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by Tamora Pierce

Category: Science Fiction and Fantasy
Subcategory: Children
Author: Tamora Pierce
ISBN: 1932076832
ISBN13: 978-1932076837
Language: English
Publisher: Full Cast Audio; 1 edition (March 1, 2005)
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This first volume of the Immortals Quartet tells the adventures of Daine, a young girl on the edge of discovering her own magic-- and her powerful andstrange connection to the animal world.
Comments to eBook Wild Magic (Economy): The Immortals: Book 1
I absolutely love this series by Tamora Pierce. I have always loved her books, I would read all of them growing up every time a new book came out. This series has four stories to it, and this is the first in the series. This story centers around a girl named Daine, who obviously by the indication of the title, has magic. However she is not like most people, because she has something called wild magic. I am not going to say anymore because I don't want to spoil to much. However, if you have read Tamora Pierce before and love fantasy and romance this is a wonderful series. This series spins a tale of love, friendship, and a girl who becomes a beautiful woman, learning along the way who she is, and becoming the person she desires to be.
Diane is a girl from a small town village who had a wild magic that allows her to talk to and heal animals. She joins the Queen's Riders (with the characters from her previous Alanna novels). An enemy nation has somehow released many magic creatures that have been trapped in the "Divine Realm" for centuries and Daine's magic holds the key to survival.

It's a sweet story, with fleshed out characters. But the story is dominated by her internal conflict, ashamed of her mistakes and wanting to fit in. The battles and magic only play a side role, giving her a chance to feel like she matters. As a result, the intensity of the book remains low and it was too easy to take a break--I didn't care that much what would happen next.
This is another quartet set in Tortall, this time focusing on a young girl, orphaned by a bandit attack and seeking to find her place in the world as she departs the destroyed village that had been her universe. She arrives in the next town as a horse fair is finishing and finds a job helping Onua, a woman whose job is finding horses for the King's Own. On their journey to the capital, Dainne has opportunities to demonstrate her archery skills, as well as her ability to communicate with animals. When she and Onua rescue a hawk being hunted by Stormwings, half human, half-metal creatures who follow wars so they can feed on the fallen, she begins an adventure which leads to the castle, and the royalty that lives there. As she begins to study so that she can use her magic to heal injured animals, she also learns that she cannot hide her secret any longer.
If you love fantasy with strong female (and male) characters, you should read this book. If you love animals and adventure, you must read this book. I can't wait to download and begin the next novel in this series.
Okay, so I'm 47 and not the age group the books are written for. I still love this world, and the people in it. In particular, I like the kind of character studies that Tamora Pierce and Mercedes Lackey write--interesting kids who get found by the right people and are helped to fulfill their potential. There are lots of stories about people who can talk with animals--but I particularly liked the twist in which the basic nature of the character is not what you'd expect.

Having read this book makes it fun to see Daine in other books, like running into a friend when you're out doing errands. I do wish there had been more development of her relationship with her mentor, although maybe it's in one of the other books. The fact that the age difference is inappropriate at best warrants some explanation, although I think it's a lovely relationship.
An absolutely wonderful book by an amazingly talented author. This book encourages girls to embrace their differences and become the best they can be while they follow along on Daine's story, where she learns how to embrace her gift with animals, meet friends, and become more than she ever thought possible. An absolute must for every girl, especially those between 10-12 that love animals and magic!
I am a huge fan of the author, Tamora Pierce. I actually own all her books and I love them all. Tamora Pierce creates a world of deceptive simplicity that grabs you and draws you in from the very first paragraph. Wild Magic is the first volume of The Immortals series. It takes place in Tortall a few years after the end of the 'Song of the Lioness Quartet' and we reconnect with some of the characters, including Alanna. Daine is a young girl who's family has been killed by bandits and she is looking for work in order to survive. She is employed by Onua, the horsemistress for the Queen's Riders and accompanies her on the road to Corus, the capital. Along the way, she learns that her 'special affinity' with animals is in fact a special kind of magic: Wild Magic. This new magic will be instrumental in the days to come to fend of strange creatures that have reappeared in Tortall, creatures that haven't been seen in at least two hundred years: the immortals. I read this series as a teenager and I immediately fell under the spell woven by Tamora Pierce's words. I couldn't put the book down and didn't rest until I had read all four of them (in two days!). I have just reopened them a few days ago and was once again sucked in. It doesn't matter how old you get, these books will keep up with you! I highly recommend them to anyone who loves magical realms, young strong-willed girls and animals!
I highly recommend this series, as well as the Alanna one, and for that matter, The Magic Circle group as well. Tamora Pierce does a wonderful job with crafting exciting lands and adventures, with characters varied and well written so that the reader will align with their struggles. Wonderful variety of "strong characters", each with strengths and flaws that must be honed.

This series, and the others mentioned above, were very shaping in my childhood, and I believe that they are ones to be shared. Encourage your mind and spirit with a little Wild Magic.
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