touch, albeit one I probably would have appreciated more if I could have heard the music somehow (prime opportunity for the audiobook right there).

I also liked the way the book describes traditional music (I really want to go to a ceilidh now) and the way the speech patterns sounded authentically Irish.

I also want to note that I had a really hard time getting an angle on how old JJ was supposed to be. He seemed on the younger side, but then he was talking to his friend about going clubbing? So some confusion there. And the tone of the book is similarly ambiguous -- I'm not sure if it's the fairy-tale nature or what, but the book's not quite a MG but not quite a YA either. High Middle Grade, I suppose.

I remember a lot of buzz around this one when it came out, and I'm not sure that it was really all that, but it was a fun read.
Love Me
I loved this book so much that I'm adding it to my syllabus for Horror and Fantasy this fall. Hope they enjoy it, too. The genre is ... well, it's hard to put a finger on. Doppelgangers, mysterious estates, cases of mistaken identity...or are they... this novel has all the great hallmarks of Gothic literature with a heaping dose of Scots language thrown in for your daily bit of culture and linguistics. Hogg was a creative guy, that's for sure. This book needs to get more attention outside the British Isles.
Unexpected surprise. I was slow to gather all the facts. After becoming immersed in the delightful story line I figured that there was so much more fun to the family dynamics. I was highly suspicious of the policeman. BUT IT was an interesting and fun romp. This did come together and was a satisfying story. A little slow when jj entered the other side, but understandable given the time issue.

great mix of true and fantasy, and I loved the blend. Almost made me believe in the other world where time never passed.
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